VT’s Michael Korn Responds to Dersho-witzs’ ‘Self Hating Jew’ Schmear

Editor’s note: VT is filled with ‘asshole hating Jews.’  Dersh needs to learn to live with it.  This posting is part of an email chain between Alan Dershowitz, Michael Korn and Gordon Duff.  ‘Dersh’ seems less erudite than one might expect…much less.
Dear Professor Dershowitz,
I apologize for calling you Dirtyshitz. And I intend to honor your request not to send you more emails. But since you accused me in front of a large audience of being a “self-hating Jewish anti-Semite”, I think I am entitled to defend myself in front of that same audience.
Before getting into the essence of my argument, please see the email at the end of this email. This is something I wrote to a critic of your behavior towards your first wife. I think what she wrote is very unfair and I share this with you to demonstrate that I try to be fair and even-handed in my approach to people.
So even though I consider you to be a shameless apologist for Israeli terror, I still call out this other person for unfairly demeaning you regarding your divorce.
At any rate, regarding your claim that I am a “self-hating Jewish anti-Semite”, I am familiar with this rhetorical parry. I don’t understand how a law school professor of all people could make such a claim. I don’t know if you are religiously observant, but certainly you must be aware that the Torah is essentially a book of laws to regulate Jewish criminals.
The essential point of Christianity and the New Testament is there’s not much to be proud about when your religion is characterized by extensive rules and regulations against criminal activity, especially when those rules and regulations are so rarely obeyed.
Now to the heart of your claim. If you would maintain that my critique of Jewish criminals constitutes anti-Semitism, that only makes sense if you also believe that the essence of Jewish identity is criminal. There are many anti-Semites out there who actually believe that, but I do not.
I recognize that there are admirable Jewish people alongside the criminal elements. If I denounce Meyer Lansky Bugsy Siegel the Purple Gang and myriad other Jewish members of organized crime, including your former friend Jeffrey Epstein, as well as Bernie Madoff, I don’t see how that possibly constitutes anti-Semitism.
Throughout the Old Testament Moses and the prophets denounce Jewish criminals who are Jewish in name only but not in spirit. And of course this is a prominent theme in the New Testament as well. So is Moses an anti-semite? Read Deuteronomy 32 before you answer that question. What about prophets like Jeremiah Ezekiel and Isaiah, all of whom denounce evil and corrupt Jewish behavior? Are they anti-Semites?
As far as Israel is concerned, I have learned that there are two essential streams of Jewish thought. One is parochial and nationalistic and the other is universal. Both streams can be seen in Old Testament writings.
There were many prominent Jews, including almost all Orthodox Jews of the time, who opposed Zionism or at least favored the formation of a binational Jewish-Arab state. To accuse those people of anti-Semitism is laughable and only shows that the accuser is an ignorant prejudiced bigot.
As far as 9/11 goes, no one is claiming that all Jews or all Israelis orchestrated these dastardly attacks. Rather they were perpetrated by sinister Deep State elements in Israel, along with their treasonous allies and apologists here in the US, including both Jews and Christians.
To denounce these elements behind the 9/11 attacks is no more anti-Semitic than it is anti-Italian to denounce the activities of the Mafia. Indeed the Old Testament prophets tell us that failing to denounce Jewish criminal activity indicts us in the eyes of God and makes us liable to His righteous punishment. And that in fact is why I speak out.
For the last 20 years since the 9/11 Zionist Terrorist Charade, I have watched my land of birth — the United States — be overtaken with fear and governmental overreach, erosion of civil liberties, and a general state of oppression. This is not to mention the phenomenal waste of money conducting futile foreign wars that have ravaged Arab countries and killed so many of their people.
For Jews to remain silent about the perpetrators of 9/11 out of a misplaced loyalty to the Jewish Tribe is the greatest possible mistake that not only permits evil to flourish unpunished throughout the world but invites horrific retribution against these very same Jewish people back home, who sit complacently in their comfortable homes, with all their affluence and prestige, imagining that they are shielded from popular indignation and rage.
Everything I do in speaking out about the 9/11 attacks and also the vicious Israeli behavior towards the Palestinians, perpetrating what I call a slow-motion genocide, is designed to stave off the retribution I expect to fall on the heads of American Jews like you who are Israel’s main apologists and enablers of this awful behavior.
I don’t expect you to thank me, but I do hope you will utilize those formidable Harvard Law School brains, in which you have such pride, to look at the evidence and follow it to its logical conclusion.
I wish you and your family friends students and colleagues a penitent New Year 2022.
Sincerely, Michael Korn


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