Glenn Kirschner update on Garland DoJ slow motion Insurrection pace

Those who were involved in Jan 6 attack are out working on the next election rigging, totally unimpeded by an ongoing prosecution on the first one


Washington Post’s January 6 Deep Dive; Is AG Garland/DOJ Criminally Investigating Donald Trump?

[ Editor’s Note: Glenn keeps hammering away on the Biden DoJ’s delay in bringing charges on Trump people involved in the Insurrection after ten months which is severely hurting the deterrence needed against such future events.

Those who were involved in the Jan 6 attack are out working on the next election rigging, totally unimpeded by an ongoing prosecution on the first one. And it is hurting the Biden presidency by making him look weak, that the Democrats aren’t strong enough to deal with the Trumpers.

This theme was widely panned as contributing to Biden’s 46% poll numbers, and helped close the margin on the Virginia governor’s race today.

While I can understand the issue of the DoJ not wanting to discuss investigations, we have plenty of evidence that the news reporters have compiled, way more than is needed to sustain some initial charges that can be fleshed out later.

The DoJ did this with the rioters initially, laying an initial charge on them that could be added to when more evidence emerged. Why could the DoJ not have done the same with the planners by this point? Inquiring minds wonderJim W. Dean ]

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First aired November 1, 2021

The Washington Post printed a 3-part series taking an extraordinary deep dive into the before, during and after of the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

This again raises the question many have been asking throughout the 10 months since the attack on our democracy: is Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice criminally investigating Donald Trump for his efforts to overturn the results of the presidential election.

This video discusses the goals and principles of prosecution, focusing on general deterrence – deterring others from committing the same or similar crimes.


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  1. I was thinking about the “deterrence effect” on… whatever. It is a complicated thing under certain conditions, you can get turn somebody in a martyr and will have the effect of deepen convictions even more in the rest of followers. The 75 years of zionists “deterrence effect” on palestians aren’t over with his determination and willpower.

  2. Biden not going to run in 2024 and Dems have nobody.
    If Trump president again there is going to be riots and mob rule in Wash DC that will make Jan 6 look like gay parade.
    Maybe burn Kamala at the stake if she confirms the election results.
    So they don’t want to prosecute too harshly, as when it’s anti Trump insurrection time, they don’t want massive legal crackdown from “precedents” Just guessing about this as to why.
    Also maybe if public insurrection trials for months, this just gives more free press to Trump and henchmen, as theysimply lie their way out of it, and this stirs up the wasp (pun) nest even more.
    It’s like the war on drugs “deterrence policy” …nobody will stop doing drugs only because the courts make it illegal with some jail time.
    No Trump supporter is going to have epiphany become democrat from being arrested thrown in jail.

  3. Mr. Kirschner dont get your hopes up about prosecution of Trump. I would be very surprised if it ever happen.
    In the meantime his supporters are waiting patiently biding their time for act 2 and the next time will be on a grander scale.The Biden regime does not seem to have any policies of their own except to continue with Trump’s agenda. The Biden is ramping up their plans for regime change in Cuba with tons of cash to accomplish this goal.
    Troops are out of Afghanistan for now but will remain in Syria and Iraq. Lifting sanctions on Iran and rejoining JCPOA not happening, so plan B will be war.
    I knew Biden was going to be a big disappointment but not this big.

  4. There must be something else going on here that Glenn Kirschner doesn’t know about. Just like with 9/11, when Able Danger was shut down months before the attacks and their findings suppressed, the 1/6 insurrection is being allowed to proceed toward its ultimate conclusion unhindered by Merrick Garland’s DoJ. Will the US military also stand down, like much of it did on 9/11? Will this be allowed to happen so that special powers of the USA Patriot Act can be put into place that will suspend the US Constitution and be the end of the USA as we know it? Hmm…

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