Many U.S. states have outlawed abortion in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, largely owing to “trigger laws” set up in anticipation of the historic decision.

Thirteen states had prepared “trigger” bans on abortion, either completely banning or severely limiting access to abortion within 30 days of the fall of Roe. Those states include Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

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State authorities acted swiftly to enact abortion bans, with Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt announcing that Missouri would be the first state to protect life in the womb by banning abortion just minutes after the Court’s decision on Dobbs had been handed down.

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“Here in Missouri, the people’s voice has already made clear that Missourians respect the sanctity of human life. We believe that without the explicit protection of the right to life, all liberties are under attack, which is why the importance of this day cannot be overstated,” Schmitt said in a Friday press statement.

“I am humbled to be a part of this, and the first Attorney General in the country to effectively end abortion. As a long-champion of the rights of the unborn and Missouri families, I pledge to continue to fight for our most fundamental right, the right to life.”

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South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem released a press statement Friday announcing that “as of today, all abortions are illegal in South Dakota.”

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge on Friday afternoon implemented the state’s 2019 “trigger law,” stating that “the only time that an abortion is legal in Arkansas is to save the life of the mother.”

Roe was wrong on that day [in 1973], and it has been wrong every day since,” she added.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced that abortion is “for all intents and purposes over” in Kentucky following Friday’s ruling on Dobbs.

In an advisory opinion issued Friday, Cameron noted that the 2019 Kentucky Human Life Protection Act “prohibits abortion in most circumstances. Generally speaking, it states that no person may knowingly cause or aid in ‘the termination of the life of an unborn human being.’”

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“The prohibition on performing abortions in KRS 311.772 became effective on June 24, 2022, the date on which the Supreme Court issued its decision in Dobbs,” the attorney wrote.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine confirmed on Friday that the state’s “Heartbeat Bill” banning abortions after detection of fetal cardiac activity, typically after 6 weeks’ gestation, had gone into effect after Attorney General Dave Yost filed for dismissal of a three-year injunction on the bill that had blocked its enactment until Roe was overturned.

DeWine later signed an executive order directing the Ohio Department of Health to adopt emergency rules implementing the state’s newly enacted anti-abortion legislation.

A further five states – Alabama, Arizona, Michigan, West Virginia, and Wisconsin – which did not have the “trigger laws” in place are nevertheless able to outlaw abortion immediately due to historic bans on the barbaric practice, previously superseded by Roe, now coming back into force.

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However, the Democrat governors of both Michigan and Wisconsin have initiated processes in state courts to overturn the historic abortion bans in their respective jurisdictions. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan announced she would “fight like hell” to stop the state’s 1931 abortion ban from being re-enacted, as it is currently under temporary injunction.

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Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has said that he will “do everything” in his power to overturn Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion ban, which has come into effect following the toppling of Roe.

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As many as 26 states are now expected to introduce strict limitations on abortion procurement.

Meanwhile, the governors of west coast state California, Oregon, and Washington have vowed to ensure that women can still kill their unborn children within their state boundaries in a “multi-state commitment,” declaring the region a “safe haven” for “all people seeking an abortion.”

by David McLoone 

original published by LifeSiteNews


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  1. Here’s an excerpt from an article that may be of interest-

    The Golem, Zevi Ashkenazi, and reproductive biology
    (thefreelibrary website)
    The intersection of bioethics and reproductive biotechnology inevitably leads, as I noted earlier, to a consideration of the legal status of “artificial” persons. The application of “ordinary language” analysis to Anglo-American legal texts reveals a distinction between “natural” persons and “artificial” persons as well as a distinction between “natural” and “artificial” methods of engendering human life.(3) One example of an “artificial” person offered by Anglo-American law is a corporation. One may ask what is the essential difference between a natural and an artificial person?(4) Both have rights and duties. While legally there may be little if any distinction, theologically there is a vital distinction.(5) An “artificial person,” e.g., a corporation, is a “corpus”, a “body” without a soul. A “natural person” is a human being, i.e., a body with a soul.(6)

    Je wish law, which focuses upon the obligations of human beings, does not seem to recognize the category of “artificial persons” so readily accepted by Anglo-American legal tradition. For example, Je wish law tends to treat a corporation as a partnership among natural persons, rather than considering it as a discrete legal entity, i.e., as an “artificial” person in and of itself.

    • One may query whether the category of an “artificial person” is found in Je wish law, if so, how does Je wish law deal with this category; and, how does Je wish law’s treatment of this category differ from that found in Anglo-American law?

      Let me suggest that Je wish law indeed does include the category of “artificial person”; the term used to denote this category is “Golem.” A Golem is an “artificial person” both because of the method of its creation and because of its defined legal status as being somehow distinct from “natural persons,” i.e., from human beings. Like the corporation, the Golem is a living, existing “corpus,” i.e., a body without a soul. But, does the Golem, as an “artificial person,” have the same obligations, rights, and status as a natural person as in Anglo-American jurisprudential tradition; or, is the status of an “artificial person” in Je wish law different from the one enjoyed by such beings in Anglo-American law? Further, what might be the implications of the status of a Golem in Je wish law with regard to various issues in reproductive biotechnology?

  2. I would argue a lot of care goes into the act of intercourse unless it is rape. The majority of the time people do not have sex to have babies. This it is typically an intimate act of bonding between to people who love each other deeply. You may be indoctrinated to believe the act is primarily for reproductive purposes ordained by god. That’s fine. You can try to choose to believe want you want.

  3. Can you say ectopic pregnancy? First and foremost, the mental, physical and spiritual health should take priority over any “baby” she has yet to birth through her Vagina or C-section. That should be the law of liberty and justice.

  4. Wizzy
    implantation of the preembryo in the uterine lining begins about five days after fertilization. Implantation can be completed as early as eight days or as late as 18 days after fertilization, but usually takes about 14 days. Between one-third and one-half of all fertilized eggs never fully implant.

  5. Heres the thing: I live in Utah were about the only thing you can’t do regarding guns and the 2nd Amendment is buy body Armor.
    Now trigger laws on abortion are in effect here. What do you think the next husband, father or grandfather is going to do with his 2nd Amendment right when the hospital tells him his pregnant wife with complications deemed survivable -which the mother would have terminated- goes bad? Being raped and proving rape is statistically a loosing cause. That’s the threshold for abortion acceptable that you are OK with concerning the women in your life. I live in a state where many men (and women followers) have some very strange (fundamental) ideas about the role and rights of women. The overturning of the privacy and personal health right of women is an extremely dangerous thing. The judges who lied in their ‘job interviews’ need to be terminated. The issues with Clarence Thomas started with Anita Hill and have progressively gotten worse, no surprise. When It comes time at the pearly gates if abortion was so wrong let that be judgment day not some mans religious Idea about when life began, force a woman to carry a fertilized egg/fetus for 9 months to make you feel good about your pathetic self who will gladly stand by wars that are made from lies.

  6. South Thunder 230. Life began for everyone when the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit said so. Not your mother.

    • I would fight for your right to believe what ever you want, as I would expect you to respect my beliefs. And for the women in my life who should never have to explain to anyone except perhaps her Dr how she became pregnant and how she plans to deal with that risky and life altering descision.

  7. Roe vs. Wade never deturmined when a person becomes a person and has rights. I don’t see the point in killing my children; however if you want to kill yours and do so… You have to live with that. Planned Parenthoods founder Sanger targeted people of color for abortion. Eugenics indeed.

    • 99.999% of women do not decide to terminate their pregnancy based on Eugenics. The founder of planned parenthoods’ politics has no bearing on anyone’s reasoning on the matter that I know today. It looks like DNA based Bio-warfare could be far more effective if one were interested in eliminating races from the gene pool.

  8. I don’t see DR. on your Title Fabio. Life began when you mother said so. Do you know how many fertilized eggs where disposed of in her Tampons? This is insane. Maybe your church should take to heart some of the books they chose to ignore/hide.

    • Fertilized eggs do not get disposed of in tampons, that would be a pregnancy loss, what you call a miscarriage. If the fertilized egg doesn’t implant, that’s still not the decision of the woman, that’s implantation gone bad.

      The simple philosophy of any pro-lifers including religion which for some reason is disproportionately attacked is don’t get pregnant, period. You had sex knowing all the risks and now you wanna kill a life your careless actions created. To live with yourself, you call this life ”not a baby”, ”a bunch of cells”. That’s how you started, a bunch of cells. That little baby, a couple inches long, has all the genetic code that makes them who they are in their fully grown state, including physical and behavioral traits passed down by the parents. On what grounds do you decide that’s not a baby? Don’t get pregnant, that solves everything.

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