JEA: Joe Biden obviously is living in a delusional world. He doesn’t want to communicate with Russia, stop supporting Ukraine, and end the war. But he wants to blame Russia for the high gas prices. He doesn’t want to pay the slightest attention to what Putin is saying with respect to why Russia is at war with Ukraine. One needn’t be a politician to see that Biden’s statement is dumb.

By Dave DeCamp

Biden Again Blames Putin For High Gas Prices as Russian Oil Sales Soar

The US-led sanctions campaign against Russia has backfired on the West as Americans and Europeans are facing soaring gas prices, and Moscow is making more money on oil exports than it was before the war.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, President Biden has written off rising gas prices and inflation as “Putin’s price hike.” On Wednesday, Biden doubled down on blaming Russia while also admitting that his policies have only made things worse for Americans.

“We cut off Russian oil into the United States, and our partners in Europe did the same, knowing that we would see higher gas prices,” Biden said in an address at the White House, where he called on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax.

“We could have turned a blind eye to Putin’s murderous ways, and the price of gas wouldn’t have spiked the way it has. I believe that would have been wrong,” the president added.

While denouncing Putin as “murderous,” Biden has plans to meet with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman next month, who has been leading a brutal war against Yemen since 2015 with US backing, which has killed at least 377,000 people. Biden is expected to push MbS to increase oil output to lower global prices, exposing the hypocrisy of his administration’s policies.

Another step Biden could take to ease prices is lifting sanctions on Iran and Venezuela. But instead, the US has been ramping up sanctions on Iran. Some minor sanctions on Venezuela have been eased, but there’s still a long way to go before the South American country would be able to freely trade its oil.

While Americans and Europeans are feeling the economic pain, Russia’s oil exports are booming as China and India have significantly increased their imports of the Russian commodity. As a result, Asia has overtaken Europe as the top buyer of Russian oil, and Russia has surpassed Saudi Arabia as China’s top supplier.


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  1. Biden is just another imperialist A-hole when does the US get a president and legislature that cares about US domestic needs?

  2. Well, it seems like “democracy” (whatever that was) is over anyway-

    Globalist Surveillance State: WEF Begins Secret “Smart City” Operations in the Netherlands

    Apeldoorn has been transformed by the World Economic Forum (WEF), without consulting its residents, into the first “Smart City” (surveillance city) of the Netherlands.

    An unknown Austrian company, RadioLED, has rolled out a 5G network in the city based on a secret agreement with the municipality. The municipality receives no revenue from the project; the direction lies entirely with RadioLED. The company also manages the data obtained from thousands of sensors that follow Apeldoorn citizens everywhere.

    Apeldoorn Smart City is just one of the many projects that WEF is implementing in the Netherlands. The network organization from Switzerland is intertwined through many tentacles with Dutch politicians – from Queen Maxima to Sigrid Kaag and Mark Rutte – who are implementing the globalist agenda of the great leader Klaus Schwab, the ‘Great Reset’.
    Excerpt from
    rairfoundation dot com/globalist-surveillance-state-wef-begins-secret-smart-city-operations-in-the-netherlands/

  3. They say that you Americans are simply obsessed with democracy. It’s just a DOGMA with you. But We, In Russia, are very perplexed: what is the point of going to the polls if, in the end, a foreign, Russian President sets a “tax on gasoline and food” for you)). Ask your Democratic Nazi President about this already!!! We are very interested to hear the answer!

  4. Biden is only a puppet for the UK banking/insurance/media cartel hell bent on world domination. Germany challenged them over century ago and was blamed for starting 2 world wars. Iraq challenged the cartel as did Libya. We know how that turned out. Now Russia has had enough and the puppets can wait to demonize Mr. Putin. The “Great Game” of world domination where the leaders hide, the puppets dance and the pawns are sacrificed. That is the new world order! Same as the old world order.

    • Perfectly put. Besides Poor Trump screamed, ” I have been cheated in election “. He knew the truth because he too was put in Whit House with exactly the same method. He was required to satisfy the Zionists by giving away Jerusalem and Golan to the Fake and Biden was required to fragment Russia.

  5. The biggest problem Joe Biden has in not dementia, it’s cowardliness. On his first day in office he could have done the following. It would have taken all of 5 minutes…

    1. Stop sending American warships into the Black Sea to provoke incidents.
    2. Stop free military aid to Ukraine and Georgia.
    3. Stop military exercises with non-NATO nations in Europe.
    4. Close the new American missile bases in Poland and Romania that can launch cruise missiles with nuclear warheads.

    • That would have defused the ongoing war with Russia and saved US taxpayers billions of dollars. Instead, he put the very same people who staged the coup in 2014 back into power. This includes Ashkenazi neocons like Victoria “f-ck the EU Nuland” and Antony “rockstar” Blinken. These descendants of refugees from Catherine the Great’s Pale of Settlement have a visceral hatred for Russia. Along with the 50 million US Christian Zionists who are the heart and soul of the Republican Party, they’ve been poking the Russian bear hoping that it will eventually drive us into a catastrophic war, one that will go nuclear within hours. Biden is a coward first and a doddering old fool second.

    • I’ve got the info. from various sources over the years on soul scalping in DC. Crazy shit. I wouldn’t believe half of it, except I survived a soul scalping attempt on my life back in 2011. Painful shit buddy. You start choking to death, and they literally try to rip out your soul, consciousness, or whatever you call it out of your body through your throat. One of many ways they tried to do me in.

      What’s interesting, is one source of info. I had (he was eventually killed due to multiple anthrax injections back in 2015 or so), said they have a soul scalping op. in play at Milabs. They basically extract the original entity or soul or whatever of an American or Israeli politician and replace it with a Reptilian entity. He said they store the extracted souls in some kind of container at the Dulce Milab under the Archuletta Mesa. That place is a story to itself. The Apaches there know where the entrances are, but they are scared to tell anyone. Now, it gets very interesting, because this guy (before the anthrax injections started) said it’s mostly Nazi War Criminals being transplanted (brought back) into the bodies. It’s really funny because he said basically every major Zionist politician in the U.S. and Israel is now a former Nazi War criminal occupying a modern western politician.

      If it was all bogus, why did they keep injecting him with anthrax until he died?

    • Living in New Mexico, I’m familiar with with the notion that a jointly-operated human and alien underground facility exists under Archuleta Mesa which is near Dulce, NM. There were indeed underground missile installations in the area during the Cold War. The local Jicarilla Apache claim they’ve seen strange moving lights in the sky over the area as have a number of Anglo New Mexican since WWII.

      My take on it all is that anything is possible. String Theory suggests that there are at least eleven dimensions, most of which we don’t have a clue about. That aliens might inhabit other dimensions is entirely possible. I laugh whenever some expert claims that he knows it all. Socrates said, “I know that I know nothing.”

  6. Oil is just a part of the problem.
    The New York Times publishes material stating that the West itself began to experience powerful sanctions pressure, moreover, from its own sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation. The American author writes that the West, led by the United States, “faced disappointment and pain in connection with anti-Russian sanctions.” An example is the incredible rise in prices for energy carriers, for motor fuel, and general inflation.

    From the material:

    Moscow, in the face of such sanctions, is only increasing its revenues from oil and gas exports.

    The author cites the opinion of Andrew Weiss, vice-president of the Carnegie Endowment (according to the decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, he stopped his activities in our country), who says that the economies of the Western countries turned out to be much more vulnerable than expected by the authorities of these countries.

  7. Mr. Alexis, you are using human emotional expressions that define somebody capable of forming such emotions. Joe Biden is to the point where he needs a cue card for even the most rudimentary tasks. Today’s cue card had to remind him to: ‘YOU take YOUR seat’, ‘YOU enter the Roosevelt room and say hello to participants’, ‘YOU thank participants’, ‘YOU Depart.’ These are signs of dementia.

    However, let’s be fair, even those with dementia can be mad and sad. However, they don’t usually run countries, except in America where everyone in Washington DC is a puppet for Luciferians from Day 1.

    • There was a time when such a revelation concerning the competency of the POTUS would have been a national crisis. Now, it’s just an annoying interruption for people who spend most of their time downloading useless apps and mentally masturbating on Facebook.

  8. The Congress already said to Biden they does shall not suspend the federal gas tax, even many Dems they don’t agree with him.

  9. Things are going according to plan. We are the enemy, not Russia. We are the ones who can rout them from power. It is domestic unrest that they seel to grt a handle on.

    • That’s the reason they are trying so hard to get the guns out of our hands. They don’t want us using those weapons against them.

    • There will be blood. Too bad. America could have been one of mankind’s great success stories. A “benevolent” dictatorship and universal poverty will follow. The dream is over.

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