Vital: ‘Step it up or step out’: Dem lawmaker gives Merrick Garland ultimatum on prosecuting Trump officials


RS: Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) on Sunday issued an ultimatum to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

While appearing on CNN, Gallego demanded that the attorney general do more to prosecute Trump officials who tried to pressure Vice President Mike Pence and election officials across the country to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

“Look, either Merrick Garland steps it up or needs to step out,” he said. “The attorney general of the United States, the most important thing is to protect the Constitution of the United States. He’s failing now because he wants to stick to some norms. There is no norms when there’s an almost-coup of this country!”

Gallego criticized Garland not just for failing to go after former Trump officials but also going easy on the Capitol rioters who stormed the building on January 6th.

“There are people out there that should be prosecuted and Merrick Garland needs to be leading the team that does it,” he said. “Right now the sentences they’re trying to hand out to people that were caught on January 6th in the Capitol are slaps on the wrist. I don’t know what Merrick Garland is thinking he’s able to accomplish this, but he’s showing true weakness in a moment when we need actually true strength.”


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  1. It’s hard to figure what Merrick Garland’s strategy is at this point. Is he waiting until the Cult of Trump shows the world what they really are, Christo-fascists that have completely given up on democracy and the rule of law? Is he waiting as the Dems stumble all over themselves trying to come up with some way to keep the current corporate fascism in place for another few months? Is he waiting for some new “Reichstag fire” event, “some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor” that will force the USA into WWIII with Iran and Russia? That will be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of… May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites.

  2. “Historic movements and historic events persist, and will persist.”

    “Meaning of law.– Law, in its most general and comprehensive sense, signifies a rule of action; whether animate or inanimate, rational or irrational. Thus we say, the laws of motion, of gravitation, of optics, or mechanics, as well as the laws of nature and of nations. And it is that rule of action, which is prescribed by some superior, and which the inferior is bound to obey.” (Jones’ Blackstone, Bancroft-Whitney Co., 1915)
    Presupposes the existence of a “superior” who has the authority to tell people what to do, and what not to do. Where did such a superior get his authority?
    So there’s this inbreeding which is vitally important to “them” because it’s part of the “spiritual recycling” of the same dynasties within dynasties; and that’s what they claim gives them their power and intellect and the right to dominate; an Imperial epistemology, a Way of Knowing.

    DARPA Information Awareness Office motto: lat. scientia est potentia – Knowledge is Power, Francis Bacon’s aphorism.

    • Bacon…as an English, French, and Norman surname, from the Germanic personal name *Bahho, from Proto-Germanic *bēganą (“to fight”).
      (Urdu)Begana in English is Estranged, Alien, Alienate, Antagonize, Disaffect, Disunite, Divert, Divide, Divorce, Leave, Part, Separate, Sever, Split, Sunder, Wean, Withdraw, Withhold, Turn Off, Break Up, Drive Apart, Make Hostile, Put On The Outs and Set At Odds.
      “The earliest mention of an Inn for housing apprentices of the Law occurs in 1344, in a demise from the Lady Clifford of the house near Fleet Street, called Clifford’s Inn, to the apprenticiis de banco, the lawyers belonging to the Court of Common Pleas.”
      “The Lawyers were thus conveniently placed between the seat of judicature at Westminster and the centre of business in the City of London, and secured the advantage of ‘ready access to the one and plenty of provisions in the other…” (Inns of Court, Headlam)

      Banco, A bank, especially that of Venice

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