Why did Russia intervene in Ukraine and is Europe heading for a new Dark Age?

Over the past eight years, as the Ukrainian army and neo-Nazi battalions have fired missiles at the civilian population of Donbass


by Dragana Trifkovic

“Russia started a war in Ukraine” – the Western media claim. An absolutely abject lie. The war in Ukraine began in 2014 after an organized coup, one more in a series of those orchestrated by the United States.

Intoxicated by false hopes, the unfortunate Ukrainians did not realize that they were just a mere tool in the hands of a tyrant from Washington. Despite their enormous resources and potential, they became beggars at the gates of the EU, where no one had any intention of receiving them.

For thirty years, the Western powers have been spreading anti-Russian propaganda in Ukraine through NGOs and the media, wanting what Brzeziński[1] considered necessary to separate Russia from Ukraine.

And they did not hesitate to do so, whether by supporting the neo-Nazi government or silently watching the genocide it was carrying out against the Russian population in Ukraine. Russians and Ukrainians are one people and almost every family in Russia has a relative in Ukraine. But why should anyone in London and Washington care, when they have their “strategic” goals.

The current anti-Russian hysteria in the Western media reminds me of the 1990s and the persecution of the Serbs.[2] In this campaign, the terrorists became victims, and the victims became terrorists – deprived of any possibility to say a single word to the world in their defense. For the verdict was already written in advance.

The special operations and media executions did their job well. Then Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria… always the same scenario. For how many decades has the world been subjected to the violence of the Americans who have established the law of force instead of international law? And all this under the guise of the fight for democracy, human rights, and freedom…

“War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is power”, wrote Orwell, the visionary, in his book “1984”. The fact that Orwell was recently censored and declared persona non grata shows how far Western totalitarianism has gone.

Hypocrisy and lies have reached their peak. I had the opportunity in 2014 and 2015 to visit Donbass several times. The war was still going on. Confused and frightened people showed us demolished houses, monuments, damaged hospitals and kindergartens, demolished churches, and fresh graves.

They did not understand why they were bombed by the army of the country they lived in. Ukraine forbade the Russian population to speak their own language and to remember their ancestors. None of the great Western watchdogs said that this was a violation of basic human rights.

Over the past eight years, as the Ukrainian army and neo-Nazi battalions have fired missiles at the civilian population of Donbass, many civilians have been killed, including children, women, and the elderly.

Are these victims not important to the West, because they are Russian?

In Odessa, Ukrainian neo-Nazis committed a horrible crime in 2014.[3]  They burned people because they spoke Russian. No one was found responsible for this crime. We did not hear anyone protesting in the Western media.

For years, Russia watched this injustice with pain and tried to persuade the West to discuss it by diplomatic and political means. Without success. The West continued to incite Ukraine against Russia, to arm and extremize it, underestimating Russia at all levels.

The fact that the only two countries to vote against the resolution banning the glorification of Nazism were the United States and Ukraine speaks volumes about this. This is not surprising considering that the neo-Nazi battalions in Ukraine are equipped with American weapons.

Putin’s motto is: “If you know a fight is inevitable, strike first”. The puppet government in Kiev, with the support of its foreign supervisors, was preparing a new attack on the Russian population.

This was not enough either, and the Kiev comedian threatened to renew his nuclear arsenal. This was the last straw. Thirty years of Western investment in the extremization of Ukraine will collapse in just one week. This is why the Western media is going wild, and not because they care about the victims.

Russia’s military intervention in the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine is aimed at destroying NATO infrastructure and neo-Nazi battalions. The precaution that makes the operation slower is necessary to protect the civilian population from combat operations. The fact that since the beginning of the intervention, various Ukrainian units have been concentrating their weapons near civilian facilities, schools, hospitals, etc. shows how little Ukraine cares.

The military operation began with the entry of the Russian army from several directions in the north, east and south of Ukraine, i.e., from the Belarusian and Russian border areas with Ukraine in the north and east, and then from the Donbass and Crimea.

The obvious goal is a military action to cut off communications on several sides and prevent the possibility of mobilization of Ukrainian forces, as well as to occupy major cities, which will lead to the collapse of the Kiev regime. The western part of Ukraine has been left as an evacuation corridor. More important battles were fought in Mariupol, where the neo-Nazi battalions were concentrated, and then in Kharkov and Kiev.

By the sixth day of the operation, Ukrainian forces were cut off from the Sea of Azov, and all major cities were surrounded by Russian forces, including Mariupol, Kharkov, and Kiev. This is a well-known tactic from Debaltseve[4] when Ukraine was forced to sign the Minsk agreements, which it would not subsequently comply with.

Russia treats the regular army of Ukraine with special respect. Many Ukrainian soldiers have already laid down their arms and been released to return home. Some have voluntarily sided with Russia.

In several Ukrainian cities, municipal authorities have switched to the Russian side and formed mixed patrols consisting of members of the local police and the Russian army, which maintain order and peace.

At the same time, the first round of negotiations was held between the delegations of Russia and Ukraine, during which the Ukrainian delegation appeared as if they were going to a Dinamo game, in T-shirts and caps (only the torches were missing). Further negotiations were announced for March 2, when Ukrainian forces will be in an even worse position.

The complete encirclement of Kiev by tens of kilometers long column of the Russian army, whose equipment is supported by the air force, creates great hysteria for the Ukrainian regime. By occupying Kiev, any safe negotiating position of the Ukrainian government will be lost.

The objective of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine is not occupation, but stopping the war or imposing peace. That is why it seems pointless that those who started the war in Ukraine blame Russia for it – when it is Russia that will stop the war in Ukraine. The epilogue of the intervention will be known in the next few days. The Ukrainian government will not be able to resist more than that. We can say farewell to neo-Nazism in Ukraine.

The results of the Russian intervention in Ukraine will further affect the new geopolitical rules, as well as security in Europe. The American policy of threats and sanctions, which the EU is following closely, will have greater consequences for Europe than for Russia. Such a policy leads Western countries to increase isolationism, and Europe risks becoming the biggest collateral damage.

With a persistent desire to harm Russia – even if it suffers the consequences, it can lead Europe to the new Middle Ages. Russia will reciprocate all the sanctions it is exposed to. It is obvious that they do not only concern the economy, but also sports, culture, science, in fact all areas.

The open non-intervention of Western powers in the Ukrainian conflict is not only conditioned by the fear of direct conflict with Russian military force, but also by a clear understanding that China is no longer a silent wise man, that it is in a strong alliance with Russia, and that in addition to China, there are other countries that have had enough of the violence of the world tyrants.

The Middle East, Asia – with powers like China, India, Africa, as well as a number of countries in South America, do not want to deteriorate relations with Russia. Support for Russia in diplomatic form has already been expressed by Syria, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, Kazakhstan, India, Belarus, and, of course, China.

The President of the European Commission has already stated that the sanctions that the EU imposes on Russia will also affect the European economy. Moreover, they forget that Russia actually has no foreign debt, has a huge foreign exchange and gold reserves, earns significant income from rising gas prices and is supported by the largest economic power – China.

Not to mention the security situation in Europe, which is overwhelmed by migrants and affected by a wave of citizen discontent due to the economic situation, the pandemic, migrants, the crisis of political elites and others.

China has already announced that it will buy all the wheat from Russia, which is the world’s largest exporter of this product. Similarly, China and Mongolia have signed new gas agreements with Russia, through which the latter will be able to offset all exports to the European market.

Instead of dreaming about how Russia will fail under European sanctions, it would be better if Europe would get together and think about how it can replace Russian gas and wheat if it does not want to buy them from Russia? Cave fires and deer hunting do not seem to be an alternative for the 21st century.

Currently, Russian channels in Europe are being suppressed by brutal censorship, and the Czech Republic has implemented a 3-year prison sentence for public support to Russia. Therefore, we can expect an inquisition in the near future.

Europe only needs a little responsibility and courage… Jacques Hogard has written a book entitled “Europe died in Pristina”.[5]  I can only add that if things remain as they are, it will be buried in Kiev.

About Author:  Dragana Trifkovic is Director of the Center for Geostrategic Studies in Belgrade, Serbia.  Translation: Svetlana Maksovic


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