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Nazis in Ukraine: Seeing Through the Fog of the Information War

Any attempt to provide a sober and concrete analysis of the actual history of Nazism in Ukraine runs the risk of being disingenuously labeled and dismissed as “pro-Putin” because it does not support NATO and The West's war-mongering narrative.

Russia Says Germany Aiding Ukraine Nazis in Abuse of POWs

The Kiev regime, in its treatment of RUssian prisoners, mirrors the behavior of its predecessors and ideological inspirer, the German fascists.

In Bucha, the Armed Forces of Ukraine killed their own: why...

Russian troops left Bucha as part of a regrouping a few days before the “victims of the occupation” were discovered. The Armed Forces of Ukraine did not immediately realize this and for almost three more days they covered the city with artillery, under which civilians could well have fallen. Forensics can show that the civilian deaths occurred after the Russian forces left.

We don’t need such defenders”: the Mayor of Rubizhne went over...

NovorusInform.org: Ukrainian Nazis use genocide against ordinary people, embodying the policy of the EU and the United States, says a city administrator in Rubizhne, the former Lugansk region.

Nazi Hellhole: Human and Organ Trafficking in Ukraine Exposed

Dark realities have been exposed. Who knows how deep this rabbit hole could go.

Zelinsky’s Nazi ‘Holdouts’ in Mariupol Seize Maternity Hospital, Take 100 Patients...

According to the Donetsk security forces, we are talking about maternity hospital No. 2. There are about a hundred people there, 37 of them are children and five babies, RIA Novosti writes.

Speculation: Putin to Appoint Chechen Commander as Chief Negotiator

Does Medinsky propose to conclude a peace treaty with the de facto Nazi regime?

Zelensky’s Azov Hangs Pregnant Woman and Husband ‘for Amusement’ (Twitter Keeping...

Ukrainian Azov Battalion Nazis hang an ethnic Ukrainian-Russian and his pregnant wife. They take photos posing with the people before and after the hanging.

Escobar: Make Nazism Great Again?

The supreme target is regime change in Russia, Ukraine is just a pawn in the game, or worse, mere cannon fodder.

Was bombing of Mariupol theater staged by Ukrainian Azov extremists to...

This war crime and mass murder of women and children was carefully coordinated with NATO funded “fact checkers” and “disinformation fighters” from organizations across Europe. All of these organizations are run by right wing groups originally funded and trained through Washington “think tanks” and the Israel lobby.

US/Nazi War Crimes in Mariupol, Eyewitness Testimony

Civilians who left the war-torn city of Mariupol through the humanitarian corridors secured by Russian and DPR forces are testifying on inhumane warfare and war crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalist forces. Residents of Mariupol confirmed that Azov members forcibly pushed them out of their apartments and used them as firing points.

Ukrainian nationalists are preparing a second Mariupol in Odessa

Ukie Banderas are planning to use civilian human shields in Odessa, as they did in Mariupol.

Ukraine: One Month of War

In the East of Ukraine, the territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of Ukraine, where the self-proclaimed republics of the DPR and the LPR had been previously created, are now almost under the control of the divisions of the Russian Federation, the DPR and the LPR.

Germany Leaked Routes: Russia’s Stealth Su-57s Deployed to Destroy US Deliveries...

In view of the critical situation that has developed in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Yankees are ready to share those S-300 systems that the allies have.

Ukrainian Forces Caught Attempting to Leave Mariupol Dressed in Women’s Clothing...

Footage of a captured Ukrainian serviceman dressed in women’s clothing and being taken out of the back of a military truck in Mariupol .

Gladio: Alive and Well in Ukraine Since 2014

A NATO "stay behind" (Gladio) structure appeared in Kiev in 2014, and Nazi-inspired military groups carried out massacres in Kiev.

How Israel Trains, Arms Funds and Inspires Naziism, Ukraine, Europe and...

Hoodathunk Bolshevism and Naziism Would Fit Together So Well...with Evangelical Christianity.

Backshooting Coward? Canadian Super-Sniper Dies in Mariupol with Nazi Compatriots

Sources confirm that Canadian sniper Wali is dead in Ukraine.

Day 25, the war to liberate Ukraine from the Zio-Nazis (telling...

Currently, Russian and DPR forces are working to eliminate the remnants of nationalist formations and the 54th Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the settlements of Sladkoe, Novoukrainka and Shahterskoe.

Blockbuster Donbass Documentary: The Nasty Truth About Ukie/Nazi Warcrimes

Luhansk officials collected information on the Kiev's genocide of civilians in the region.