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On October 4, notorious US neoconservative John Bolton wrote a highly revealing op-ed for the military blog Its bold title concisely encapsulated the rabid warmonger’s message – Putin Must Go: Now Is the Time For Regime Change in Russia.

Bolton outlined just what Washington’s response to the Ukraine conflict – and, indeed, its policies towards Russia since the Cold War ended – has always been about. Namely, the US Empire ensuring a pliable, servile leader – who doesn’t stand in its way – is safely installed in the Kremlin, and that Europe, as a whole,  remains subjugated to its economic, political, and military will.

US should work for 'regime change' in Russia – John Bolton
US should work for ‘regime change’ in Russia – John Bolton

That this state of affairs has been a top Anglo-American objective for some time is very clear. While Bolton’s comments elicited enormous amounts of mainstream attention, a report published in June this year, which spelled out in even greater detail how the conflict could facilitate fulfillment of that long-standing goal, passed by unacknowledged.

British shenanigans

Produced by the Henry Jackson Society (HJS), a hardline pressure group with very close ties to the government and the ruling Conservative party, the report asked: Opposition in Russia to the Invasion of Ukraine: How Much of a Threat is it to Putin’s Regime?

Neither the titular question nor the subject of opposition elements was approached from a purely academic perspective. In fact, the document gives every appearance of providing a prospective blueprint for the Russian government’s overthrow, via covert sponsorship of anti-government activists throughout the country. Of particular note is a set of seven “policy recommendations” which close it out.

It demands that the G7 group of countries “declare as its goal Ukraine’s military defeat of Russia and the return of occupied territories and provide extensive military equipment and training until this goal is achieved.” The bloc is also urged to “publicly announce that it seeks to remove Putin from power,” while “spreading intelligence of the threat of a coup against the Kremlin leadership, though without endangering any such coup plotters.”

FILE PHOTO: The leaders lined up for an informal group photo at the ‘Merkel – Obama bench after dinner at the G7 meeting at Schloss Elmau.

Those same outfits, HJS suggested, “should also increase their support of Russian independent media outlets,” at home and in Ukraine, the Baltics, and Poland. Western governments were, moreover, invited to “encourage the defection of Russian state officials” and military officers, “who would be provided with asylum in the country of their choice in exchange for insider information” that could be used in future international criminal prosecutions of Putin and of other ministers.

Be careful what you post: How Facebook and the US government have united against Americans with the 'wrong' views
Be careful what you post: How Facebook and the US government have united against Americans with the ‘wrong’ views

“A campaign must be established to increase [the] information being shared with the Russian public through Russian independent media outlets, through Western radio stations, and through operations conducted by Anonymous on the impact of Western sanctions on the Russian economy and finances and the high number of casualties of Russian soldiers,” the report ominously concludes.

She comes in colors everywhere

If those proposals sound familiar, it’s because they have all been implemented – or at least sounded out – by all G7 governments, whether individually or collectively, in the months since the HJS report was released.

This may explain why the publication received no Western news attention, unlike most other anti-Kremlin think-tank declarations issued this year. After all, why would G7 governments –or the media apparatuses they control or influence – draw attention to policies or public pronouncements in advance of their issuance, or openly advertise, before battle, detailed plans for effective war?

That the HJS’s research was primarily concerned with exploring means of regime change is amply underlined by numerous sections referencing Ukraine’s “Orange Revolution,” and the 2014 Euromaidan coup.

FILE PHOTO: An anti-government protester on the watch at the barricade on Instituska Street near Maidan Square on February 21, 2014 in Kiev, Ukraine.

However, the HJS forecast that constructing such a “coalition” in Russia would be more difficult than in Ukraine, due to significant approval of the Kremlin’s actions among the general population. As such, the organization proposed weaponizing “disgruntled state officials; public disquiet at the invasion…and military casualties; the impact of Western sanctions on the Russian people [and] divisions within Russia’s siloviki (security forces)” for the purpose.

Vladislav Ugolny: Ukrainian elites are really pissed off with Elon Musk, here's why
Vladislav Ugolny: Ukrainian elites are really pissed off with Elon Musk, here’s why

In other words, the lobbyists are advocating for a ‘color revolution’ in Moscow, in the vein of Ukraine’s, but also those of Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and other parts of the former Soviet sphere during the 2000s. While the tactics employed in each country varied slightly, the endgame was the same in each case: replacing non-aligned governments with autocratic, unpopular regimes concerned with furthering Western interests and mortgaging national sovereignty to those same actors.

In Ukraine in 2004, National Endowment for Democracy’s programs radicalized local youth and funded protest movements, bussed paid demonstrators into Kiev, created opposition media outlets to agitate for upheaval, provided offshore training to activists, and paid local pollsters to publish surveys indicating significant anti-government sentiment.

This effort wasn’t entirely successful in eradicating pro-Russian feelings from the country, hence the need for the US to covertly and overtly sponsor violent nationalist elements in Kiev in the months and years preceding Euromaidan. Ukrainians, and the rest of the world, live with the legacy of that dangerous meddling today. The fallout of a similar effort in Russia would be likely even more disastrous, with even more catastrophic global implications assured.


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  1. Apart from media as rare and editorially courageous as VT and “moon of Alabama”, it does not appear that a majority of Westerners in Europe and the USA have become fervent admirers and supporters of President Vladimir Putin.
    However , it is quite logical , the logic of emptiness being one of the most powerful . Indeed , the situation of our States is almost on the verge of collapse on many levels . It is the result of an internal and meticulous undermining by the Jewish power (since Sarkozy, in France), aiming to break in America, France and GB, all that was there before: American, French, British…! This to install their own morality of power! Vaguely multinational power, but in fact that of Zionist totalitarianism which is in fact only a religious, racist & banking dictatorship. Faced with the void that masks this entity in the media, citizens find themselves aware of the collapse of their former power structures, without being able to find any recourse in the rest of the political world, which is bankrupt in all credibility.
    Without further analyzing this phenomenon, it is this final void that sends us to seek the closest and most credible of men of power to help us against the “anonymous” hydra that is destroying us.
    And the only credible man, in this emergency, is Pdt PUTIN, the one beheaded every day by our enemies of the Zionist media who heavily occupy our highest structures of political & military power!

    • Jewish power is literally a paper tiger since they originally controlled the Newspapers and the Banking industry which issues worthless paper that many are convinced is so valuable. Now it’s all bits and bytes but still basically worthless. Not only that but their staunchest supporters are a bunch of perverted pedophiles and Satanists. Satanism is an offshoot of Kabalism which is based on Babylonian magic which is the same source as the Talmud. Many people thanks to exposure by the alternative media now see this and so we have the Great Awakening that is occurring which the more they try to stop by labeling it as “disinformation” or “misinformation” the farther it spreads. Basically nothing can stop what is coming nothing.

  2. Hi Adair OK I get your point, I have read here on VT just like you how the bioweapon was created, when and where, how much it cost and who did it, and I agree with you and info VT has posted.
    I dont agree “reason” for it was to get Trump out of office.
    This a a “result” or “consequrence”

    Reason in case of wuhan attack was to knock economy of China down a notch or two.

    Reason in case of IRAN attack was to punish Iran government for the ICBM missle attacks on US airbases in Iraq.

    My main point being it was what was unleashed in IRAN was the cause of the pandemic, as this was a very deadly bioweapon, and this super top secret and can never be proven and the wuhan attack is delegated to “diversion from the real truth” status.
    This bioweaponed virus attack pn Iran ordered by Trump and for sure with collusion of the pro Israel demos in congress too, and there are lots of them.
    Proving something so top secret is next to impossible

    • You can prove it by FOIA requests. Also by research using sites like Cryptome, Black Vault, Wikileaks, E reading rooms of the IC etc or have friends in the Intel Community and/or Military. Not by speculation and bias then claiming it can’t be proven because it’s TS.🤣

    • By the way using a bioweapon to steal the election is what was done because it allowed them to introduce fraudulent mail in voting and unsecured drop boxes The former historically used by the Democrats in 1864 in an attempt to remove Lincoln from office. Anyway you can believe what you want Konehead if it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.🤣

    • Not going for it sorry! the demos vs Trump “political” theory of cause of pandemic…

      Again, it was a “soft” bioweapon attack on China to knock its economy down, done by Trump and every other asshole in the know of it – demos too.

      And followed by – in middle of the panic in China, an attack on Iran in retaliation for the Iranian ICBM missle strikes.

      81 countries got their first coronavirus cases from Iran,not from China

      but you could ask just what WAS the retaliation on Iran that Trump finally did for the ICBM missle strikes?
      Drone strike in Syria?
      NO, neither “serious” enough…
      it was dosing the Iranian government itself with some sort of viral poison that eventually spread worldwide killed millions. Probably trace nano-Sarin something like that. Very deadly
      Makes alot of sense to me. Why the Russians sent 200 top scientists into N Italy when people dying by thousands there…

      To think Trump a good guy, kicked out of office by a democratic party “deployed either a fake or a real coronavirus pandemic just “not it”.
      Thats even more far-fetched than my theory! haha

      Its turning things upside down, Trump is the one who “did” the coronavirus pandemic. by attacking Iran.
      That is my “contention”
      Nobody needs to prove everything they say.
      Just say it give others the idea it might be true let them consider it true or not.
      Its not my business what others may think

    • Like I said you can believe what you want but the evidence is overwhelming that the election was rigged and that EO 13848 is now in force. Along with the Insurrection Act of 1807 plus various other EOs and PEADs. This is obvious to anyone who knows the UCMJ, the Constitution various laws, orders and directives. The evidence is there. If you’d bother to look and is covered in the series of articles I cited earlier. The Documents Dot Info. As the author says FACT CHECK THIS!

    • 🤣 Yeah the Ruble is almost in parity to the USD and the Euro. Almost full employment thanks to BRICS and the BRI. Much like America was before Covid struck. No wonder they hate Putin and Trump. Everybody’s who survives the elites genocidal economic, biological and possible nuclear war is supposed to own nothing and be happy while they own everything and we are supposed to eat crickets and freeze in the dark.

  3. The constant threat of nuclear war subverts the political confidence of sovereign nations by using the fear tactics of Corporate military intelligence in order that they let go their national interests (and ultimately their sovereignty) to allow further Corporate control by global politics.

    Oct 10 (Reuters) – Russian troops are coming closer to the strategically important eastern town of Bakhmut, having advanced up to 2 km (1.24 miles)towards the town over the last week, a British intelligence update said on Monday.

    “Russia continues to give high priority to its own offensive operations in the central Donbas sector, especially near the town of Bakhmut,” the UK Ministry of Defence tweeted in a regular bulletin.

    BERLIN, Oct 10 (Reuters) – A high-rise office building that houses a German consulate in Kyiv was hit during Russian missile strikes on Monday morning, the foreign ministry said.

    US-EU cooperation pitch on military mobility gets positive response
    By Sebastian Sprenger
     Mar 15, 2021
    The United States could get a foot in the door of the European Union’s PESCO defense cooperation scheme.

      Project Members
      This project supports member states’ commitment to simplify and standardize cross-border military transport procedures. It aims to enable the unhindered movement of military personnel and assets within the borders of the EU. This entails avoiding long bureaucratic procedures to move through or over EU member states, be it via rail, road, air or sea. Improving military mobility takes place in a number of expert level working groups within and beyond the EU, as well as from the EU institutions themselves. This project serves as the political-strategic platform where progress and issues stemming from these efforts are discussed. In addition, the project is focused on the sharing of best practices and implementing the deliverables of Council conclusions of 25th June 2018.

      David Banks, of Defence Policy Research, said:

      “There is something like a 10 stage process of application, checking, negotiation and signing of binding commitments before the PESCO states even get to a vote.

      “How has it come this far between Whitehall and EU apparatuses (European Defence Agency and Political and Security Committee) and we didn’t even know. People saying that US is already in Military Mobility but they were only invited.

      “I’m not aware of any vote and deal of this kind.”

    • A frequently used tactic to bypass the “Democratic Process” in order to push through potentially controversial policies is for a party to change leader in midterm so that the new leader is free to do as they please (….as they are told to do by the Crown Corporation) without the need for Parliamentary debate because they are no longer bound by the pledges of the former leader.

  4. So “Henry Jackson Institute” involved.
    I grew up in Seattle; HJ was our very powerful state senator through the Vietnam war and after..
    He was the “Boeing guy” he got many miltary contracts for Boeing to keep the Seattle area alive.
    Jackson a radical “hawk” who would celebrate a nuke first strike on Russia anytime.

    My Story:
    Days after the KAL flight “007” 747 airliner was shot down by a soviet fighter jet after flying directly over a Russian millitary base near Kamchatka,

    a friend of mine who lived just down the street, had a father who was a big shot executive at Boeing.

    My friend told me that his said when “007” was shot down, so too was a line of US military jets flying directly behind it. (!!)

    KAL 007 was testing the newest “radar sheild” on the USSR, and thought it could get away with it.

    Interesting: when news of the shootdown reached the newspapers next day,
    that exact day Henry Jackson died of a heart attack.

    Who killed him?
    I suspect “agents” were sent to his office to enforce a complete shut down of such madness in future and sacrificial murder of Jackson was the “proof with action” given to Russia, as HE was the one in charge of it.

    A “little bit” similar to Bolton being fired by Trump 9/12/18 when Bolton’s plan to infect China with a bioweaponed virus was discovered by the Chinese.

  5. Is John Bolton still alive or is that Memorex? Word is that him and the other Neocon traitors responsible for 911 had a nice stay at the Spa before being stood in front of firing squad.

    • Hi Adair Besides being in the know and behind the 911 attacks, (agreed)
      Bolton was the no1 neocon mental case behind the plan to spread a bioweaponed (SARS) cold/flu virus (covid19) into no1 industrial city in China.
      When China found about his plans, and let Trump know, (who was then in the middle of “historic” treaties with China), Trump was forced to fire Bolton, to appeasef the Chinese (see! we fired Bolton) at least make them “think so”, in order for the talks to go on and Trump nominated for Nobel peace prize,
      Trump fired Bolton Sept 12
      this “suspicous” as no good reason ever given for it publicallly.
      What happened; Boltons plan went through as tallks with China collapsed due to “no trust”
      and in October Wuhan was hit hard with the Military Olympic games in October
      the games used as a giant petri dish.
      Iran blew up two US miltary bases with ICBMs in February, in middle of Wuhan panic… “Trump response” to missle attaclks was to infect the Iranian government itself with a much more deadly bioweaponed virus.
      (Israel concoction to kill Arabs en masse)

      Wuhan now used as “cover story” and what hit Iran labeled to be covid 19 spreading from China, but it was not.

      What hit IRAN is what mutated and spread worldwide, The original “covid 19” eventually weakened itself,

    • Konehead unleashing a bioweapon in Wuhan which has a Level IV Biolab is like sending coal to Coventry. It makes no sense. Besides the paper trail for SarsCov2 leads directly to Wuhan where GOF research was being done which was being funded by Fauci’s NIAID. Much of the prior research was done right here at Chapel Hill, Canada and Ukraine. That’s what the documents say. Now if you have any proof it was otherwise please post it. Otherwise it is just a conspiracy theory.

      Bolton like Fauci was placed front and center to expose them for the criminals they really are. This is part of the plan which is being conducted by patriotic factions of the military. If you read the references I posted earlier at the documents dot info you would see this.

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