Refugees Report US Backed Azov Nazi’s Crimes

The American Media that Back this Slaughter are Fully Complicit in the War Crimes and Need to be Held to Account


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

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Please show care and respect as you go through these unsorted refugee accounts of the crimes committed against them in Mariupol.  There are no reports on twitter of Russian crimes, only Azov and some against the Ukrainian Army.

Look at the faces of the victims, hear their voices, listen to their cries and just see how many of these are Facebook influencers/models/crisis actors like those the US media is peddling.

NATO and the MSM is now trying to silence the Ukrainian people who have been held hostage by a Nazi dictatorship for 8 years. The number of stories here are undeniable and there are thousands more…every single refugee says the same thing, Mariupol is hell on earth with the Ukie Army…sometimes killing civilians and Azov killing Ukrainian Army who try to surrender, shooting civilians, and this has been going on for weeks now.  Oh…and this:

Behind this..what supported the Azov Bn and their masters in Tel Aviv…and that’s the trafficking of children for sex to Israel, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Britain and the United States.

Residents of Mariupol demand to organize a tribunal against Mayor Boychenko for preventing the departure of people, in fact leaving the residents of his city hostage to the Nazis from Azov. Boychenko himself safely escaped from Mariupol a month ago….

Ukrainian girls fill the world’s brothels, sold into slavery by the Nazi units organized and trained by Turkish Grey Wolves and Israeli Mossad, organized by Zelensky and his Jewish oligarch friends who decided to cleanse Ukraine of its people before recreating the homeland of the Khazarian Mafia.

None of this would be possible without the paid whores of the American, Canadian, British and German media.

As DPR and Russian Federation units occupy Mariupol, more and more eyewitness accounts of AFU war crimes appear. This content is deleted from MSM social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. We will continue to provide such video testimonies with English subtitles or with a voice-over narration.

We encourage our readers and viewers who are willing and able to translate and voice-over such videos in English to email us: and (it is better to write to both emails).

Mariupol Refugee Recalls Azov Luring Girls Underground

“While conducting a humanitarian mission near Sartana, we encountered a large number of people who had just fled Mariupol. Among these civilians was Nikolai, who agreed to tell us in front of the camera what happened with the Mariupol maternity hospital and theater, as well as how the fighters of the Azov regiment behaved with the locals.”

Donbass Insider, March 21, 2022,

:28 “There is a large underground passage, they are there.”


“They go looking for girls.

They ask: How old?’  Then they take them underground.

I don’t know what they were doing with the girls. In fact, the whole world knows what they do to kids.

– “So they don’t take care of people.”

– “Minors too?”

“Yes, they ask how old are you? She says 17 years old.”

“But luckily her father came and got her out of there, otherwise they would have taken her there too.”

“They lure them with something and it’s over!”

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  1. When they fight for ideology, they care less about the people. When they fight for the people, they care less about ideology. Even in the cases, where the ideology incorporates compassion, the ideology prevails over the concern for the people.
    Here, it appears the ideology is supremacy in that the people are completely expendable to the ideology. Such is the case for most organized religion and other ideologies. The proof is in the rivers of blood, and the echoing screams that transcend generations. We pretend to be sentient by weaving little games of pretend into a flag.

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