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Historical problems with Ashraf Ezzat’s Egypt knew neither Pharaoh nor Moses

A book which purports to be historical and which seeks to deconstruct previously known accounts must at least provide enough historical evidence or rigorous methods which can be verified and studied by any serious researcher and expert.

Dying and Rising Gods in the Ancient Near East

The notion that the historical Jesus is similar to mystery religions such as Bacchus, Dionysus, Osiris, etc., and that Christianity probably emulated those religions, is so preposterous—and quite frankly, historically irresponsible—that one needn’t be an historian or scholar to say that it is completely crazy.

Egypt Knew Neither Pharaoh Nor Moses? A Challenge to Ashraf Ezzat

VT's Jonas Alexis challenges VT's Dr. Ashraf Ezzat to an intellectual duel on Egyptian History

Are The Unholy Books Hijacking History?

VT's man in Egypt, Dr. Asraf Ezzat explores how Khazarian Mafia contrived to cheat their way into American history just as the Hebrew clergy did in Ancient Egypt

Goshen of Arabia: Delivering Egypt from the Exodus

If the Exodus of the Israelites was a historical story, then surely it did not take place in ancient Egypt ...  

Biden Cuts Egyptian Aid Over Human Rights Abuses

RT: The US has announced that it is canceling $130 million in military aid to Egypt over human rights concerns, with the move coming just days after the Biden administration approved a $2.5 billion arms sale to the North African country.

Discovered: 110 Predynastic Egyptian Tombs Spanning Three Eras of Ancient History

The remains, most of which predate the pharaonic period, include two babies buried in jars

Egypt raises the stakes in the Libyan conflict and waits for...

Turkish intervention in Libya has not only significantly shifted situation in Libya, but also brought a new challenge for regional security and put MENA on the brink of war.

Egypt’s Gen. Sisi and UAE threaten Libyan intervention

Jim W. Dean - Egypt has made the incredible claim that the world would support its intervention in Libya as an act of self defense.

Discovered: Ancient Egyptian Bas-Relief Cave Engravings

The carvings, which depict animals including camels, leopards, cows and mules, may date back to 3000 B.C.

Free Virtual Tours of Egyptian Heritage Sites

The sites include the 5,000-year-old tomb of Meresankh III, the Red Monastery and the Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Barquq