The White House is freaked out that Putin’s next big win could be in Paris

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[ Editor’s Note: Trouble comes to the EU, due to its irresponsible rush into war with Russia when other options were available but never pursued, as it has ripped an economic hole in Europe’s future. Gosh, could incompetent leadership be involved?

Marine Le Pen has been sticking to economic issues, and can remind voters of her consistent position, standing alone against the war grifters. She has not yet gone after Macron’s handling of the Minsk Agreement Ukraine disaster with partner Germany, which is now upon us, and where the guilty think they can fob the blame off on Putin.

Western Guarantors of the Minsk agreement allowed Zelensky to walk away from the deal and unleash his Nazi battalions onto Donbas; to the glee of NATO, 8 years of ruthless shelling killed 14,000 Russians in Donbas; and Putin finally did what any honorable leader would do in a similar situation to avoid ethnic genocide.

If Le Pen wins the first round, watch to see NATO, the US and British Intel jump into the French election, which could set off all kinds of fireworks, when we have the US possibly involved in throwing Imran Khan over with the usual incentives — money and an endless gravy train of military support. Khan has his young followers hitting the streets now to push for new elections to replace Parliament.

France and the EU have brought an inflation recession down around them due to their neo Nazi war in Ukraine, where the regular citizens are going to be very unhappy to have their economic fortunes turned inside out, due to the antics of the warmongering elites.

I had expected to see better behavior in my golden years, as a peer of Biden’s generation, but he is turning out to have some deep flaws at a critical moment, like cheerleading a stupid war that he thinks will be a diversion from our economic problems, when it is going to make it worse. How stupid is that for a politician with 50 years of experience?! … Jim W. Dean ]

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Could Marie Le Penn turne France upside down?

First published April 9, 2022

The White House has begun to harbor fears that Vladimir Putin could soon notch his biggest victory of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — in Paris.

There is growing concern within President Joe Biden’s administration about the narrowing polls in the French presidential election that show a tight race between incumbent Emmanuel Macron and far-right challenger Marine Le Pen.

A possible victory by Le Pen, a Putin sympathizer, could destabilize the Western coalition against Moscow, upending France’s role as a leading European power and potentially giving other NATO leaders cold feet about staying in the alliance, according to three senior administration officials not authorized to publicly discuss private conversations.

Senior U.S. officials have warily watched across the Atlantic for any signs of possible Russian interference in the first round of the elections, which will take place Sunday. Polls suggest that Macron and Le Pen would likely then advance to a showdown on April 24 — and that the potential two-person race would be close.

…“Do we want to die? Economically, we would die!” she asked in a recent television debate, when asked if France should cut off oil and gas imports from Russia. “We have to think of our people.”

…A Le Pen victory, once unthinkable, would present the European Union with its biggest crisis since Brexit, potentially triggering a slow death rattle for the constellation of countries and completely upending a continent.


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  1. “”…A Le Pen victory, once unthinkable, would present the European Union with its biggest crisis since Brexit, potentially triggering a slow death rattle for the constellation of countries and completely upending a continent.””

    The so-called New World Order was moving, I presume, towards a more consolidated governmental structure of some size and/or to some degree, over a “marginally” decreasing world population.
    Possibly it wasn’t decreasing fast enough, and a reversion to smaller warring groups was seen to be in order?
    But for what ever reason, these current geopolitical, economic, and pandemical world events were definitely planned occurrences, whether Putin or any of the other “world” leader happened to be in on it or not.
    Most likely were all in on it, or at least their handlers were; and still are.

  2. There is an interesting docuseries on Youtube how jewish groups in the UK wreck any politician’s career who dares to side with Palestinians or makes any critical remark about Israel in the matter. The political system in the UK, most likely more or all EU governments, acc. to Trump also the American Congress, has been hijacked by jews. The real question is which group orchestrates this all? And for what purpose? Most jews are converted and descend from ordinary local people. That is why in Israel you now have jews looking like any other ordinary European, Indian, African. Moreover the Sanhedrin only recognizes people as real jews who descend through matrilineal lineage from jewish women. Yet in the conversion it is written a convert now automatically descends from Abraham. Whose historical existence is yet to be proven. I just wish jewish people worldwide would wake up and would dare to speak up. A few years ago it led to an almost civil war in Israel according to a non religious jew there in a dutch docu made by a jewish woman. Then there was Covid. Many dying and many vaccindamaged.

  3. The first round has come and gone. Second round coming up on the 24th. Macron will win by a neck, the fix is in, unless, the so far non-voters want to get rid of him. Marine is just there for the lucre.

  4. Britain and the EU by ignoring the bombing of civilians in the Donbas since 2014 and absolutely dismissing the Minsk Agreement proved themselves absolutely derelict. By pouring arms into the void of their making, they are clearly partners in the war against Russia. Instead of pushing for continued negotiations they ignored a likely peaceful solution to get Zelensky commit to the Minsk accords and withdraw his battalions from eastern Ukraine. Instead the EU – a so-called economic entity collects half a billions Euros to spend on arms for Ukraine. No thanks to these consiglieres for the dufus Don II in DC this mafia shambles is about to get an awful lot worse. This allignment of war-mongers may be about to discover – as the article suggests, that Le Pen is mightier than the sword.

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