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War In Ukraine Day 41: Mariupol Trap Snaps Shut. Major Battle...

Fierce street clashes continue in the city of Mariupol. On April 6, the DPR advanced in the area of the city seaport. The first footage from Russian drones from the area was shared online. This is a clear sign that the area was almost secured.

Battle For Mariupol: Azovstal On Fire, Provocation In City Port Revealed

According to the DPR People’s Militia, about three thousand soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including nationalist regiments, are currently besieged in Mariupol. The center of the city and almost all administrative buildings have come under the control of Russian and DPR troops.

Special Operation “Z”: How many tanks do Ukraine and Russia have...

According to the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov , as of 5 April 2022, 1981 armored combat vehicles including tanks, were knocked out of the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced destruction of Training Center for...

According to the official representative of the military department, Igor Konashenkov, on the evening of Monday, April 4, a long-range sea-based cruise missile attack destroyed the Training Center for Ukrainian Special Operations Forces near the city of Ochakiv, which was used for basing foreign mercenaries.

Kyiv is staging new fakes about the “atrocities” of the Russians...

The official representative of the Russian defense department, Igor Konashenkov, announced that he had received information that the Ukrainian special services were preparing new provocations in the cities abandoned by Russian troops.

Watch Kadyrov Address Mass Surrender of Unabused Ukrainian Marines (503rd Battalion)

On 4 April, 267 soldiers and officers of the 503rd Independent Battalion of the Ukrainian Navy surrendered in Mariupol. This was the entire surviving personnel of the unit.

In Bucha, the Armed Forces of Ukraine killed their own: why...

Russian troops left Bucha as part of a regrouping a few days before the “victims of the occupation” were discovered. The Armed Forces of Ukraine did not immediately realize this and for almost three more days they covered the city with artillery, under which civilians could well have fallen. Forensics can show that the civilian deaths occurred after the Russian forces left.

“Donbass Arc” will be the largest battle in the XXI century

About 90,000 members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be involved in the battle of the “Donbass arc.” It is believed that Russia will pull no less troops. We can safely say that, taking into account reserves and logistics services, approximately 200 thousand soldiers will converge on the eastern front.

British intelligence notified Zelensky how the eastern grouping of the Armed...

According to the publication 'Resident', the Russian troops intend to surround the thousands of Kiev's APU groups in one boiler, and then break it into several small ones in order to clear it out in stages.

Day 36: Russians Withdraw from Kiev

The decision to reduce its military operations in the Kiev region was presented by the Russian side as a concession to Kiev aimed at the facilitation of the negotiation process between the two sides, and also due to the difficulties faced by Russian forces near the Ukrainian capital.

US Vet Who Volunteered to Fight in Ukraine Details Kiev’s War...

Last week, the Russian military estimated that about 6,600 foreign “mercenaries and terrorists” remain active in Ukraine, and that their ranks are dwindling.

Billion Ruble Google Settlement for Banning Tsargrad TV’s YouTube Account now...

NovorusInform.Ru: The founder of Tsargrad TV, Konstantin Malofeev, said that Google paid a penalty for failure to comply with a court decision to restore a YouTube account. According to Malofeev, the funds received will be used to support the Russian military special operation in Ukraine.

Nazi High Command Dead in Failed Zelensky/CIA Rescue Attempt (warning/graphic)

VT Report from the Scene: 3 helicopters were shot down but Russians chose to let the 4th land where Azov commanders who were hiding in an underground bunker popped out and loaded themselves on, thinking they were going to be brought to Biden's side.

Is Russia Preparing for Blitzkrieg Against Donbass?

SF: The Russian military is preparing to further develop its offensive in the Donbass region after reducing military operations on the fronts of Kyiv and Chernihiv in northern Ukraine.

Chechen’s Hold RPG ‘Dance Party’ at Former Hitler/SS Barracks in Mariupol

New footage of the work of the Chechen security forces in Mariupol.

Z for Victory: Russia Wraps Up Military Operation in Ukraine...

“Ukrainian negotiators have essentially agreed to Russia’s principal security demands of rejecting NATO membership and regarding the presence of foreign military bases on its territory,” the Kremlin’s chief negotiator Vladimir Medinsky told Sputnik News.

Russian fighter pilots destroyed fifty military facilities of the Armed Forces...

Konashenkov noted that among the targets hit were 8 strongholds and areas of concentration of military equipment, two warehouses with fuel and lubricants, a warehouse with ammunition and rocket and artillery weapons, two MLRS, and one Buk-M1 and one S-300.

Day 35: Waiting for the Hammer to Drop

Detailed updates. Russian forces are regrouping in order to intensify military actions in priority areas and to completely liberate Donbas.

Progress of the liberation of Ukraine. Rossa Primavera News Agency’s report....

Overnight, Russian aviation destroyed 68 Ukrainian military targets. Air-launched cruise missiles eliminated a large Ukrainian army’s fuel base in the Rovno region.

Russia Downs 18 Ukrainian and Turkish Drones in One Night

Russian air defenses demonstrated a unique coherence in Ukraine, repelling perhaps one of the most massive attacks involving unmanned aerial vehicles in history.

Colonel Cassad’s Daily Brief on Ukraine War

Fighting continued to the northeast and east of Kiev. There is no encirclement of Russian forces near Kiev.

Poltava: It is already clear when the main offensive in Ukraine...

Institute for War Research: remaining cities of Donbass will be taken in the coming days.

Foreign Fighters Fleeing from Ukraine

Some of the foreign fighters in Ukraine thought that they were going to another war orchestrated by Washington, where they would be paid a lot of money for minimal risk. Instead, they found themselves in a full-scale bloody war against one of the strongest armies in the world, fighting for their lives under the constant aviation and artillery strikes of superior enemy forces.

Russian Military Shows Video of Helicopter Attack on Ukrainian Armor

The Russian Defense Ministry published a video of its Ka-52 ‘Alligator’ attack helicopters hitting and eliminating a convoy of the Ukrainian military’s armored vehicles.