JEA: I agree with much of what Mark Weber has said in this presentation. It is worth watching because it does present the other side that the mass social media isn’t saying about Russia and Ukraine.

May this video be shared by thousands.

First published on April 29, 2022.


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  1. The West stopped believing in the victory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – the largest American media.
    In the West, they do not believe in the victory of Kyiv in the confrontation with Moscow. Writes about this ” Star ” with reference to the American edition of The Washington Post.
    “In Ukraine, ammunition for Soviet weapons, which form the basis of the arsenal of the Ukrainian army, has almost completely depleted. These systems are in service with Eastern European countries, but they have already run out of surpluses that could be donated, ”the newspaper article says.
    As the American edition writes, due to the vastly superior firepower of the Russian Armed Forces, Western countries no longer believe in the success of Ukrainian militants.
    Earlier in Canada, it was confirmed that Western countries are calling on Kyiv to cede territory. According to Canadian MP Baker, “there is fatigue” from Ukraine in some Western countries.
    Prior to this, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the inability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to attack. The President of Ukraine acknowledged that the Russian Federation is superior to them in terms of technology

    • The matter here is that it took them three month to aknowledge what most of brained people knew from 24 of February, that Ukrasine bers no chance´s against Russia

  2. Lost respect for Mark Weber after his statement ” population is rallying around Zelensky”, where is he getting the information? In actuality it is quite opposite!

  3. The USA WANTS a nuclear war with Russia, they really wouldnt mind one bit if 10 million Russians die in one day of nuke missle attacks,
    they certainly did not care one bit if a million Iraiqis and a million Libyans die in a useless western-induced miliary invasion and slaughter, then add the totals of those murdered in Afghanistan Syria, Yemen, so add another million lives lost for total of 3 million thats probably conservative. Add the lives of Iraq-Iran war and Vietnam wor dont forget ,(also oth USA-induced) and double it to 6 million.
    So dont think for a second the USA/”collective west” would not blow the shit out of Russia if they could “get away with it” But just like a conventional war right now is being fought only within Ukraine borders, and this a war between USA and Russia,
    in WW2 the decisive battles between nazis and Russia were fought in Ukraine (Kursk etc),
    and so ALSO (could be) there is a nuclear war between USA and Russia, PLANNED to be fought within Ukraine,
    Ukraine the exoendable buffer zone of a very large land mass.
    Maybe both USA and Russia already see eye to eye on this.
    If so, no one is going to broadcast or admiit it.
    Lets hope no one blinks for too long. USA needs to see that Russia WILL retaliate, Russia needs to see USA WILL attack. Human weakness of “trusting the other” could start WW3!! Thats how bad it is.

    • 50 million US evangelicals, 80% of whom voted for Trump in 2020, would totally agree with you. WWIII? Bring it on! They’ll all be raptured up to Heaven while the rest of us are turned to cinder cakes.

    • @Tommy
      Evangelicals are first of all deceived because they, like most Protestant “Bible alone” heretics, think they can interpret the Bible any way they feel “inspired by the Holy Spirit” to do so, and I wonder how many of them know the whole idea of being “raptured up to heaven” before WWIII or Armageddon starts only began in the late 1800s? The only completely sane and rational form of Christianity is the one still rooted in Apostolic Tradition, i.e. the traditional, pre-1960s rupture from tradition, Roman Catholic Church, now independent of apostate Rome. The papacy was taken over in 1958 by means of a very serious threat by the j*deo-masonic powers, sending the validly elected cardinal back to his diocese under the watchful eyes of newly appointed “secretaries.”

      “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist. The Church will be in eclipse. The world will be in dismay.” (Our Lady of La Salette, 1846)

    • To paraphrase Sinclair Lewis… When Fascism comes to America, it will be wearing a MAGA cap and carrying an assault rifle. The Trumpoids are the new brownshirts. The USA is facing the same future as Germany in 1933.

    • That’s funny. It seems the only ones that are acting like fascists by definition is your team Tommy. You know the ones controlling the media big tech and pharma. Documented fact.

  4. Ukraine has been part of Russia/Soviet Union and is an artificial creation, of the 20th century political/military chaos! If Europe, the World, want to have PEACE, Ukraine must be taken apart, just like what happened to Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and in fact to the Soviet Union/Russia, in the 20th century! Unfortunately, the World ‘Powers That Be’ prefer to conduct WAR! ‘War is a Racket!’ The Charlatan, Control Freaks are getting Rich, while the Masses of Humanity suffer and DIE!

  5. Ukraine WAS, but isn’t Russian no more as the UN has rectified its independence from the Soviet era.

    • Dear Victor Jnr., it appears (I read it here?) that the Ukraine has not registered its borders with the UN, so technically speaking, De Jure it only exists as part of the USSR, and since the Russian Federation is the continuation of the USSR, …… the Ukraine not officially part of the Russian Federation?

  6. Yes none of the points about NATO, Donbass, Nazis, is “worth a war” as MW states, and really a war is not worthy of anything but killing other humans for some reason or another be it stupid racist insane or self defense it all comes out the same and so what who cares and shut up or go to jail.
    BUT to Russians; “something” makes it worth a war,and maybe this is something the west does not want to understand or want to think is possible, such as:
    the Coronavirus pandemic caused by US military bioweapon attack on China, followed by another attack on Iran by much much more deadly virus than what was used on China. Maybe Russia KNOWS this, the west only FEELS at its maximum capacity “to believe what evidence tells them” that it might just be true – and nobody wants to believe that their government would do something like that. But its true isnt it…you think the virus first erupted in 81 countries from Iranian travelers (not Chinese) because Iranians spread it more easily than others?
    NO its because very deadly virus was used on Iran after their ICBM attack on two US airbases.
    So dont beleive it doestn matter really what anyone thinks or drinks anyways.
    BUT I will bet the RUSSIANS DO. and if ANYONE is going to lob some nukes into Russian cities its going to be the fucking Ukrainian-nazi fuckers NATO and USA have been training, paying and hyping up to kill as many Russians as possible in Ukraine since 2014.

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