from Patrick Lancaster, a combat journalist the likes of which we have not seen in a while

First published February 23, 2022

[ Editor’s Note: This video is fourteen and a half minutes, and it has some brief images of the unfortunate threesome. If you do not want the memory, when the first skull comes on screen, close your eyes and count to five and it will be over.

Journalists are traveling in groups now, which is good, (more security with them), and for incidents like this, the authorities will make sure to search for secondary explosives before letting the media in.

But Ukie spotters with good binoculars, or a drone, can spot the media and investigator crowd on the ground and call in Ukie artillery. The shells in this video went over them.

It’s also nice to see that helmets and flak jackets are being provided to journalists, as you cannot do this kind of fast-moving reporting hauling baggage around. You have to be fast on your feet when you have incoming.

Biden was really reaching with his claims of a Russian invasion today. He wants to ride this as the great war leader (they all do) as one of the peaks of his career, and as Donbas people won’t vote for him, I doubt he gives a hoot about what happens to them.

He was intimately aware of what Kiev has been inflicting upon the Donbas people, as was Mr. Obama during round one in 2014. It gets easier to ‘look away’ after the first time. And Biden knows why Putin rushed the ‘peacekeepers’ in.

If Kiev keeps attacking Donbas, it will get the war it seems to want. Way back behind the Western lines, the warmongers will be popping champagne corks and partying it up with “we got us another big one”, like they were at a fishing tournamentJim W. Dean ]

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  1. Peter Lancaster the no1 boots on the ground journalist in Donestk. Very dangerous job.
    I subscribed to his youtube channel, Lets hope youtube does not censor it – already he has 66K subscribers and that is 66K finding out what really happens when nazi mercenaries are paid billions of US dollars to “perform” ethnic cleansing and extermination of “Russian speakers” from Ukraine and no reason for this war but that.
    Looks like the three burned to death in the car were being escorted by some military guys in the green van, and those guys captured. Probably being tortured now by CIA goons expert at it.
    There is earlier very grisly video of a man blown in half by a missle at a bus stop by Peter.
    This isnt going to stop soon, no one is going to run out of bombs missles or mercenary killers.
    Seems like massing troops for a traditiojnal “invasion” on either side means a GRAD missle bombardment will wipe the massed troops out in a minute. 40 missles per truck, 9 foot long fuckers. So its not going to happen unless really stupid generals so looks like another “endless terror war” unless goes “covert” nuclear and leaders and cities targeted which is possiblility.
    Diplomacy to end it? We will see its up to Kiev and their puppeteers Wash DC

  2. The Ashkenazim will get their war with Russia just like they got the “war on Islam” after 9/11. This time it will be Zionism’s war to end all wars and the end of the USA as we know it.

  3. Thanks for the video warning, Jim.

    “”Way back behind the Western lines the warmongers will be popping champagne corks and partying it up with “we got us another big one”, like they were at a fishing tournament… Jim W. Dean ]”

    The truth of that reality chills to the bone like a bad dream.

    • There was no exaggeration in that at all, and one of the saddest aspects is the almost universal attitude among the veterans, other than the Vietnam ones, is that the US would never engage in an unjust war and risk hurting our reputation. The problem is two folks. First, many don’t know, and second, many don’t want to know. That has been most disappointing in working with them, nice, patriotic people, but they look the other way on most all of the nasty stuff. The old term for it was “above my pay grade”.

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