Exclusive: Pro-Zionist U.S. Politicians Dead Set on War with Russia

World affairs are rapidly moving toward chaos as the war between Russia and Ukraine threatens to escalate into a nuclear conflagration.


by Richard C. Cook for VT

World affairs are rapidly moving toward their culmination as the U.S.-instigated war between Russia and Ukraine threatens to escalate into a nuclear conflagration.

The charge to world war is being led by U.S. Zionist politicians and bureaucrats, especially President Joe Biden and his chief implementer, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. As usual, the dirty work on the ground is being carried out by the ever-present CIA and its compliant military superstructure.

By now the Zionist march to world domination has been thoroughly documented and will not be reprised here. It has been accomplished largely through infiltration and control of the English-speaking nations—chiefly Great Britain and the U.S.

Great Britain was taken over during the latter part of the 19th century through the instrumentality of Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table, controlled by the Rothschilds. The U.S. fell under the dominion of the same influences with Zionist creation of the Money Trust leading to the Federal Reserve System in 1913.

The chief competition for world hegemony by 1900 was imperial Germany, which the Zionists succeeded in knocking off through World Wars I and II. Along the way, it was also necessary to eliminate competition from the Austro-Hungarian, Russian, Ottoman, and Persian empires, although the aid of Bolshevik Russia, aka the Soviet Union, had to be enlisted to counter the strength of Hitler’s Germany on the European continent.

By then, the independent Zionist entity of Israel had been wrested from British-controlled land in Palestine. Zionism now had a tangible world headquarters.

But after World War II, as Zionist-controlled America moved decisively toward world hegemony through war against all comers led by its CIA and military establishments, Russia became viewed as a dispensable burden, leading to the Cold War and the dissolution of the Eurasian Soviet conglomeration of nations during the 1990s.

In Europe, Zionist America moved swiftly to take over the British-inspired NATO, which metastasized by the early 21st century to include most of Eastern Europe. Also eager to join were politicians on the Zionist payroll from the former Soviet republics of Georgia and Ukraine.

Meanwhile, with Russia seemingly down for the count, the Zionists had utilized their 9/11 false flag attacks to launch a massive series of wars against nations of the Middle East to cement control over the Asia-European bridge and to seize the Asian heartland in Afghanistan. Russia’s Slavic kinsmen in Yugoslavia had already been trounced through the NATO attacks in the Balkans in the 1990s.

Earlier, the ground for the Middle Eastern assaults had been prepared by the U.S. through the first Iraq war of the late 1980s. Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya were then smashed to bits, while Zionist wars against Syria and Yemen are ongoing.

Of course, Iran has proven a harder nut to crack. Part of the problem with the Zionist plans for Syria and Iran came from support to those nations given in various forms by a resurgent Russia led by Vladimir Putin.

This brings us to today.

Russia under Putin was the last remaining obstacle to final Zionist victory, particularly with China having been pacified through incorporation into the West’s consumer economy and the threat of military confrontation through the U.S.’s “pivot to Asia.” So, obviously, Russia and Putin had to go.

After Russia stomped on the pretensions of Georgia and effectively began to integrate itself into the European economy through the export of petrochemicals, wheat, and strategic minerals, a provocation through the Western takeover of Ukraine presented itself as the chosen means to draw Russia into a catastrophic war.

This was accomplished expertly under the second Obama administration by the 2014 coup engineered by Vice President Joe Biden and the Obama State Department, whereby the legitimate democratically-elected government of Ukraine was overthrown and replaced by a cabal of U.S. puppets under Poroshenko.

Soon afterward, the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine declared independence from the Kiev regime, followed by the Russian annexation of the vital region of the Crimean peninsula.

The Kiev regime then began the assault on Donbass which has gone on now for eight years, and Americans began a relentless propaganda attack against Russia for its actions in Crimea. This attack was led then, as now, by the ubiquitous U.S. Zionist media led by such entities as CNN, NBC, FOX, the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, etc.

Meanwhile, the now-president of the Kiev Regime, Zelensky, continued to lobby openly for NATO membership and announced his intention to acquire nuclear weapons, even as the U.S. Defense Department set up bioweapons laboratories throughout the country. Russia and Putin, quite naturally, saw the actions of the Kiev regime as an existential threat. On February 24, 2022, the Russian military invaded.

Now the Zionist West has seen its big chance. The time for war with Russia has come, whatever the cost may be. As Zionist politicians everywhere salivate, the door is about to slam, where the last vestiges of independent national sovereignty on planet earth may be closed. Nuclear war looms as the U.S. takes action through sanctions, weapons shipments, and threats of armed retaliation through NATO allies, such as Poland.

Russia has accused the West, rightly so, of acts of economic warfare, and has put its strategic weaponry on alert. The U.S. claims it does not want war against Russia, but this is a sham. The U.S. has already mobilized its direct and asymmetric weaponry.

The main threat is to cut off all imports from Russia, with Germany and other European nations expected to follow suit. This is already crashing Western stock markets and will inevitably cause an economic depression.

Even as this takes place, the Zionist media is trying to get us to blame only Putin. Biden and the other Zionists will, of course, continue to blame Putin for everything, and the megaphone of MSM media will continue to amplify the call to war a thousand-fold.

World war is roaring down the tracks.

Unless, someone, somewhere, breaks the Zionist shackles. As it is absolutely impossible for this to come from the enslaved English-speaking nations, the initiative can only come from continental Europe.

If Zelensky should begin acting like a sane human being and accepts the Russian conditions for peace, and if Putin refrains from taking the Zionist bait and desists from launching a preemptive nuclear attack, then maybe something can change even at this hour. We can only hope.

Richard C. Cook is a former U.S. government analyst who writes on geopolitical subjects.  


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  1. I also want to thank Andrew Armavir for his perspective on the conflict. I think Putin (and Xi) is handling it far smarter than the opponents; Putin realized that it 2022 one can not lie to the public anymore. His opponents are apparently unable to accept this, they still try to pull various WEF scams, and faceplant badly at each. That’s why they’ll lose eventually in Ukraine (and other realms as well).

  2. If you ask a Rabbi about the Talmud hate speech, then the Rabbi will tell you that the Talmud hate speech is just an emotional commentary by a particular person at a particular time and location, and the Talmud hate speech is not an official doctrine of Judaism.

    But, it seems to me that since the hate speech in the Talmud is so terrible and not ever removed, then it is actually Jewish doctrine because the purpose of a true religion should be the very opposite of the Talmud hate speech without any possibility that hate is correct.

    Also the Talmud does not offer any love speech that presents another opposite love possibility that differs with the Talmud hate speech.


  3. The Khazarian Mafia and the Zio-Rothschild International Financial CRIME Syndicate destroyed the Royal Houses and the Aristocracy in most of Europe, and today the ‘Khazarian-Rothschild Zionist Cabal’ are the ‘New Cosmopolitan World Aristocracy’ who are not restricted by, ‘Race-Religion-Nationality-Borders’! They Created a ‘CULTURE’ for themselves, where ‘MONEY’ is their ‘DEITY’ that they worship, and the rest of Humanity is just ‘GOYIM’! Time to End-Eliminate the “New Cosmopolitan Zionist Aristocracy”!

  4. Continued: US pilots that flew too close to the north were scratching their heads wondering what “our trucks were doing this far north”. They were soviet trucks-practically all military trucks up to that period were of western origin-since 1917, Caterpillar, International Harvester, Ford, GM, Studebaker, GE and a long list of transnational companies were implemented.
    Interestingly, Ford was building trucks from 1928 onwards- also in England, France, Germany and Hungary. Opel was acquired in 1931 by GM(duPont family) in 1931, which was owned through the war period and only sold to the French in 2017(!)
    Also of interest is George Racy Jordan’s Diary, which revealed what was really going on with Lend Lease. And the Uranium already being transferred to the soviets in 1944 with Canadian involvement.

  5. “Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development” and all of Antony Sutton’s books are essential reading as well. Siegfried Gunther, German aircraft designer, working in post 1945 Soviet industry was the real designer of the Mig 15, which of course used the Rolls Royce Nene which was then”sovietized” like everything else(BMW and Junkers jet engines, some amplified as the contra-rotating gigantic turboprop engines used in the Bear bomber. Thousands of engineers and techs went to the soviet side, some forced labor, some well compensated. As we know, Von Braun and others came to the US.
    As late as the Vietnam war period the soviets were still receiving technical assistance, buying tire factories from the US, and US pilots that flew too close to the north were scratching their heads

  6. Thanks for referring to the Scofield Bible, printed in Oxford, 2014 if I remember correctly. It’s one of their secret tools, implemented long ago.
    I read Carroll Quigley’s “The Anglo-American Establishment” not long ago-Cecil Rhodes’ incalculable fortune, managed by Alfred Milner, the Rhodes scholars, still going on this very minute (and Clinton is one) The Round Table, Inner Circle, Kindergarten, an unbelievable secret system. Also incredible is how many women were participants. Douglas Reed’s 1956 book is essential reading in trying to understand what was really going on. Henry Wentworth Monk, born in Ottowa, 1927 is the lunatic who came up with the Zio idea, at first discarded and ridiculed.

  7. Andrew, good posts.

    After the failure of JCPOA, after its signing in 2015 and the ensuing western non compliance (Khamenei’s tool to show the world what Washington cannot be trusted) the remaining Iranians who were in lala land finally woke up from their deep comas.

    Last night one of the sane Iranian commentators (insane ones are all paid by shekels) was saying that at the beginning it was Putin himself who went towards the western capitalism and thought he would be accepted as part of that club.

    He’s wising up really quickly now. Think of it as a crash course that could have been avoided if he hadn’t voted with UNSC on June 9, 2010 to pass the resolution 1929, for the harshest sanctions against Iran. Back then he was still in lala land.

    And always remember Russophobia like Iranophobia was concocted in Shitholistan aka Engelestan (UK.) The author of this writeup saying “the two English speaking countries” should be indication enough.
    That terrorist trash Churchill was bad news. Apparently he had an Indian ho who was instrumental in painting the Iranian Shias as the enemies of the world.

  8. Got to ask, would this present crisis, with its full-on 24/7 anti-Russia media blitz, extreme sanctions, and the threat of escalation, be any better if Trump, despite his treasonous and criminal ways, was now in the WH?

    • You out of all the people should know that neocons work both camps.
      As if Trump had his own brain.
      At least Biden knows how dangerous the situation is. Trump would be in the basement playing with himself while Bennett would be playing with the red button.

    • The only way that Trump could ever come back into office is by the support of 40 million Christian Zionists who voted for him in 2020. They are the reason why Trump pulled out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran. They are the reason why Trump moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. They’ve become an apocalyptic death cult that prays for WWIII to happen soon, which will be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of some kind of Zionist world theocracy.

    • I’m pretty much in agreement, NewtRallyt. Just putting it out there for opining. I’ve noticed Trump has gone virtually silent on the matter since his “genius” observation the first day of the incursion, not that his views are worth anything. This has had the effect of putting him in a box.

  9. He could pull back to the buffer zone, secure that, and take the high road in the press.
    Religion is the game of pretend that enables all of this nonsense. I see nor hear any organized protest by any religion. Until the last king with the entrails of the last priest.
    The triumvirate must be completely disabled and exposed as the false morality that it most certainly is.

  10. Someone should sue the ADL ( Jewish Anti Defamation League ) regarding the ADL not ever removing any of the great amount of Jewish hate speech that is located within the Jewish Talmud, which makes many hate statements against the goyim and Christianity.

    Does this long existing Jewish hate speech that is located within the Jewish Talmud violate the ADL trusted laws of being an incorporated entity ?

  11. Should the US Congress hold back the promised free gift funding of the many billions of dollars that is given to Israel, until Israel removes all of the hate speech that exists today within the Jewish Talmud and Israel replaces all of this present Jewish Talmudic hate speech with love speech ?

    The Jewish Talmud has much hate speech today against the Goyim and against Christianity.

  12. 1. The West is waging a war of annihilation against Russia, seeking to destroy its civilization and culture. And that’s why Russians should stop trying to live by the laws of the West, which were created in order to get rid of them.
    How many times has Russia, represented by its leadership and diplomats, patiently and politely talked with the heads of Western countries, repeatedly explaining to them its peaceful and constructive position, but it is still considered and called an enemy there. The West does not react to Russian explanations, does not understand them, not because there are stupid people there, but because they do not want to understand and accept the Russian position.

    • 2. This does not mean that Russia should no longer try to talk to the West, it should. But she shouldn’t expect to be understood there, because they don’t want to understand.
      Because a war of annihilation is being waged against Russia. Russian civilization is being destroyed, and Russian culture is being destroyed. Dostoevsky’s ban in Italy is not a mistake. Russians interfere with their existence everywhere – in sports, in culture, in science, in life. And that’s why they turned against the Russians.
      The last stage of the West’s war against Russia began not in 1990, as many people think, but in 1941, and since then this war has been going on. For some time there was a “technical break” in this war, for reasons beyond the control of the West. The Western powers are no longer considered to owe anything to the Russian people, and therefore the war has entered a new stage and the Russians have been outlawed.

    • 3. Our country, our culture, our athletes, our history – we are outlawed in society.
      Their laws do not apply to us. And we continue to look at it, and we think – and how will we comply with those laws that do not apply to us? And how will we live in this lawlessness? According to the laws that are violated in order to strangle us. What is our answer?
      If the West does not consider it necessary to extend its laws to Russians, then we should not comply with these laws in response. We should not observe anyone’s laws at all, except the laws of our country. Just like the United States does, which recognizes only American laws.
      The laws of our enemies who want to destroy us should not exist for us. We must do what we consider necessary for our survival, self-preservation in this world of lawlessness. And not to try to survive according to their laws, which are aimed at getting rid of us. This is the situation today.

    • 4. Now Russia has been shown how it is actually treated in the world. Russian children were shown this by starting to humiliate Russian children in European schools, just because they are Russian, and thus making it clear to all Russians that they are not going to treat them as representatives of their civilization.
      One good thing about what is happening is that this situation has shown us who we are in this cruel world. Because otherwise we didn’t want to understand, and now we understand.
      And now, even those representatives of Russia who thought they could become “white” if they spoke French well and understood French wines, and went to the Paris Opera, finally realized that they would not be treated as equals in the West. They will reject us anyway, just because we are Russian.
      In the end, all residents of Russia need to learn this if we want to survive, because we have no other way to survive.

    • 5. It will come.
      Yes, there will come a time of dialogue when we will win. Because if we are defeated, there will be no dialogue. If we concede even a millimeter, no one will talk to us. Any political concession we make today will warm them up and give them hope that we can be broken.
      Western countries yield only when they have no strength to resist. And in the history of Russia, there were moments when the West went to meet it only a few times – in 1945, when Soviet troops took Berlin, in 1814, when the Russian army entered Paris, and when Suvorov passed through Switzerland. Then the West listened to Russia and talked to her, but in all other cases, when Russia wanted a dialogue, she was not heard.

    • 6. Russia can defeat the West only when it deprives it of hope that someday it will be able to defeat it. Only this is a guarantee that Russia will remain. And while the West has hope and faith that it can be defeated, there is no pledge.
      And at the same time, it makes no sense for Russia to even try to convince the West of injustice, immorality and that it is doing wrong. The Russians should understand that, turning to the West, they are talking to bandits from the high road, who have always robbed the whole world, who have committed monstrous atrocities throughout their history, and continue to do so now – in the XXI century. Therefore, there is no point in trying to appeal to their conscience.
      We are talking with pirates, with bandits from the high road, with rapists, with thieves, with crooks, with speculators who have nothing sacred, no laws. And we explain to them that it’s unethical, it’s uncultured, and it doesn’t fit with what we consider their European culture. And they look at us as idiots, but useful idiots who can be used.

    • 7. So it turns out that Russians now have no other choice – they should stop treating Westerners as cultured people who have laws and moral principles.
      The West has been waging war against the Russians since 1941. This must always be remembered, as well as where fascism originated.
      Fascism originated as an ideology in which country? – in France. The homeland of fascism is France! It doesn’t matter what happened next and what forms it took afterwards, but its homeland is France. This is French culture. So why are we surprised that French President Emmanuel Macron now does not understand what he is being told and accuses Russian President Vladimir Putin of lying?
      In 5 years, the Nazis were able to convince the Germans – the most educated and cultured people in Europe – that they have a terrible enemy who wants to destroy them, and if they do not destroy him first, Germany will perish.

    • 8. Therefore, no one in Russia should be surprised that after 35 years of brainwashing in Ukraine, the West has managed to achieve its goal.
      And now that the West has already realized that it has lost Ukraine from a military point of view, it continues this work anyway, putting the idea of a struggle in the minds of Ukrainians, which they will continue after the current authorities leave the scene. It is on this basis that the West then expects to continue what it has now lost on the battlefields, and in this it expects to win.
      Therefore, Russia is now fighting for its survival, and Russian soldiers, conducting a special operation on denazification and demilitarization in Ukraine, continue the same war that their great-grandfathers waged. And this is our last and decisive battle – if we lose it, there will be no more opportunities.

      Ughhhhhhh! Thank you.

    • Thank you for your perspective, Andrew.
      Now would be a good time for Russia to document the “suspicious 9/11 events” which President Putin has made reference to in the past.

    • It appears that Putin walked right into the bear trap set for him. I guess he still doesn’t realize the ruthlessness of the Western political class. Don’t let Grandpa Biden’s demeanor fool you. He is still the wannabe swashbuckling Teddy Roosevelt type behind those aviator glasses. The Big Stick and all that shit. Tally ho!

    • Andrew, I just read your observations and concerns for Russia, I agree with you on everything. I suspect your Mr Putin has the exactly the same belief and he understands just how grave the situation is. All depends on Russia’s military success in its attempt to wrest Ukraine from the Zionist Gangsters once and for all. Something tells me Russia will prevail.

  13. Oh, please… Most Zionists in the USA are so-called Christian, not the neocons you refer to. Pastor John Hagee claims, “When 50 million evangelical bible-believing Christians unite with five million American [Ashkenazim] standing together on behalf of Israel, it is a match made in heaven.”

    80% of these crazies voted for Trump in the last election. The way they look at it, Putin is Gog and Russia is Magog. They have a collective hard-on for Armageddon and only WWIII will get them off. They’ll be raptured up to Heaven while the rest of us are turned to cinder cakes in a nuclear holocaust. What a glorious end-times scenario that will be.

    • Hagee, Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, Hal Lindsey, Joel Osteen (¿cryptoJew?), Tim LaHaye with his Left Behind series, etc.,… they’re all Zionist Christians preaching the false Zionist version of Christianity.
      The Zionists brag that they infiltrated and Judaized the Church a long time ago (going at least as far back as the middle of the 4th century during the canonization of the New Testament in Rome. Their Scofield Reference Bible is today’s main culprit:

    • Part 2 “More than any other factor, it is Scofield’s notes that have induced generations of American evangelicals to believe that God demands their uncritical support for the modern State of Israel.
      “There are indications that Zionist attorney Samuel Untermeyer used Scofield, a Kansas City lawyer with no formal training in theology, to inject Zionist ideas into American Protestantism… Untermeyer and other wealthy and influential Zionists whom he introduced to Scofield promoted and funded the latter’s career, including travel in Europe…
      “By Maidhc Ó Cathail, reposted from the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
      “Since it was first published in 1909, the Scofield Reference Bible has made uncompromising Zionists out of tens of millions of Americans. When John Hagee, the founder of Christians United for Israel (CUFI)*, said that “50 million evangelical bible-believing Christians unite with five million American Jews standing together on behalf of Israel,” it was the Scofield Bible that he was talking about.…” (from Alison Weir’s If Americans Knew)
      Preterism is the closest version of true Christianity. Whereas Zionist Christianity preaches the End Times are currently in place now Preterism, using mainly Scripture to interpret Scripture claims the End Times were fulfilled in the 1st century. Look into it.

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