Putin played into the Western trap

VT considers the 4000 Russian dead number below to be totally bogus.


by John Smith for VT

[ Editor’s Note: VT considers the 4000 Russian dead number below to be totally bogus. Such a number, if it were real, would have a link attached to it.

Also, it is impossible that Ukraine would have tons of social media up showing dead and wounded Russians to lift the spirits of the Ukrainian troops. Nothing in world media as of this morning mentions anything but modest casualties on both sides…Jim W. Dean ]


I have written an analysis earlier on the issues with the Russian military that have all come true to prediction. I’m an old Cold Warrior that studied the Russians, and the USSR, from 1986 to 1994.

This disaster was totally predictable and had Putin just stayed amassed at the Ukraine border, he definitely would have gotten some concessions from the Europeans, but he’ll get nothing but a tragic end as it plays out. This was a trap from the very beginning and for some strange reason, I am estimating it is Putin’s health, that something destroyed Putin’s normal pragmatism and cunningness.

Putin is well aware of his past fiasco in the first war with Chechnya where around 7,500 Russian soldiers were killed, a large amount of Russian military equipment was destroyed, and there was backlash both from the Russian public and Chechens on the brutality of this conflict.

However, Putin now has lost almost 4,000 soldiers in 3 days of fighting, a significant amount of equipment, he has gone through their major stores of MLRS rockets, and his military is facing huge logistical problems. It’s as though the Russian military is almost self-sabotaging because these blunders are military strategy 101.

The CIA trained the various militias for an insurgency war, this is now coming into full play and seems to be working well. Civilians are attacking Russian convoys and soldiers, even arresting Russian officers, and a nation-wide effort has been made to use thousands of Molotov Cocktails against Russian forces. Basically, to win, Putin will have to destroy Ukraine and Ukrainians; this will never go over with the rest of the world nor with the Russian people.

Putin is facing now a nationwide Russian anti-war orchestrated online protest against the military action by Russian citizens, Russians are still going into the streets protesting, and the hacker group Anonymous today hacked Russian State television to play video messages to the Russian people informing them of what is happening in Ukraine.

The West has put into play its sanctions against the oligarchs, banning certain Russian banks from the SWIFT money transfer system, and freezing the Russian Central Bank assets.

The West and the EU have now banned Russian aircraft from their respective airspaces, which is another financial blow and stops Russians from travelling and overseas employment. Turkey is banning Russian ships from going thru the Strait and France confiscated a Russian supply ship.

The Russian General Staff has been assigned the mission of capturing both Kharkiv or Kyiv regardless of any consequence by Monday at the latest. The leadership of the Russian Airborne Forces is opposed to the plan since it will result in significant losses, approximately 10,000 dead Russian soldiers.

Despite this fact that the General Staff accept complete responsibility for its actions made. Remember, the General Staff are the incompetent ones who created this situation and are basically “Yes Men” for Putin.  The Airborne and Spetsnaz Command are more battle proven and understand this will be a losing option even if they win the battles.

Even after a successful operation, the counterinsurgency will begin and turn Ukraine into Chechnya. This was the trap all along, allow the Russian military to cross over and decimate them after they are inside. This will cause extensive causalities to the military and civilian population.

Basically, Putin will risk total destruction of the Ukraine infrastructure and its people in order to win a useless war. This will definitely draw NATO fully into the conflict and possibly put the world at risk of a nuclear war.

As bad as things have been in my 34 years in this field, I’ve never been this close to a nuclear conflict. Always cooler heads prevailed. The madness needs to end and all parties need to sit at the negotiation table immediately. There is still a window of opportunity but this window is closing very quickly.


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  1. looooooool
    i love it…
    All the wepons the west is sending to Ukras
    are gonna be souvenirs for russian personel to take home
    after they´ve finished their job
    plz send some more of the fancy ones

  2. Better to just circle and lay siege to the cities and apply some of the Western Media tactics and flood the air with posters on why they are there. “To oust the clown.”
    Zelensky, like his idol Bandera and will be remembered for all the worng reasons.
    If Russia capitulates in any way, having lost the imperative and role of ‘liberator’ with a softly-softly approach – even towards the Ukrainian military, they may as well turn round, Right as of now, the Ukrainian populations is supporting a Nazi in power who disregarded the Minsk accords for his own vainglory and ego urged on by NATO and NWO operators who – like Zelensky, could care less about peace, Russia or more remarkably, Ukraine itself.
    The Nuland forces didn’t lay the groundwork for Zelensky to do anything other than reduce the country to a shambles for exploitation by vulture interests from the West – and boy has he delivered.

  3. When an author of a piece is dissecting an issue, event or action, it helps their credibility when they use facts and not conjecture and lies. This article has too many flaws as well as opinionated guesses. In that light, I believe this to be bullshit. 4000 dead? That could not be hid. Turkey/Straits, bullshit. Possible Putin health, causing him to turn into sleepy Joe, utter assumptive crap. People turning on and attacking Russians? One video does not make a trend. Have yet to see people in the streets screaming and yelling at Russians, not even in background conversation in videos. I have seen 1 destroyed Russian column, but with few bodies present. I have no idea why this is here, unless it’s to preview the propaganda that will be coming out of DC/Brussels.

  4. Putin should have bide his time and waited it out for NATO to come to their senses. Invasion now have lead to pathetic sanctions and possibility of being kicked out of SWIFT.
    With regards to SWIFT, thanks for the latest sanctions, alternatives are being expedited that are off Western controls.

  5. It does indeed appear as though Putin has been ‘played’ by the US, which has basically achieved everything it wanted by baiting Russia into attacking Ukraine and imposing the desired sanctions and propaganda onslaught unleashed by the occupied Western media. But considering just how predicable this outcome was, and the fact Putin has spent a significant amount of time in in-depth discussions with Xi in the lead up to and immediately before the offensive, you’d have to think there’s a serious sting in the tail awaiting the US and its Euro-poodle lackeys. Or perhaps Putin – and Xi – are totally batshit crazy and Sleepy Joe’s a fricken genius!?!?! And perhaps the world’s really flat and moon’s made out of cheese. Who can say?

  6. Stupid article from an uninformed author. What other choice did Putin have, if any? Wait another 5 years until the UkroNazis had NATO membership and offensive weapons that could “hit”Moscow in less than 4 minutes? Putin did what any rational glopbal actor would have done . .he is removing the immediate threat to Russia and will then no doubt be in a strong bargaining position to enact a peace . . on Russia’s terms.

  7. I listened to a Scott Ritter, (you VT guys know who he is) interview yesterday and well…ah…his version of unfolding events was diametrically opposed to whatever the author of this article is stating. According to Ritter, who is objective and impartial as one can aspire to be, the game is over for Zelensky and his band of Nazis and Ukraine will revert back to Russia’s sphere of Slavic influence. He reiterated that NATO has absolutely NOTHING in its arsenals that can stop Russia short of lobbing nukes onto Russian territory and we all know what that will mean for the US, Britain and a few other countries.

  8. Too many rumours and few certainties even you can find news where they claim that on Friday the US 3rd Armored Battalion has crossed Ukrainian border…..

  9. At least we might not see Baghdad style destruction (in some ways) in Kiev. And yes, the phone and internet still working for us for updates within Ukraine.

  10. Not about gay rights its about nazis put in charge of a country by the USA/NATo right next to Russia and nazis want to kill all Russians.

  11. Where does intel come from that 4000 troops lost already on Russian side?
    I dont believe it.

    All those weapons the west sent to Ukraine are now in Russian hands or soon will be,

    Airfields all captured and occupied so no resupply coming soon.

    Russia learned a lesson from Chechnya and they are NOT entering cities with tank battalions sittng ducks for anti tank guns and molotov cocktails.

    interesting fact no one has touched the ukrainian gas pipeline to europe,

    Russia did not take out cellphone towers and everyone has social media going still.

    Both Ukrainian and Russians are teamed up guarding the nuclear plant from fanatical nazi terrorists from getting some stuff to make nukes.
    That is good sign how this will go in future. Ukrainians and Russians vs the nazis.

    NATO is not going to help find any peace

    USA/NATO WANTS the war of Slavs vs Slavs to continue forever as its divide and conquer strategy thats why they did the coup in 2014.

    And so they pay the Ukrainian nazi militias to kill all Russians they can in Ukraine (1/3 of population)

    It could be predicted that this strategy of ethnic cleansing will not sit well with Russians and it has not.

  12. I don’t go w this cosmic vacume & Vlad gets suked ?

    I will go w US PMC’s and a few BakTrak-Rats crusin a highway..

    –> that Chervin (?) is on pause for a refill w 10,00 Ninja Chetchins/belarus bus ride; that area is not their top priority and RF hav reduced their UK Ammo Stores… if nato need to run 1500 guided munitions; sounds like they hit a portion-out first strike..

    direction of the main blow – future resistance is the Maripol Region; just another operation citadel w a large price tag..

    naval/tanker captured supplies for the frogs – mabey to get them motivated to cross at poland.. as to them nukes.. looks like the RF MOD haas already dropped a couple.. a white fire of hades ?? what was that >

    • If 4000 were killed what do you think the chance of them not being constantly plastered all over the internet now, to boost Ukie moral? I would be the chances would be zero.

      Kiev is claiming their Ace shot six planes down, but somehow no one wanted to put media up of the crashes to celebrate as “that wouldn’t be nice”? I would say close to zero. These are not even good lies, but piss poor ones, the kind you get from lazy people who have not done a lot of interrogations.

    • Jim, you must accept that is a number of casualties very hard to verify to say the least and there is an error in article, Erdogan refused to close Bosporus and Dardanelles.

    • Well, since the internet and communication were not downed during the Russian operation (in some ways at least), then why no solid evidence of those massive casualty event. Remember, we are living in a digital world where SOCIAL MEDIA (hate to say this name however) can spread info and disinfo pretty fast.

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