VT RADIO: Weaponizing “Anti-Semitism” Reaches New Extreme Heights Threatening Job Loss for Those That Don’t Kiss The Ring

VT stands with Jews, Christians, and Muslims to worship as they please and against the ADL's abuse of  "Anti-Semitism" as a weapon to slander and further their political agenda


With the latest “Anti-Semitism” slam dunk on the NBA’s Kyrie Irving forcing him out of the league to grovel and beg for his paycheck, the ADL’s continued misuse and intentional abuse of the phrase “Anti-Semitism” to label a detractor is hitting new heights in America.  It’s now costing people their jobs!  Sound like anything you may recall?

Achtung Juden?  Hitler?  Nazism?  I am NOT overstating this because losing a job is just a few more steps away from having to wear a label on your coat.  Is that next?  Does Kyrie need to wear that too?

For those that don’t know, VT stands with Jews, Christians, Muslims, and all people’s right to worship as they please.  We stand for Freedom!  Plain and Simple! 

What we don’t stand for is the abuse of religion to further a political agenda hurting our fellow man in the process… No, we are NOT racists or bigots!  We are the exact opposite.  So forget about lobbying that nonsense.  We will throw it back at you. So read on at your own risk you misanthropes!

The Nazis labeled their own citizens to scapegoat for political gain. The Zionists are now crossing the line and labeling Americans who speak out and don’t tow their line. Taking a page from the NAZI playbook coming?  Stay aware!

Usually, one gets slandered with that silly NON-sensical “Anti-Semitism” name call by the ADL just because one does NOT go along with their politics; most notably their policies for the extreme right in support of the extremist Ertz-Israel.

In this case, Kyrie was retweeting a well-known position that Africans were the original Hebrews.  There are tons of studies on this so do your research. Nevertheless, that position is NOT the modern political ZIONIST narrative and so, Kyrie gets the lovely U.S. mainstream news promoted ZIONIST SCARLET LETTER!

Look, I have been slandered, VT has been slandered and the special guest on my VT Radio Podcast, Senior Editor at VT, Dr. Kevin Barrett has been slandered so many times by these predators that it has become a ridiculous comedy sketch.

The difference is that we won’t lose our jobs over it because we are NOT part of the corporate money grab and that lever is NOT available to the ADL.  But they still keep on slandering in hopes we fade, that we go away…. which of course, we don’t!  18 years and still here…..

So how come we don’t fade?

Because this is TOTAL BULLSHIT!  That’s why!  And VT does NOT stand for Bullshit! Plain and Simple.

Instead, we seek the truth and demand others do the same.  If you want to slap us, fine.  Do so intelligently.  Disagree with our positions.  That’s fair.  But to use this completely non-sensical phrase “Anti-Semitism” to intimidate us?   Fck Off ADL!

The ADL has crossed the line from being a civil rights group concerned with bigotry and racism for Jewish Americans into the grime agenda-driven politics of promoting Israel no matter what with no concern for values, morality, racism, or bigotry….they are doing whatever it takes.

For those that may be unaware, “Semite” has defined by Meriam Webster dictionary is as follows:  a member of any number of peoples of ancient Southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs, a descendent of those people, a member of a modern people speaking a Semitic language.

So this includes ALL ARABS but does NOT include the European Jews to which most American Jews belong.  Those “Jews” are simply NOT related to any ancient ancestry in the Middle East.  This fact has been proved by DNA and supported by many Israeli Anthropologists.

So the use of “Semite’ in their slur is non-sensical.

What they should use is “Hey, that guy is anti-Jewish“. That would be correct.  And I would support it.  But they don’t.  And they know this fact too!  They just prefer and intentionally misuse this label because it works better for them and the mainstream media goes along with it while the unsuspecting American public buys it hook link and stinker!

If you want more info on this, listen to Dr. Kevin Barrett talk about it in depth with me on our show “Using The Anti-Semitism Weapon against Kyrie Irving with VTs Dr. Kevin Barrett“.  Download the audio at the links below.


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  2. As a 74 yo 2nd generation Italian American I can testify to the existence of anti-Italian prejudice, both in the legal system and the corporate world. I think the most prominent example is Lee Iacocca. His promotion to CEO of FOMC is interesting. Within the Ford Company Lee was recognized as the most deserving of the position but the Ford family was against him. It was only a firm push by his fellow executives, who respected him greatly, that he got the job.

    • As if italians weren´t racist´s too. Why have the new Prime Minister been forced to help those africans stranded by her in a ship? It´s from common knowledge your racism so go cry prejudice against italians in another corner.

  3. The ADL is an enemy to the Jew.
    They raise the Antisemitism to hide behind the fake-chew mafia crimes. While they are commonly called Khazarians, they might more be viewed as the lead dogs.

  4. Well no surprise here. There is a very minuscule chance that the hypocrisy of this situation with Kyrie is addressed and the issues of semitic definitions and the topic of the holocaust can be discussed. We know that can not happen.
    So today marks the beginning of what will shortly be the re-regulation of women to second class citizenship as politicians and the supreme court will decide what they can do with their bodies. Shoot it will be easier to ban abortion than to force everyone to vax.
    And than we will see all the cases against Trump and company dropped. Who said the “wicked witch is dead “.
    The thought police are rapidly winning.

    • Souththunder, No one’s body belongs to them. The body their spirit inhabits belongs to the great and good triune creator of the universe. As far as being designated as second class citizens is concerned, nothing in this universe designates women as second class citizens more than the killing of their unborn children. Men would support the killing of their unborn offspring more than women would as the horrible practice would allow them freedom from responsibility for their actions.

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