Russian convoy heads toward eastern Ukraine as new Mariupol death toll emerges

..from the Washington Post, excerpted

[ Editor’s Note: The Pentagon is running a similar game, the current ruse being the hyping of Russia having launched a “new” offensive, when the first offensive has been ongoing in Donbas for some time.

Here we are in the second month of the War, and there is hardly any mention of the Minsk agreement, nor of Kiev having disregarded the agreement and continuing to shell Donbas for eight years, along with NATO, the CIA and the United States even training neo Nazi forces in Ukraine.

Here we are today, after Putin broadcasted that his withdrawal from the Northern Ukraine cities was to shift those forces into the reclamation of Donbas Russian speaking areas before any peace negotiations begin. This troop shifting is being hyped as “an assault on the Luhansk and Donetsk regions,” when they have not been under Kiev’s control since they refused to accept the US-Kiev Maidan coup in 2014.

It appears Russia wants to try to encircle the Kiev coup troops fighting in Western Donbas and capture them so they cannot be shifted south eventually for the future coastline battles.

Yesterday Zelensky ordered a miracle invasion by the Ukraine Army on the Russian city of Belgorod hoping that will divert Russian forces from the Donbas region’s full liberation. Russia would love nothing better than for Zelensky to amass his army for a Russian invasion, which would be a big target for air attacks.

Zelensky is no military leader, but has Western military advising him, while he scrambles to find a way to bring NATO air and ground forces in to die for him and his neo Nazi buddies and employees of his oligarch funders.

Many more are going to die, as VT has editorialized, in that NATO will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian, if necessary… Jim W. Dean ]

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The pin at the top of the map shows Belogrod province where Russia have sent a lot of refugees that Zelensky wants his army to attack. What’s up wid dat?

First published April 12, 2022

  • Eastern Ukraine: Western and Ukrainian officials say they are bracing for a fresh Russian assault on the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. “We predict that active combat operations will begin any time soon,” a spokesman for Ukraine’s defense ministry, Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, said on Monday, according to a Ukrainian news release. “The Ukrainian army is ready for it.” Officials say the eastern town of Izyum — which Russian forces seized Friday — appears to be a key staging point for further attacks.
  • Kyiv region: Ukrainian authorities say they are still recovering bodies from towns around the capital where invading forces took control and terrorized residents before withdrawing. Seven more bodies were pulled from the rubble in Borodyanka, Ukraine’s emergency services said Monday, for a total of 19 and counting. Airstrikes have razed much of the suburb.
  • Mariupol: Ukraine and Russia are still fighting for control of the southern port city where civilians are fleeing desperate conditions. Moscow’s troops made “territorial gains” in the city this weekend, according to the Institute for the Study of War, a U.S.-based think tank. The mayor of Mariupol said Monday that more than 10,000 civilians have been killed there since invading forces began their siege weeks ago.
  • Dnipro area: Russia carried out an airstrike Sunday on an international airport on the outskirts of the city of Dnipro, but there is “no evidence” suggesting the attacks destroyed an S-300 air defense system, a senior U.S. defense official said Monday. Russian officials have said they plan to intensify their efforts to destroy Ukrainian air defenses.


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  1. I just saw this and am blown away at how ‘in yo face’ the Hollywood/CIA cabal have gotten. ‘Navalny’ is in big screen theaters right now and sells the poorly documented myth of a heroic Putin-hater who was poisoned by the KGB, and escaped their clutches but somehow managed to survive to ‘act’ his own part in the movie named after him.

  2. A large number of foreign correspondents, reporters, and bloggers have arrived in Mariupol today. One of them was a Marine from the USA. There was also the founder of the antispiegel website from Germany. There were reporters from the Middle East. We should continue to do this. Thanks to them, small streams of truth are seeping into all corners of the globe. And one day they will merge into one mighty river.
    I can see what news is available to the average US or EU resident. Censorship is tough. In Russia, we receive news directly from the frontline, 24/7.
    But when I visited several Internet sites in Ukraine, I was once again convinced why they are so crazy there.
    And how do you like the video of a Ukrainian girl reading curses to Russians and then cutting a man’s throat with a sickle? (of course, the video is staged) ISIS style.
    This video was made with the help of the Lviv diaspora of Ukrainians living in the USA.

  3. I’d say the 10000 civilian deaths is hyperbole and probably includes Azov forces who are not civilians.

  4. This is not a free press being a watchdog on government, and an informed citizenry. This is a media operating an information war against its own citizens, in lockstep with government, banking, and corporate interests. It’s as a close a definition to fascism as it gets.

  5. “Many more are going to die, as VT has editorialized that NATO will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian if necessary.”

    That is the least of it, Jim. Zionism has big plans, BIG PLANS, I tell you. First off, the 40 million US Christian Zionists who voted for Trump in 2022 have a collective hard-on for Armageddon and only WWIII with Russia will get them off. Putin is Gog and Russia is Magog. If you want the details, just ask any Christian Zionist pastor or any Trumpoid and they will be more than willing to fill you in.

    • I woke up today with the thought that I don’t really give a shit about the Ukraine and all of the maniacs fighting there. The best outcome would be that they all die to the last man. But, the very next day a war would start somewhere else. The zionists just throw a dart at their map on the wall. There seem to be no end of possibilities.

    • Ah yes, the war lovers seem to have a replicable code, in that if it didn’t work this time in this place, maybe it can work over here. I would submit that their are a half dozen targets for war on the game board at any one time, there the egotists try to win the prize as to where and when. In response, notice how closely Putin is hugging Belarus now with the Baltics on its border and with Ukraine, a critical ally of Moscow at this time, and something there the whole country, Belarus, needs to be onboard as Belarus will be takened down before Russia, and the man in Minsk knows that a NATO in Ukraine would be a huge threat for a quick take over from the west and south.

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