Biden Has Revived McCarthyism


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_clan and mafia nature of power.

The unwillingness of the Russian Federation to become a subordinate part of this world explains the brutal war in Ukraine.

If you are against Biden, then you are for Putin

McCarthyism in the United States in the 1940s and 1950s was based on the slogan “saving democracy from the threat of world communism” and resulted in criminal and administrative prosecution of communists without bothering to prove their guilt.

Neo-Makkartists are now persecuting realists in the US, mostly from among the Republicans, who are trying not to “save democracy” from world “Putinism” but to find the causes of the economic crisis that has broken out in the US.

For example, Senator Rick Scott (R, Fla.), after calling the new CPI numbers a “big wake up call for Joe Biden”, was called a “Putin supporter” by White House adviser Jesse Lee on Twitter.

“Putin and Senator Rick Scott are in total solidarity in blaming Biden for the price increase,” Lee wrote. “So amazing.”

The word “amazing” is key here. Although if you look at it, inflation began to grow in the United States long before the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine. And the Fed acknowledged this, stating that the policy of printing money was the root cause of record inflation.

Also persecuted in the US are those who dare to claim that NATO’s eastward expansion to the border with Russia has unnecessarily provoked Moscow into “aggression.”

They are called

  • “Putin’s apologists”,
  • “puppets”
  • “Russian trolls”
  • “simples”
  • and “useful idiots”.

And the trials over them are not going on just because you need to spend a lot of effort on evidence, but McCarthyism will soon cancel this condition.

In Ukraine, sanctions have long been applied against their own citizens without an evidence base of “cooperation with the Russian Federation”, it is very likely that with a hint from Washington.

Beyond simply returning to the cave days of the Cold War, the resurgence of McCarthyism means flirting with dangerous policies that could bring Americans into a direct military confrontation with Russia, the nuclear power that alone can destroy the US with a single strike from its triad.

Apartheid against whites,  “burn, rob, kill”

An equally egregious phenomenon in America, flourishing with the advent of Biden, is apartheid, by definition, “the policy of racial discrimination and segregation of the indigenous population of the country.”

BLM in the USA is translated as Burn, Loot, Murder,  “Burn, rob, kill”, read – whites as oppressors of “African Americans”.

This policy is strongly encouraged at the state level. The police force is being reduced, and inspecting and making arrests among the black population is now possible only in extreme cases in order to avoid accusations of “racism”. This leads to an increase in crime and casualties among the police.

Apartheid against whites will sooner or later lead to a civil war in the United States.

America is ruled by the Obama-Biden mafia clan

Biden consolidated mafia clans in power, which directly takes us back to the days of the Great Depression.

These structures not only falsified the last presidential elections but also enrich their leaders – and not only through Ukraine.

So one of the latest revelations tells that the Biden Center for Diplomacy and International Relations was created at the University of Pennsylvania (included in the world TOP-20), after which he immediately began to receive large money transfers from anonymous Chinese businessmen – partners of Hunter Biden. And the children of those who gave generous donations to Hunter, Joe Biden wrote letters of recommendation for admission to US universities.

It is noted that the current Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in 2016 was the managing director of this center.

There is a trade in influence with the involvement in this business of the environment, which turned out to be in the administration.

This publication confirms a US Senate report that details the “vast financial network” that the Bidens created during the Obama administration, with hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal transactions. For this, the Biden family will be attracted sooner or later

  • for extortion
  • corrupt practices,
  • kickbacks,
  • laundering of money


All these crimes

  • McCarthyism,
  • apartheid,
  • mafia and clan nature of power, –

were convicted in America, but returned and are disguised by the liberal media.

But the main thing, which is sad, is that this American infection has spread to Europe.

This explains the fierce struggle of the “new world order” with Russia, which does not want to enter the immoral world of the “golden billion”.

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  1. The Biden crime family was hiding in plain view for years. He’s just finishing the “business” he started as VP under the The Great Fake Obumbles. Trump didn’t drain the swamp because he was a lifelong criminal himself. But he occasionally spoke the truth. The Dems haven’t done that since JFK. The two party system just plays to the action of these crooks.

    • Trump didn’t drain the swamp… even not of the competitors, at least doing that you would have half work done… 🙂

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