By Ray McGovern

The New York Times is going full-bore for war in Ukraine. It is difficult to explain the yellow journalism, but the so-called “paper of record” did the same thing on Vietnam (see below). In other words, the Gray Lady is whoring again.

It may be, as some allege, that the NYT has never met a war it did not want to get the U.S. involved in – or, once in, to escalate. However true that may be, I still cannot figure out why – why again.

With four Ukrainian oblasts about to join Russia and a mercurial President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, making outlandish threats to take them – and Crimea – back, perhaps the Times believes it must move decisively to make it as difficult as possible for President Biden to behave more sensibly.

The Guardian reported yesterday that “Zelensky has vowed to liberate the entire country as Russia pressed on with its supposed referendum in occupied areas of Ukraine …” Zelensky said Ukraine’s armed forces would throw the Russian forces out and retaliate against “every strike of the aggressor.” He pledged that Ukraine’s armed forces would regain control of the southern Kherson region and the eastern Donbas, which includes Luhansk province and Crimea.

Shades of Zelensky’s Feb. 24, 2021 Presidential Decree No. 117 “Approving the Strategy for de-occupation and reintegration of the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol” – which gave the major push to growing tension in and around Ukraine.

Zelensky did not explain how Ukraine was going to accomplish this, short of a U.S./NATO war with Russia. That’s the rub.

Must Biden Appear Tough Before Midterms?

The Times seems out to use the prelude to the midterms to advantage. If past is prologue, the Times wants to pre-empt Biden from doing the only sensible thing: tell Zelensky to stop the extreme rhetoric and talk to the Russians.

The Times may fear the off-chance that an adult will come into the room and persuade President Biden that:

  • He does not have to keep being diddled by Zelensky and his neocon supporters;
  • Ukraine is not winning the war, despite recent successes on the battlefield;
  • The US cannot seriously “weaken” Russia without risking wider war;
  • On the sanctions front, German politicians may not be able to resist turning on the spigot to North Stream 2, lest the European economy and the European people freeze this winter.


Never having been held accountable for reporting as flat fact that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and cheerleading for the US/UK war of aggression starting in March 2003, the New York Times seems to feel it has carte blanche to demonize Russian President Vladimir Putin, in exactly the same way it did Saddam Hussein – and Ho Chi Minh, for god’s sake, four decades earlier.

Over the weekend the Times’s reporting has been slanted to lead readers to conclude that Putin is some kind of monster with whom no one could possibly negotiate. NYT reporters and also opinion writers rely now on Ukrainian officials; then on US intelligence officials. The collective performance is truly a travesty.

On Saturday, for example, opinion writer David Brooks tells us Putin is “a deeply wounded tiger.” And ( get this!): Brooks goes on to say, “This week I learned a bit about how American officials are thinking about this situation … I’m told that somewhere between 80,000 and 110,000 Russian troops have been killed or wounded in the past seven months … morale is awful … the Russians are on the defensive, or falling back.” [Reminds me of how many Viet Cong we were killing and wounding, according to earlier “American officials.]

Maureen Dowd would not be outdone on Sunday. Her NYT website piece features a photo of Putin grinding his teeth, under the title “Solo Soulless Saboteurs” (the other “saboteur” is Donald Trump). Putin is a “megalomaniacal supervillain” a “thug,” “unhinged,” and then Dowd’s closer “No one can deal with someone so inhumane.” Got that?

Dowd is careful to call Russia’s attack on Ukraine “unprovoked” – reflecting naïveté or simple dishonesty (See: “Brainwashed for War With Russia”) She does refer to Vietnam, where she acknowledges:

“America has its own history of lying itself into wars in Vietnam and Iraq [she doesn’t mention how the NY Times greased the skids for both], and then prolonging the killing of young soldiers as a sop to male politicians’ egos.”


The Times hailed the Tonkin Gulf resolution in 1964 as proof of “our united determination to support the cause of freedom in Southeast Asia … against the mad adventure by the North Vietnamese Communists … United States determination to assure the independence of South Vietnam, if ever doubted before, cannot be doubted now by the Communists to the north or their allies.”

U.S. “retaliation” came swiftly, even though the North Vietnamese “raid” in the Gulf on August 4 never happened and even though – as President Lyndon Johnson’s national security adviser McGeorge Bundy later told NPR – he had cautioned Johnson about the dubious evidence for it.

The Times’s David Halberstam warned:

“Withdrawal means that the United States’ prestige will be lowered throughout the world and it means that the pressure of Communism on the rest of Southeast Asia will intensify.”

This was a consistent theme in media coverage of Vietnam and was the subject of a major study in 1970 by Professor Susan Welch at the University of Illinois. It was a theme that helped set in concrete in the American mind the “issues” in Indochina. It helped ensure, Welch concluded, “that the reading public would view the war as a struggle between Communism and the Free World.”

Welch added that our major newspapers propagated a view that “the only way out of the crisis … was a military victory over the forces of Ho Chi Minh.” In other words, no negotiations.

Actually, the American public had been coming to the conclusion that the war was a mistake, but having been indoctrinated for so many years about our “vital interests” in Vietnam, opposition did not really gather steam until it was too late.

And today, for the Establishment media, it is déjà vu all over again, to quote Yogi Berra – again.

Ray McGovern works with Tell the Word, a publishing arm of the ecumenical Church of the Saviour in inner-city Washington. His 27-year career as a CIA analyst includes serving as Chief of the Soviet Foreign Policy Branch and preparer/briefer of the President’s Daily Brief. He is co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS).


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  1. @Konehead
    That is, if Evelyn Beatrice Hall of VT’s “Friend Voltaire” would like to accept the answer to the one in question.
    KH what is she talking about? She can only write and not read to repeat the same things? Like a Troll.
    His Avatar is in the land of conflict between unipolarity and multipolarity (in a word Russia).
    Unless you are a genius you are there either for globalist secrets or for love?
    But if it was love it is well known that women from there come to them in Italy and let alone the US. What is one doing then in a conflict? And why do you repeat the same things like a troll?
    Or do you think the troll is me accusing? Or do you ignore that attacking is more difficult than defending.

    • Hi Beppe
      CIA is clever they infiltrate everything make it seem someone your friend but actually a disinfoagenet etc.
      You never know for sure!
      Its hard for me to understand Gospa lots of times, the italian translations mess things up and I certainly do not agree with half the stuff that comes out, especially their takes on vaccines and Bill Gates being some sort of devil but that is their opinions and they back it up with “journalistic evidence” which I consider not the truth as truth stands alone needs no evidence.
      Finding the truth up to the induvidual and the individual has no power to do much at all about it anyways exept to post what they think is truth on VT comments for example! haha
      Many things you write I dont understand: “such a Gal has put in hypothesi”…in your message….I do not know what that means! Such a Gal – does that mean the new Italian president? (she was hilarious attacking Macron in speech recently I like her!)

  2. @Konehead…..
    i used to read…time..and newsweek avidly plus all the english sunday papers of repute…fr years…whilst raisin kids….they painted osama etc…and i actually believed in the holocaust and israel was just a front-line warrior fr the west…i gotta divorce n suddenly had more time to investigate…and the internet was comin onstream….
    I wasa programmed goy.
    the point i am makin konehead …is….u are probably not wrong but none of us can ever know the truth….all we can do is interpret common sense and the likeliest scenario.
    in regard to the “origin” of covid/sars…etc (the labels keep changin) Yoichi Shimatsu presented a 29 part series on mers/sars/covid..etc and meticulously laid out the various pieces of logic that established a trail.
    It ended/began in pirbright…via bristol uni…and test-runs in devon/cornwall….gain of function via fort Dietrich and then wuhan…and all the various “scientists” are named.
    Is he correct….I dont know…but his logic has more credibility (imo) than gospa news.
    Fabio might have thrown in a few extra gems of info…unknown before.
    but it all rests at (((filth)))….kahzarian/ashkenazi/talmudists/chabad lubavitchers/donmeh/….etc…whatever u wanna call em.

  3. Beppe pal…….
    a very unusual interesting and disturbing post….
    Obviously you have logic and reasons for the statements….
    You have made me reconsider the angle of suspicion I need to use in the future
    any further info that you are allowed to publish here….for me would be welcome.

  4. In a recent article on the non-existence of Covid, I wrote.
    It talks about non-existent Covid. How can one disagree?
    And after stating what the reality is and agree on Nuremberg I concluded
    “Instead on VT there is an Italian author making subliminal propaganda pro Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, Fauci, Draghi and Mattarella … and UKR, and someone, who is also here, should be ashamed for then being the first to comment on subliminal propaganda.
    Nothing is new under the sky.” I repeat that it is already written.
    I was referring to Adair who rushed to comment on the Italian subliminal named Carisio and his Wuhan. I made time to write that they are trolls one and the other …
    Do you want to delete? I don’t give a shit, because if you tolerate a government spy (and I state this with trillion to trillion certainty) that makes you no better than it.

    • Hard for me to understand your posts Beppe and Kevin!
      I am sure you have good points and could be 100% correct bur just not sure exactly you are saying!

      I think Adair is a reverse psychology troll, and so are the Italian authors of Gospa news?

      We dont know for sure, anything really its all fake or “fooled” in my book, and what we are sure is absolutely real could actually a clever contrived and controlled “media stunt” arranged by the CIA,
      or whoever or whatever it is that controls the CIA!
      In my stupid opinion, and most logical and “obvious” to me at least about the covid bullshit we have been fed, is what I wrote on sept 26 below in comments.
      This is “what it is” about Covid (I think so anyways…similar to Ron Unz theory what happened but he leaves out the very deadly virus used on IRAN which is the real cause of worldwide pandemic that happened)
      And if it is, and I am correct, (or not) then they (whoever they are) are going to “allow” into public consumption every theory and every scientist that has a different opinion or scientific study published to become of popular Ior unpopular) opinion to consume by public of course the internet is good for this (and VT comments haha).
      Sort of like a drone attack of 100 drones on imaginary worldwide media headquarters,and every one of those drones represent a different, “viable and believable” story, and not a single one of them is the truth, or close to it, to make sure nobody knows the truth.

    • @ Konehead
      I have already had an episode in which I accused Carisio in one of his writings. He deleted and slandered me. Such a Gal has put in hypothesis your own reasoning about journalistic intelligence and possible CIA. And coincidentally, he too had written a book. Carisio thanked him. But publicly Draghi, Mattarella and Carisio know that Carisio is an imbecile because I am no one and he is the journalistic intelligence and emulation of Agent Birch
      Finally if you want to enter the lair of the White Rabbit of Carisio I will make accessible what Jack Heart has already been informed of (what he writes about Merlin of Fate and Snow White and the seven dwarfs). Regards

  5. Adair…it all started in Pirbright UK…(rothschild owned bio-lab)….they’ve bin messin with cows fr the last 40 yrs..
    we got “foot n mouth” and whole farms slaughtered with all this ….the (((filth))) have bin experimenting with prions fr at least 50 yrs and the british public are the guinea pigs….
    Wuhan….read yoichi shimatsu …..he has done a big expose on this…very well explained.

  6. If, J.E.A., you will accept it, I would like to write the Empire Requiem.
    Not Mozart’s Requiem but the one with the Sex Pistols’ irreverent words and gestures … which are little.
    And now the end is near …
    Do you not see the similarity between the end of man and the schizophrenic end of an Empire?

  7. If you could get Ray to write something on Iran it would be nice. He knows the CIA playbook better than anyone else.

  8. Problem is that Bidan has as much to lose as Zelenski in Ukraine as all those biolabs that Hunter set up in Ukraine are being exposed. There you will find the link between them and the Wuhan lab where the engineered virus “Covid 19” was released 1) to influence the US election and 2) initiate the “Great Reset”. Also for fun and profit by big pharm. In other words when the full story comes to view it will show how the Democrats unleashed a virus in order to win an election with the help of Nazis in Ukraine and Communists in China supported by a Global cartel known as the World Economic Forum that both the evil Trump and Putin(at least according to the Grey Lady under the lamppost) thumbed their noses at.

    • My take on it from what seems obvious in my sick mind is that it was Trump and his gang who attacked China with SARS using the Covid virus as the carrier. Tt was soft-kill only supposed to make lots of people sick, did not aaffect children (“humanitarian”) and spread everywhere flood hospitals and shut down no 1 industrial city in China with the panic that will set in. This followed within a month by very deadly virus they hit iran with in retaliation for ICBM missle attacks on two US airbases in Iraq. Seems logical so far eh.
      The chinese attack used now as coverup for the serious deadly attack on IRAN (81 countries got their first cases from Iranian travelers) Of course both parties involved in it. No one will ever admit anything for 1000 years. The Russians KNOW they send 200 top scientists into N Italy when what attacked Iran spread into Italy and Spain and people were dying en mass and the Russians wanted to figure out just what it was soon their country would have to contend with. Russia has no preconceptions the Americans might NOT do something like this. So this is the bottom line for everything happening since including Biden being elected Trumo ousted and war in Ukraine like the 911 attacks by Israel the previous “bottom line” beforehand.
      Kid fucker Trump just as bad as Hunter and his dad pedo Pete they are all evil along with Clintons and Bolton who I bet was the lead instigator.

  9. The NY Times, the “toilet paper of record”, as Gerald Celeste likes to say, and its minions are nothing but political prostitutes.

  10. Is there any way this article could headline the US news?

    I didn’t think so.

    It takes many years and lives of the “radical left “ chanting “hell no we won’t go” to sift the drumbeat from war to peace and even than the peacenics are mocked. MAGA?

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