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Putin’s decree on the development of the latest Russian nuclear torpedoes “Poseidon” made a rustle in the NATO anthill. The British newspaper Express even spawned an article prophesying that “a fully functioning Poseidon would have an incredible strategic impact.” 

The excitement of the British is understandable: Poseidon, among other things, causes a tsunami that covers the coast of the enemy. And if you consider that it is impossible to detect these torpedoes, then the nervousness of the island state hostile to Russia is quite understandable.

It just seems that all our “answers to Chamberlain” in the person of NATO in general and the United States in particular are given as if the earth is flat. And from Russia to the USA – half a continent and an ocean. That is, to the west of Moscow, this is true. But in the east, or rather, in the northeast, only the Bering Strait separates us. And not even all, but part of it between the islands of Ratmanov and Kruzenshtern (Little Diomede), some 4 kilometers.

And what of the fact that Alaska is the most sparsely populated and remote from Western civilization state? The Pentagon breathes unevenly towards it, cherishes it like the apple of its eye, and generally regards it as its outpost. You don’t have to look far for examples. At the end of last year, it became known about the strengthening of the US Army ground grouping in Alaska. A new 11th Airborne Division was formed there, which received the beautiful name “Arctic Angels” (Arctic Angels). At the same time, plans were announced to place two air bases in this state, including those with the latest F-35s.READ ALSO

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In the meantime, there are several military bases in Alaska, which host various units of the American army: ground forces, air force and coastal defense. In addition, HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is based in Alaska – a program of high-frequency active auroral research. Which is not clear what, because the project is closed.

So why don’t we build up an Arctic group and flex our muscles under the nose of the Yankees?

“In order to impress the Americans, you need to land infantry in Alaska – and we don’t have so many soldiers to plug this hole,” says military expert Viktor Litovkin .

– “Poseidons” are good: they were installed on submarines, and they are waiting in the wings. And their goals are Washington, New York, San Francisco, that is, the most important centers for the United States, and not a small, half-empty town forgotten by God and people, swept by snow. As for our Arctic grouping, it is already reinforced with us.

And to be honest, I don’t see much point in keeping the strength there. We used to have one division there, I used to go there. So she was literally covered in snow. Only gun barrels protruded from the snow. Duty officers walked around with crowbars. They poke a crowbar into the snowdrift: it rings – it means everything is in place there. To fight in the Arctic in the usual sense for us is almost impossible.

“SP”: –  And put long-range missiles?

– In the days of Khrushchev and Ustinov , rockets were installed there to scare the Americans. But the wind just brought them down. So missile systems cannot be placed on the ground. And it is almost impossible to cut mines in permafrost. And I strongly doubt that some kind of reinforcement on the coast near these four kilometers of the strait can scare anyone. This will not deter the most likely enemy. But “Poseidon”, “Sarmat” or “Satan” hold back very well. That is why our most likely adversary is fighting us in Ukraine at the hands of the Ukrainians, and not directly.READ ALSO

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A veteran of the special services, Sergei Goncharov , believes that saber-rattling, especially nuclear weapons, only inflames the situation even more. At the same time, neither Russia nor the West are going to unleash a global war. Especially the nuclear one.

– If at least once a nuclear weapon is used, no matter what, tactical, non-tactical, an exchange of nuclear strikes will begin until everything is completely destroyed. This is understood both in Russia and in the United States. And none of the parties is ready to go for it. Because we have something to lose. And the West – to a greater extent than us. And the USA especially. They are used to fattening overseas, realizing that no one will get to them. And they are completely unprepared to burn out in a nuclear conflict.

“SP”: – And what can scare them ? If we do not show strength, they will sit on our necks.

We need victories at the front. Only this can bring to life NATO, and, accordingly, the United States. They are only afraid of a strong opponent. Yes, and they also want to be friends only with the strong. What are our “brothers” – the Bulgarians doing now? They betray us. What is Serbia doing? Yulit. What is our CSTO doing? Yes, there the leaders do not want to stand next to each other. Armenia is at war with Azerbaijan, Kyrgyz with Tajiks. What is there to talk about at all? If we want to be reckoned with, we need to win.


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