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Give me Logic or Give me Terror (Last Part of: A Bird’s Eye View...

By Moti Nissani They’ll talk about change, about politics, about reform, about corruption, but they will never talk about war unless they mean something happening...

VT Exclusive: Nazi UFOs, The Plot Thickens!

Ernst Zundel - There’s wisdom in the saying: “If you slip on a banana peel, don’t blame the Jews.” But what about its doppelganger - “If you slip on a banana peel, be sure to blame the Nazis”? “DVD” doesn’t exist. Never has.

35 Things the Ruling Cabal Does Not Want You to Know

by Preston James For almost 100 years there has been a Secret Ruling Cabal of Banksters and Industrialists from the City of London Financial District that...

How close are we to Hell on Earth?

Preston James - It's the secret inter-generational agenda of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.

Why are Some Many of America’s Nazis Jews?

Why Are So Many Jews Leading The Alt-Right & ‘White’ Nationalist Movements? read this here: https://christiansfortruth.com/jews-are-leading-the-alt-right-white-nationalist-movements/ “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it...

Israeli election ends in standoff again, a deeply divided country like the US

Jim W. Dean - So get you bag of popcorn to sit back and watch the show, as it will be a thriller.

Descending Dystopias: America Faces 2021

Could America have averted this dismal fork in the road? No – the rot has been festering in our colleges and universities and in our society at large for too long: those committed to the erasing of our history and the destruction of our culture and system of government have used the very freedoms we treasured to cloak their activities.

Peace on Earth: The Ultimate Biden Challenge  

The main challenge for the incoming Biden administration springs from Trump’s weakness toward the ambitions of Israel. Everything else, even mega-issues facing the U.S., such as economic rebuilding, pandemic relief, racial justice, and climate change, is subordinate in comparison.

Hypothesis: Is COVID a Psyop? Was it created to frighten America into fascist...

Our studies take us one place and one place only. COVID 19 was released on the American people by the Trump administration. They released it and used it every day as part of a program of psychological warfare on the American people.

Castle of Dark Mothers, Illuminate Abuse Networks

Sometimes you begin to research something and it leads you down a rabbit hole that seems to never end. The article which I am about to write contains a lot of very dark and disturbing information.

What really happened to Hitler and the Third Reich Nazi High Command?

Did Hitler Escape Germany and Is There a New Fourth Reich that is Alive and Well?

Can you see Christ in his second coming? He has already cast his...

It should be apparent that false prophets come in all forms.

Pakistan’s Democratic Movement

Pakistan cannot cope with the perilous agenda of Indo-US-Afghan-Israel nexus, water terrorism, war on terror which has been stepped up, fifth generation war, tumbling economy, second round of covid-19, and now the political instability which is leading towards civil war type situation.

Qanon Infection: If your friends or family have fallen for the Internet Conspiracy Cult,...

Resolved, That the [United States] House of Representatives (1) condemns QAnon and rejects the conspiracy theories it promotes; (2) condemns all other groups and ideologies, from the far left to the far right, that contribute to the spread of unfounded conspiracy theories and that encourage Americans to destroy public and private property and attack law enforcement officers...

VT Nuclear Education: DOE Investigators Cite VT as Preventing New Nuclear Terrorism Against the...

by Gordon Duff, and Members of the Dept. of Energy 9/11 Investigation Team To answer the sound issue, questions "vital" to A and E 9/11: 1. Where...

Tucson Update: An Assassinated Judge: Death Threat Cases: Clinton, Obama, EPA, Holder, Burke

TARGET FOR ASSASSINATION: ROLL'S DOCKET Judge John Roll, at the time of his assassination was presiding over hundreds of cases. These cases ranged from a...

So What’s Really Wrong With U.S. News Media?

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 has completely failed the American Public. It is time for a new deal.

Vital: Jeff Gates, The Hate Mongers Among Us (banned archival material)

Americans find themselves unwitting combatants in the first war of the Information Age. When waging modern-day warfare in the shared field of consciousness, media is routinely deployed to displace facts with false beliefs.

Christian Nationalists Want To Destroy Human Rights

Secretary of State Unveils Christian Nationalist Agenda in Commission Report

Exclusive: Pakistan’s Bouncy Journey

Asif Haroon Raja for VT After achieving which no one else could achieve, Quaid-e-Azam passed away one year after the birth of Pakistan. Allah willed...

Some Italian Thinkers are Resisting the Lies About the Soviet Union and WWII

  By Andre Vltchek for VT Lying about world history is one of the main weapons of the Western imperialists, through which they are managing to...

Vladimir Putin: The Real Lessons of the 75th Anniversary of World War II –...

Putin - Drawing on a shared historical memory, we can trust each other and must do so. That will serve as a solid basis for enhancing the stability and security on the planet. It is our common duty and responsibility towards the entire world, towards present and future generations.

Speculative: Introducing the Generation Z Starseed Rebels

By Michael Dargaville for VT For those who do not know what a starseed is, this article of journalism will explain all at this critical...

Exclusive: Change of demography in Kashmir

  Asif Haroon Raja Indo-Pakistan unabated antagonism Kashmir is the unfinished agenda of the Partition in 1947 which was left behind by the British and it has...

The Cabal, Dark Secret of the Wizards of Oz and Your Hero With (Part...

Part IV:  Witches and Warlocks of Controlled Opposition, PSYOP, and False Flag Deceptions. A Braveheart article series This is an important conversation about how you and...

The Cabal, Dark Secrets of the Wizards of Oz and Your Hero Within (Part...

Part III: Wizards of Mind Control and Their Attempt at Full-Spectrum Dominance A Braveheart Article Series Hang onto your hat Dorothy, journey bravely into the eye...

Khazarian Mafia Virus is more Dangerous than CV19

     By Sajjad Shaukat for VT Coronavirus pandemic also named as COVID-19 which is, rapidly, spreading across the world has killed more than 42,000 persons...

Why Coming Economic Collapse Will NOT be Caused by Corona Virus

With Monday's 1000 point stock market plunge the internet has been set ablaze with a discussion of a new crash looming on the horizon.

Exclusive: The Dangerous Anti-Muslim American ‘Deal of the Century’

In a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US President Donald Trump exposed the long-delayed Middle East peace plan at the White House on January 27, this year. The plan would give Israel most of what it has sought over decades of conflict while offering the Palestinians the possibility of a state with limited sovereignty and would bury the longtime goal of granting the Palestinians a full-fledged state.

Jack Heart: Self Defense in Richmond

By Jack Heart, Orage and "Phil" for VT If you must rewire your house you better call a licensed electrician and if you must fight...

To Infinity and Beyond, the NASA Space Heist Has No Limits! | Jack Mullen

And for us to take the next big leap toward Mars, you here at Ames are going to be a critical part of helping...

The Wireless take-down of America–Can it be stopped?

Who has the power to mandate the high level of control and the vast financial resources necessary to deploy high-tech wireless spying and mind-kontrol systems as a weapon systems in such a well-coordinated manner?

Steele on Books & America: Love it or Lose it! UPDATE: Key Book Links...

If you are in the DC area, the actual event, very low-cost, is just an hour up 270, tickets are still available and it...

Jews and Turks

By Dr. Abdullah Manaz for VT Turkey Until the 1950s, there was not a serious enmity between the Jews and the Muslim community. Jews and...

Why Fake Alternative Media is So Dangerous (a rant)

Alternative Media Ignoring Truth Most Mass Shooting Events Are Truly Faked And Why This Reality Is So Dangerous To Modern History

In Connivance with Israel, India Converted Kashmir into “Auschwitz”..as in Gaza and the West...

      By Sajjad Shaukat for VT Massacre of the Jews through various tactics of torture in the concentration camps, erected by Hitler before and during...

Why MUST They Take Your Weapons: The Red Terror Is Coming To America

by Jack Mullen Terrorism is a word originally coined to define the actions of a State against its people for purposes of fear to further...

SPECIAL: Licensed to Kill — False Flag in El Paso, Texas — Evidence of...

SHORT URL: http://tinyurl.com/licensed-to-kill Back Up Image: LINK: https://twitter.com/RachBlevins/status/1157815390891909120?s=20 Watch it fast, Twitter is dishonest and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that controls its censorship and digital assassination...

India: Anti-Muslim Aftermath of Modi’s Election Victory

                      By Sajjad Shaukat for VT Indian Prime Nerendar Modi’s extremist party BJP had got a land sliding triumph in the Indian...