Diet-related diseases pose a major risk for Covid-19, but the U.S. overlooks them

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: Despite this being a no brainer, here it is popping up at the end of 2021. All this time with people out of work, at home, with tons of time on their hands, it would have been the perfect time to launch a jihad on poor diet and exercise health.

But there was one problem, and a big one. We had our whale of a president, who put his energies into hiding his co morbidities, who had been briefed on how dangerous the virus was, but kept that hidden, could not have cared less. He was a bleach and UV light up the butt kind of guy.

So were we to think that he would lift a finger to set a good example during such an important time, when he was already showing that his getting reelected was more important, no matter how many unnecessary deaths there were, even killing a bunch of Trumpers.

In his defense, I will say that poor diet and exercise health folks put themselves on the fast lane conveyor belt to the bone yard. Seniors in particular are long known to not be interested in major life changes health wise, other than the doctor finding a new medicine to moderate their decline.

JFK led the way in this regard with his hiking the Appalachian trail with his Secret Service team, which got him tremendous media attention, and he is still famous for it. Use of the trail was much higher after his walk-about, and one done with a bad back, also.

I spent four summers in Massachusetts with backpackers walking by the house along the street near the next leg of the trail. Once saw a blind person walking it, with a hand on the shoulder of a guide. It just blew me away.

But the health situation is not a new problem, as every year, the large majority of flu deaths in seniors are those already in poor health. The flu literally prunes the population tree, and then Covid jumped in.

It inspired me, out of fear, of not whizzing away five years I might be able to stay above ground and do some things. And as a back up to that, for the energy it takes to keep VT buzzing 365 days a year, and a brain working on ‘most’ cylinders, I needed to prioritize facing the music and was able to beat the bad habit monster.

But I was lucky. I had a catalyst, as Gordon got me jump started with the ‘lose a pound a day’ starvation diet, ten pounds in ten days. It took me 12, stumbling the first two days, but I did lose the ten pounds.

As just as he had said, my systolic BP went down ten points, too, so I got a ‘two-fer’. I got hooked, because I experienced that it worked, if I could put my mind in gear. Even Boris Johnson joined the club. My best wishes to all fighting the diet and exercise demons… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … October 31, 2021

The same week British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to intensive care for Covid-19, two studies came out identifying obesity as a significant risk factor for serious illness and death.

It was April 2020, and doctors were scrambling to understand why coronavirus gave some people mild symptoms and left others so sick they were gasping for air.

After Johnson recovered, he became vocal about the role he believed his obesity had played in his brush with the virus: “When I went into ICU, when I was really ill … I was way overweight,” he said.

That summer, Johnson, a conservative who in the past has colorfully railed against “the continuing creep of the nanny state,” launched a new government wide obesity strategy, complete with a ban on junk food advertising on TV before 9 p.m. The prime minister began jogging daily and urged the public to adopt healthier habits.

…“Nobody is doing anything about this. Nobody is saying this has to stop,” said Marion Nestle, a longtime New York University professor and author of numerous books about food policy. “And how do we stop it? With great difficulty and political will.”

“If you’re going to do anything about it, you have to take on the food industry, which no one wants to do,” she added.


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  1. Stop having animals like pigs and chickens and cows slaughtered by the millions en masse for psychotic enjoyment and the human superiority complex,
    then on top of that actually consume their rotting remains.
    And then try huffing and puffing to shit the corpse out of fat ass within 24 hrs.
    Good luck with that.

    Stop drinking cows milk and eating cheese. That shit not made for grown men. Cheese just disgusting solidified rotting milk it will kill you quicker than anything out there with clogging arteries.

    Take your big shit in the morning before work or study so you can think straight and won’t have heart attack like John Wayne who died with 14lbs of beef steak stuck in his colon.

  2. All of this speculation ignores the simple fact that COVID-19 is a US bioweapon that was first deployed unsuccessfully in China, then with much greater success in Iran and Europe, and finally in the USA where there were 2239 deaths/million compared to China’s 3 deaths/million. That tells me that the fiends who first deployed this bioweapon in China have learned a thing or two since 2019, how to better target useless eaters and those who refuse to be vaccinated or wear masks.

    • Hi Tommy
      Wuhan deployment successful!
      the US military bioweapon infected no1 Chinese industrial city, caused panic and shutdown of entire city.
      Purpose was to knock China;s economy down a couple notches, and it did for a few months.
      Purpose was NOT to exterminate Chinese population of billions.
      It was a “humanitarian” soft kll weapon, doesnt kill kids!
      The other “success” of Wuhan deployment is that it was a ‘Beta test” with large populating to see if it was really going to work well, spread quickly. cause panic wipe out hospitals etc. and it did.
      All the while blamed on the victims (as is usual) as the US public sucked up the “bat soup” story immediately.
      The other success, is that after the Solemeini assasination, Iran blew shit out of two US airbases with ICBM missles. And now the how to retaliate question came up for Trump, Pompeo, neonazions…
      Answer was hit Iran government specifically “covertly” with a different and very deadly “covid 19” especially concocted to kill those fucking Arabs and Iranians
      So they did, and attack blamed simply on “wuhan virus” spreading overnight to Iran.
      So success no2
      So now all world infected because they didnt know NOR CARE fuck what would happen to rest of world.
      Success no 3 since collateral damage not a factor judging success of US military missions…

    • Then, we had the wildly successful deployment of COVID-19 against the USA. Gordon described it as a “fund raiser” as it was cover for the biggest transfer of wealth in US history, $6+ trillion from the US treasury to the big banks and corporation that happened in the spring of 2020.

  3. You want to jump start healthy? Cut out sugar and grains(breads, cereal, pasta) for 30 days. Get rid of vegetable oils for cooking. They are high in omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which promote chronic inflammation. Go with ghee or extra virgin olive oil for cooking. If you’re a senior, consume more protein to counter age-related muscle loss (shoot for 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight). Do resistance training(free weights, bands) three times a week. Walk 4 or 5 days a week(shoot for 5000-8000 steps. Your phone has a health app that will count the steps). Try intermittent fasting 2-3 times a week. You can eat the same amount of calories, just try to consume them in an 8 hour window. As you do it, it gets easier, and your body will thank you.

    • Amen, …for inflammation it is like throwing jet fuel on a fire. I have not seen the background how the damage works metabolically, but its a no brainer to keep your background inflammation as low as possible. When you get sick it goes up anyway, but you wan the base line level to be low to start with. Never too late to learn, after years of reading this stuff, in 2020 I only learned that Vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant, (fight inflammation), and is almost free.

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