Did Uncle Sam, a.k.a. Wile E. Coyote, Blow Up the Wrong Pipeline?

And what's behind the unending parade of acts of self-destructive imperial hubris?


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

After “parties not-so-unknown” bombed the Nordstream gas pipeline, Anthony Blinken celebrated the “tremendous opportunity.” He assumed the whole Nordstream operation was out of commission. That would have given US producers the chance to make billions of dollars robbing Europe blind selling overpriced gas.

But Blinken may have celebrated too soon. According to Bloomberg News:

After the suspected sabotage of the network last week in a series of explosions, Gazprom said on Monday three of the lines were affected and one wasn’t. The gas giant has lowered pressure on the unaffected line B of Nord Stream 2 to inspect the link for damage and potential leaks, it said in a statement on its Telegram account.

An Unz Review commenter explained:

“The vaunted US Navy screwed up. In the murky depths of the Baltic Sea they planted their explosives to blow up the ***FOUR*** pipes of the NS 1 & NS2 gas pipelines. (You didn’t know there were four pipes, did you? Neither did I.) But they appear to have screwed up and placed two of the explosive packages on one of the NS2 pipes — line A — leaving the other pipe — line B — with no explosive charge, and subsequently ***NO DAMAGE***. Line B is therefore ***READY TO GO*** with a capacity of 27.5 billion cubic meters per year … which for comparison is 50% of total capacity of Nordstream 1, which as you may recall was recently reduced to 20% capacity before being shut down completely. (2.75 times the capacity of the newly-opened Norway-to-Poland gas pipeline).”

So if Germany gets annoyed at the arrogant American terrorists’ attempt to loot and wreck their economy, all the Germans have to do is cancel their sanctions on Russia and ask Putin to turn on the spigot, which could cause NATO to quickly unravel. If that happens, the Nordstream terror attack will turn out to be one of the worst own goals in strategic history.

Even if this worst-case scenario (from the US perspective) fails to quickly materialize, the botched Nordstream bombing could rebound disastrously against the perpetrators. Cutting Germany’s Russian gas lifeline and replacing it with inadequate quantities of overpriced US gas may have sounded like a good idea in the short term, since it will butress the dollar against the euro and keep the EU tethered to its US vassal status, cut off from the vast resources of Russia. But over the medium term, as non-Western nations continue to gain ever-greater shares of global GDP while the West declines, sabotaging the economy of your biggest vassal seems self-defeating, even in the unlikely event that the Europeans never decide to push back.

The Nordstream terror fiasco takes its place in a long series of stunningly stupid moves by the world’s erstwhile hegemon. The US could have thrived in the post-Cold-War environment by making win-win deals with all major nations and civilizations. Instead, as Putin observed in last week’s speech, it has managed to alienate most of the world with its psychopathic arrogance and blood-splattering vandalism. By looting Russia and pushing NATO eastward in the 1990s, launching a false flag war on Islam in 2001, and more recently alienating Russia, China, Iran, and the whole Islamic world simultaneously, the strategic geniuses running America’s national security state seem to be deliberately creating the mother of all anti-Western coalitions.

Does the Empire harbor a secret death wish? Is unconscious guilt (at betraying the American Republicand mass murdering millions abroad) driving the national security brain trust to self-destruct? Maybe. But first let’s consider two other explanations, one obvious, the other conspiratorial.

First the obvious one: The permanent US national security state has been absolutely corrupted by absolute power. When the Cold War ended and the US emerged as a unipolar hegemon, the managers of empire started to believe “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.” That’s hubris at best, psychosis at worst. They started to think they could get away with just about anything. Such delusions of grandeur unleashed a feeding frenzy among those who gorge themselves at the military-industrial-complex trough. Corruption and incompetence danced off together in a self-reinforcing positive feedback loop. Nobody had to worry much about the real-world consequences of bad decisions, because “we” lived in “our own reality” of apparent omnipotence.

But US policy has been so conspicuously self-destructive that it’s hard not to wonder whether it might be intentional. Could some hostile power have taken over the American brain and driven the nation to self-destruction, the way toxoplasmosis parasites take over the brains of mice and make them fall in love with cats?

The nation poised to gain the most from self-defeating US policies is China. Whoever decided to export American manufacturing to China, then waste more than $7 trillion fighting Muslims for no particular reason, then pick a fight with Russia in Ukraine, might as well have been a Chinese sleeper agent. Even the belated anti-China trade war launched in 2019, followed by the apparent COVID attack on Wuhan, were so insanely ineffective that they could easily have been scripted by a CCP version of Dr. Fu Manchu.

But there is no evidence that the CCP is secretly running US foreign policy. If there is a toxoplasmosis type parasite steering Uncle Sam’s brain, it would be the Zionist neocons. These people are drunk on Leo Strauss’s self-styled philosophy of evil. The whole notion of win-win give-and-take diplomacy and negotiation is foreign to them. They never met an act of extreme imperial chutzpah they didn’t like. From 9/11 and the wars it was designed to spark, to the 2014 de facto declaration of war on Russia through the coup in Kiev, to the late autumn 2019 COVID attack on Wuhan and Qom, to the recent blundering attempt to take Nordstream permanently off-line, the neocons keep doing insane things ostensibly designed to strengthen the US empire, but covertly undermining it.

Are the Zio-cons scheming to destroy the US and then dominate the New World Order that arises from its ashes? Or are they merely so unhinged and fanatical in their pro-US-imperial hubris that they keep doing insanely counterproductive things?


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  1. Any country whose President (GWB) would let the deep state take over and murder 3000 people (9.11) and NOT be held accountable is destined for a fall.

    • Our country began a slow, but rapidly increasing spiral downward at the end of WWII when the OSS became the CIA. They have been working against America, and the rest of the world, since then. President Kennedy realized what they were doing and threatened to do something about it. Unfortunately, they were solidly entrenched, with allies in Congress, and every other branch of government, and they quickly, and decisively, eliminated that threat to their operation. There has been no oversight of either their operations nor their budget. They are a true, out-of-control, rogue agency. Now, we have the FBI following their lead, and doing much the same things.

  2. Last comment: just asking to know why you censored the comment “@ Adair and Konehead”. That is, why did you let these trolls free to troll and censored my human dignity (of yours I don’t care anymore) and published it when afterwards they performed the task that is mercenary press at Carisio. Do you want to say that it is illogical what you have censored? Do it then, and I will drink the additional “hemlock” of repression. I ask only this to know: illogical or not?
    After that delete everything I wrote about your articles. I have no more confidence.
    Thank you if you want to respond (even use to my address as Gordon did).

  3. How this could happen??
    Biden orders to US Navy divers blow up the pipelines.
    The divers inquire which ones.
    Sleepy tells them NS1 and NS2 .
    Divers ask how to identify them.
    Joe replies, that’s easy, NS1 have 1 pipe and NS2 have 2 pipes.

    • Good one, Adrian. Now that you mention it, that sounds quite plausible. I doubt, however, that the Navy would take orders from this fool. The other services have refused to recognize Biden as legitimate Commander in Chief, and I would think the Navy would be on board with that. Latest reports are that the British Royal Navy did the deed, but who really knows for sure. Truth is becoming a very scarce commodity. Re: the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi. What a cluster —-.
      I’m trying to recall, what are the other terms? I remember SNAFU, BOHICA, and the other I have forgotten.

  4. About dual citizenship E. Michael Jones says it best:
    “Jews cannot be citizens. If Jews are allowed to be citizens you will end up with the war in Ukraine. The Jew is never loyal to the country he lives in, he’s always loyal to his own tribe at the expense of the country he is living in. He will always use the host country’s foreign policy to advance his own tribal or Israeli policies”
    Is the war in Ukraine actually the product of US dual citizens, i.e. Jews. I don’t know. I think I’ll ask Victoria Nuland, Anthony Blinken and the rest of them. I’m sure I’ll get a straight answer.
    “Characteristics of the Jewish revolutionary movement: Hatred of existing order, hatred of any existing order, hatred of the social order, hatred of the moral order, a life dedicated to over-throwing the order of every country where they were accepted.”

  5. @ Adair and Konehead
    In 1453 as Byzantium fell it is said that the wise men were in conclave discussing the “sex of angels.”
    Here Gordon remonstrates at 2015 https://veteranstoday.com/2021/10/11/pravda-us-army-created-covid-19-in-2015-research-proofs-or-debunking-you-pick/.
    Without going into the merits, what moral?
    The first is that nothing is created overnight.
    The second is that if there are “scientists” working to find viruses that are lethal to humans, it is a sign that those who pay them want to make use of them. Who is paying them? Whose laboratories are they? Isn’t the use “biological weapon”? Does it say anything Wile?
    In one case it is “economic warfare” in the other case it is “biological warfare” but then there is Wile because the “rogue states” hit by “biological weapon” will be able to retaliate and accuse (and by accident, or not, the weapon may come back to those who first used it).
    The Pandemic served to take the blame for both the “biological weapon” for the “rogue states” while for us the weapon is not the virus (and the deaths it made are “little” thing) but the vaccine.
    However, the Pandemic must first be declared, and since it has never been declared it follows that Ex Falso Sequitur Quodlibet (from the false follows anything).
    If you were clear that the Pandemic has not been declared perhaps you would understand that it also follows that the vaccine is like “the biological weapon” and, both, are to the harm of humanity.

  6. The State of Israel got a good deal on the “operation warp speed “ ‘ vaccines ‘. That “State “ made a quick decision! We must breathe. I’m not your enemy.

    • What happened to my comment @ Adair and Konehead? I didn’t write it in the comment but I write it here that the two are trolls who came to mock what you wrote and knowing that I wrote to them and you received?
      In the meantime Carisio the Acclaimed Millancer returned to VT and Adair immediately ran to greet him, so did I and I have the same evidence already documented.
      But I ask: is this VT, better trolls and Regime spies in the service of globalism?

  7. I think the Occult-Kabbalistic-Talmudic-Luciferian (i.e. S*tan worshiping) “Zio-cons are scheming to destroy the US and then dominate the New World Order that arises from its ashes,” since the US is unique in having over 400 million guns owned by its people. Their “Messiah,” i.e. the Antichrist would have less resistance in ruling this part of the world that way.

  8. “The [J*wish] Zionist neocons…are drunk on Leo Strauss’s self-styled philosophy of evil. The whole notion of win-win give-and-take diplomacy and negotiation is foreign to them. They never met an act of extreme imperial chutzpah they didn’t like.”

    That’s because the divinely established moral and social order are foreign, even meaningless to them, much less the idea of loving one’s neighbor as oneself, since, as E Michael Jones states, by rejecting the Logos Incarnate, Jesus Christ, whom they of all people should be able to recognize (numerous Old Testament prophesies fulfilled in Him, many miracles, including His resurrection) they’ve become enemies of Logos (order, reason, morality, etc.) in all its temporal forms. St Paul in 1 Thes. 2:15 says they are enemies of God and of mankind, and St John in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 call them the “synagogue of S*tan.” (It’s unfortunate certain common words will make a comment automatically go thru the Moderator and maybe not get published.)

  9. False-flag events never make any sense to anyone other than the real perps. Just as with 9/11, this attack on the Nord Stream pipelines will be officially blamed on Zionism’s current adversary, Russia. Our illustrious mainstream media will dutifully promote this fiction while everyone with half a brain will know that it is a pretext for war. Most likely it will succeed, just like 9/11, in forcing us into a catastrophic conflict that will be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of God only knows what. Along with US neocons, 50 million so-called Christian Zionists will be all for it.

  10. Well, Kevin, your thought that this could be a conspiracy is not so far-fetched. Not nearly so far-fetched as thinking an Israeli agent would actually be good for the US…or the world. Whatever. But if you want to go whole-hog conspiracy, why not go all the way? Would it be too far-fetched to think that the entire scenario, from WoT, Israel, to Russia/Ukr is all connected? The EU is now basically unarmed, economically shattered, pushed into a corner and going downhill fast, how hard is it to believe that this is in fact choreographed? Destroy NATO, the US/western economies, social structure and financial instruments and have a successor ready to go. Gee, NWO…but a multi-polar one that all will embrace as fair. What one should be aware of is that even if MP-NWO is real, does not mean there will be no authoritarianism. With the dissolution of NATO, the deliberate destruction of the US into several regions through planned social/political upheaval/polarization, there will be no one hegemon? Maybe. Take a look at the states whose banks are still are influenced by Rothschilds. China, yes. Russia, yes, still…which begs the question of Khazarian Israeli power…and Russia’s Israeli ass kissing. MP-NWO? Maybe.

  11. Kevin, you hit it on the head as usual. The controlled demolition of the country is too stupid to be stupid. Even one self-declared conspiracy theory allergic as James H. Kunstler has finally picked up on the idea you lay out here: the country has been taken by a foreign occupying force and it’s busy destroying it, just like one of the hundreds of parasites in nature guide their host to its own destruction.
    So far, History or Reason has not appointed a figure that would arrest this lunacy and rescue what’s left of Western Civ. Save for Putin of course, but he’s declared that Rusia is now decoupled from it, who can blame him?

    • Russia under Putin will have to take the West down totally. They will never hear the end of the Khazarian Jewish Zionist Mafia if they don’t. Jews don’t like to lose and they are in this to win everything. Toward the end though they will have a lot of help in taking down the Zionist army-the JewSA.

  12. We are fighting NATO

    It is indicative that Nikolay Patrushev, head of the Security Council of Russia and one of the closest collaborators of Russian President Vladimir Putin, argued that NATO is the one that is actually fighting against Russia in Ukraine.
    They are threatening us with biological weapons
    “These are not empty threats.

    • Our worst threat from biological weapons is from the CIA-sponsored labs, here and in 30-some other countries. Here we have one at Ft. Detrick, MD, suspected of manufacturing the AIDS virus, and one on Plum Island, off the coast of New York. Odds are that there are more, but these are most well known. These insane maniacs will ultimately destroy all life on Earth, intentionally or by accident. These labs should be incinerated immediately, and hopefully with all hands on deck. Putin had the right idea when he ordered the mad scientists in Ukraine beheaded.

  13. Good find Kevin, and good article…
    So the pipeline still works!
    Now Swedes and Danes wont let anyone go close to it….probably will use the excuse that the Russians did it and they are protecting it from them.

  14. Interesting: they basically let everyone (the governments, TV press, newspapers and blogs) vent and then come out that the bombers were clumsy.
    Also interesting is the fact that Germany if it wants gas must revise its sanctions policy against Russia. And it is to be hoped that Putin and Russia will take advantage of the opportunity.
    And it becomes even more interesting because the politicians never ever, ever.
    But something similar has already happened during WW II: in 1943 German industrialists were aware that the war was lost and that they would be dependent in every way on the US and GB. In Italy they opposed the destruction of the factories in the North, with which they had been in connection since the 1930s, because it would give Germany an escape route to Anglo-American dominance, where in their retreat from the South they destroyed everything, factories, aqueducts and power plants (Maximiliane Reider: “The German Economy and the Lombard Economic World” in History in Lombardy 1988). And so it was.
    Could it still be repeated that economic needs prevailed over political codism? In one respect it is to be hoped, for if Germany pursues a national interest, Europe falls, and if Europe falls, Globalism dies.

  15. If you thought killing 3000 civilians was big. What about unleashing a bioweapon on the US so they could win an election? Another plan that was hatched by those neocon geniuses over at PNAC in their white paper on Rebuilding America’s Defenses that they considered a “politically useful tool“ for getting Trump out of office who ditched their patron Saint John Bolton and bringing back the neocon choir for a return engagement under Biden with the comedy team of Blinken and Nuland for the NS II skit. Welcome to Wiley Coyote America where “build back better” really means “creative destruction”🤣

    • My take the bioweapons not about elections
      but were unleashed twice, once as soft-kill deployment into no1 chinese industrial city with SARS laced cold/flu virus…it didnt kill kids, just old people about to die anyway.
      Boltons plan!
      Trump fired him for it in Sept 2019 since it messed up his historic trade treaties with China he thought would make him the greatest US president ever.
      They went through with it anyways at the upcoming Military Olympic games in Wuhan.
      China goes into panic and while in middle of panic,
      US air bases get hit by Iranian ICBMs
      World waits for Trumps retaliation.
      Its a covert bioweapon attack on Iranian government, blamed on the Wuhan virus spreading into Iran. (simple) 12 officials die practically overnight.
      Super deadly deadly stuff and is also “carried” via a virus.
      THIS virus circulates through world kills millions. (not the Wuhan one)
      Russians know what happened they sent 200 top scientist into N Italy at height of Italian deathdemic to figure out just what it is the Americans did this time.

    • Why would Trump unleash a bioweapon during an election year that would give the Democrats a chance to cheat by introducing mail in voting and drop boxes? This is like saying Putin blew up his own pipeline. Also the evidence uncovered by the Russians in Ukraine reveal that top Democrats were involved in funding research on Bioweapons including Biden’s son. I recommend this short video which just happens to be banned by YouTube https://rumble.com/embed/vikz7d/?pub=2dd67

      As far as claiming that unleashing Covid was a retaliatory strike against Iran and China there is no evidence and again why would Trump do that after making a trade deal with the latter and shutting down JCPOA for the purpose of making a new agreement? Besides Iran gave him the perfect excuse to leave Iraq which is what he wanted to do anyway.

    • Adair If you were to step back and see what Konehead is stating. You may have another opinion. Except in true dictatorships which Trump truly lusts: Overt Operations in the US and I asses, the UK and probably Germany (tip-o-the hat to Shrimpton-DVD) Presidents do not devise “The Plan”. Unless the want to be Kennedy’d.

    • “The Plan” was devised long before Trump came along.Yeah and Trump was such a dictator that he let the states decide what their response to Covid would be and when to call in the NG during those “fiery but peaceful protests” according to CNN? Wow that’s almost Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini all rolled into one. GFR🤣 Yeah I know this Wuhan games theory is real popular here on VT but there is no evidence to support it. Unlike the trial of documents leading back to the DNC and their Globalist supporters. I already ready cited docs showing you that the plan has gone live. If you haven’t read ’em that’s not my problem.

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