GOP Abandon’s Russia Loving Trump, Now Competes with Dem’s on Russia Hating

The two American political parties "elephant" and "donkey" once again clashed. This time, the Republicans fell under the geopolitical distribution, and the Democrats collapsed with their ambitions to maintain world hegemony. Assistance to Ukraine, which has fallen into the arms of the "Russian bear", is on the agenda.


FULL DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian State-Controlled Media

“Donkey” and “elephant” in an embrace with a “bear”

by Lyudmila Chertkova and Lyubov Stepushova

Читайте больше на – Pravda Russia: The ” elephant ” party among Americans is associated with the Republican Party, the “donkey” party – with the Democratic. We often translate the ambiguous English word donkey as “donkey”. Although the “donkey” is no different from him. It’s a matter of taste. Well, Russia is compared with the “bear” all over the world. By the way, it is this owner of the forest that is depicted on the coat of arms of the ruling United Russia party.

“After years of defending a pro-Putin American president and denying Russian interference in the American election, the Republicans are back to their old ploy: accusing Democrats of being soft on Russia. Their hypocrisy is annoying,” William Saletan, who hates Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump.

Bill admires anti-Russian sanctions:

  • March 2 – with the confirmation of Ukraine’s sovereignty over the liberated territory of Donbass;
  • March 9 – the bill passed by the House of Representatives to suspend the import of oil and gas from Russia;
  • March 17 – A bill passed by the House of Representatives to end favorable trade relations with Russia and its “accomplice Belarus”.

Eight Republicans then voted against the bill, which is fraught with difficulties both for the US itself and for the global economy.

“Several Republicans have gone even further. They are pushing a law that would prevent the US military from deploying more troops “due to the situation in Ukraine” than are stationed on the Mexican border. No reasonable strategist would want more troops guarding a friendly border than deterring an imminent threat to our most important alliance, but that is exactly what this bill will do, which will block the deployment of NATO forces in Eastern Europe. This is a gift to Vladimir Putin, “concludes the blogger from the donkey party.

Meanwhile, ten representatives of the Elephant Party signed a bill that would ban any delivery of military aid to Ukraine until “the system of border barriers along the border between the United States and Mexico is completed.”

The arguments of those who were indiscriminately written down as Putin’s “friends” are quite intelligible and constructive.

America should be concerned about its own borders, not Ukraine’s.

The American classic Mark Twain correctly noted the peculiarity of his compatriots: “God created war so that Americans would study geography.” Until recently, most of the inhabitants of the United States did not suspect the existence of such a state entity.

Therefore, after sending military personnel to the borders of Russia, some “elephants” protested noisily, they say, it would be better if the Pentagon took care of protecting the border with Mexico.

Sanctions against Russia are a conspiracy of “donkeys” to harm the Americans

Many Republican lawmakers agree with Donald Trump that America’s real enemies are domestic liberals, not foreign politicians. The Russian oil and gas ban was purposefully designed by the Democrats to stifle US oil and gas production and advance their radical climate agenda, with Ukraine just a front.

Russia is strong, so America must retreat

The “elephants” were worried that Putin would punish the West for anti-Russian sanctions with “radical measures” and the US should not send “money and weapons to Ukraine to fight a war that they cannot win”, and that Ukraine’s membership should be removed from the agenda instead in NATO to “calm down the Kremlin.”

Editor: Lyudmila Chertkova, Curator: Lyubov Stepushova

Source: Читайте больше на – Pravda Russia



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  1. The Stupid Party no longer opposes the Evil Party and have now become the Stupid and Evil Party 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Russians always feel that they have an obligation to vouch for a US political party which identifies closest with their values. So they analyze the US politics based on the same faulty impressions that the uneducated US population has of its own political parties, always missing the fact that the Republican Party which is the original war party always rolling in dough, now has more whores of both sides joining in to get a piece of the action forgetting that only special interest matters to them.

    They are blind to the fact that these so called politicians only pretend to be Christians or fiscal conservative etc but in truth a nice fat war that finances their filthy campaigns is always preferred over values.

    I’ve always said you want to join the left and right in the US, give CNN and Fox a nice fat war starting with sanctions with someone like Iran and they will all hug each other making the peaceniks go into hiding.

    Khamenei is probably texting Putin laughing at his early years of wanting to be part of the big boys club.

    You want to bamba ? you wana chill with the big boys ? ha ?

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