Sputnik interviewed Mark Dankof for the story entitled, “What is Behind Washington’s Insistence in Funding Ukraine Despite Public Sentiment?” The full text of the conversation between Moscow and San Antonio is published below.

Sputnik: It is being reported that the US would provide an additional 1.1 billion of aid to Ukraine, whereas more than half of Americans urge Washington to resume communications with the Russian side for negotiations and resolution of the conflict in the Donbass. What does this mood among US citizens tell us about their attitude towards the federal government’s policies?

Mark Dankof: American citizens were asleep at the wheel when the Obama-Clinton-Biden-Nuland-Pyatt-Yovanovich engineered the criminally oriented coup d’etat in Kiev in February of 2014 subsequent to the earlier “Orange Revolution” of 2004-5. They paid no attention to the 8 years of ethnic cleansing in the Donbass and the 14,000 deaths of ethnic Russians there that followed, courtesy of the American-installed regime. American citizens were then mesmerized by a massive amount of pro-Zelensky propaganda after the 24th of February invasion of the Donbass by Russia.

Philip Giraldi asks “How Jewish is the War on Russia?


But three (3) things have now begun to erode the GroupThink on Ukraine while heightening worries among Americans in more recent months about Neo-Conservative and Neo-Interventionist policies toward Putin and Russia:

First, the idiotically calamitous economic war of attrition waged by the United States and the EU has backfired on both in terms of precipitous increases in consumer prices, especially in energy and food.

Second, Biden’s refusal to do anything to stem the tide of people illegally crossing into the United States (2 million just since October) has exacerbated political, demographic, and economic fault lines entering the November off-year elections. This is nothing more than a massive foreign invasion of the continental United States and the establishment of the presence of the Mexican drug cartels in every major city in the country, not simply those in California and the American Southwest.

Thirdly, at least some of the American public has begun to register concern over the possibility of a global war with a nuclear power over a country and a situation not directly relevant in any sense of the word to the national security of the United States. This war might add China, Iran, and possibly India to the considerable might of the Russian military itself. David Stockman tags all this as “Washington’s Pointless War for a Fake Nation.” I totally concur.

Sputnik: Why is Washington now engaging further and further into yet another unpopular military conflict overseas?


Mark Dankof: It is important to understand that a Globalist, Zionist Cabal comprises the American political elite, the American national security establishment, the multinational corporations, the central banking establishment, and the mainstream media in the United States. I agree with Alexander Dugin that Russia has been targeted by this monolith for destruction as a sovereign nation-state. Mr. Dugin identified the ideology of those bringing us “To the Brink of World War III”:

“Russia is in a state of ideological warfare. The values defended by the globalist West – LGBT, legalization of perversion, drugs, the fusion of man and machine, total mixing through uncontrolled migration, etc. – are inextricably linked to its ideological front. – are inextricably linked to its politico-military hegemony and its unipolar system. Western liberalism and the global politico-military and economic dominance of the US and NATO are one and the same. It is absurd to fight the West and accept (even partially) its values, in the name of which it is waging a war against us, a war of annihilation.

Joe Biden is the Poster Boy for the Russophobic, Globalist, LGBTQ, and Demographic Revolution in the process of hijacking the United States, and so is his political party. John V. Walsh notes the overwhelming support of the Democratic Party and its “progressive” wing for every dime of expenditure this year on Zelensky and the surrogate war the United States, NATO, and the EU are waging against Russia since the illegal February 2014 coup d’etat. When this latest $12 billion dollar appropriation for Ukraine passes, it will bring the total American dollar amount to $65.6 billion. If you add $2 billion for energy subsidies because of sanctions, the total climbs to 67.6 billion. The entire Russian military budget for 2021 was only $65.9 billion.

All this is transpiring in the midst of a $32 trillion dollar national debt, a $6 trillion dollar increase in money supply (M2) in the last two years which has ignited inflation, and coming increases in interest rates which now threaten economic recession, the war-zone violence enshrouding American cities, and ongoing chronic problems with American infrastructure and crises in the educational and health realms. Put another way, how does bankrolling Zelensky help average American citizens in crisis in their own communities? It doesn’t–unless conscripting American kids to fight in World War III is considered a viable policy.

What is most worrisome to me is the evidence that the criminally oriented American GloboHomo cabal has raised the stakes in new levels of criminality. The Odessa Trade Union fire of 2014 was evil enough. But now we see new lethal attacks on civilians in Donbass by Zelensky’s forces, the Dugina Assassination in Moscow, and what may well prove to be direct American involvement in sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines. How much further will the Cabal go to achieve its vision of monolithic control of a world government? That is the compelling question of the hour.

Sputnik: How badly could it backfire on the American government approaching the upcoming mid-term elections?

Mark Dankof:

The conventional wisdom is that the Republicans will regain control of the House of Representatives with the final composition of the Senate a toss-up. It is too early to tell what this will mean in the Presidential primaries of both major parties in 2024.

If the Republicans rebound in 2022, my question is this: How many of these incoming Republicans will represent the Globalist Bush-Cheney-McCain wing of the party, and how many the Taft-Wheeler-Buchanan-Ron Paul wing? That is unclear. The accompanying problem is this: Why should we be sanguine about sounder fiscal and monetary policy, and non-interventionism abroad when the GOP has proven little different from the Democratic Party in my lifetime? In my reading of things, the primary difference in the major parties has been in the arena of social and cultural issues, and on the demographic revolution in the country, with the GOP receiving low grades for fighting in even these latter arenas without compromise.

If given the Biden performance since January of 2021, the GOP makes only marginal gains or none at all this November, it may be headed in the same section of the American history museum as the Whigs.

Sputnik: How high are the chances that the US government would listen to the sentiments of its citizens? What about democracy and ‘we the people? Why is Washington pursuing its geopolitical goals at the expense of its citizens?

Mark Dankof:

The United States Government doesn’t really give a damn about its citizens, their sentiments, or “Democracy.” It will only care when a lack of food, potable water, and affordable housing and energy produces a level of fury in the populous that brings a confrontation between those who govern and those enslaved that can only produce one winner, the same dichotomy Mr. Dugin outlines between the West and Russia. In this latter context, violence is virtually guaranteed, with only one party left standing in the aftermath, if that is truly possible between antagonists whose goals and ideologies are irreconcilable in a nuclear age.

BonusMark Dankof discusses Christian Eschatology with Eric Gajewski of TradCatKnight on Blog Talk Radio.


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  1. The Bidan regime is basically a house of cards that will collapse. DC in reality is a Potemkin village. Right now we are involved in one of the most complex covert military operations in American history probably in the history of the world. Again I recommend Derek Johnson’s series of articles posted earlier.

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