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Turkey is missing its Northeastern Syria combat operation window

Jim W. Dean - Assad has shown throughout the war to be careful about exposing his army to a bad defeat because maintaining good morale is critical to the survival of the country.

NEO – Washington’s assembly line for retraining soldiers in Syria isn’t...

Jim W. Dean - Wanting to discuss what is the legal basis for us using proxy terrorism as a geopolitical tool should be a big enough scandal to go to the top of the list of US security issues.

NEO – The SAA Deir-Ezzor Euphrates River Battle: a Tactical Review

I happened to catch this article on NEO today by surprise, a bit concerned at first because it was from years ago.

SAA and SDF repel Turkisk attack on key Ayn-Issa M4 highway

Jim W. Dean - Turkey continues to attack SDF and SAA lines in N Syria to test their response, and so far the Russians have been quiet about these probes, and not used their air power to discourage Turkish advances.

SAA deploying artillery bases to engage new Turkish attacks in N....

Jim W. Dean - As VT has been saying, at the end of the day it is the major criminal orgs against us all, and sadly our government institutions seem to be their favorite tools.

Breaking: Turkish, Russian troops begin joint patrols in northern Syria

Jim W. Dean - The Deep State actors, as always, will be the biggest threat to peace. Look to see them trying to run their own terror attacks inside north Syria, and blaming it on a suitable patsy.

Syria – Seven Syrian soldiers killed in clashes with Turkish troops

Jim W. Dean - The future will not be determined by what Erdogan does, but what the Syrians and Kurds can, and will do. Will the Kurds deal straight up with Damascus, or play Assad off against the US?

Fatal miscalculations of Turkey and Triumph of Damascus

Jim W. Dean - We are far enough along in the Erdogan incursion into Syria to look at some of the early reporting to see who understood what was happening.

Pullout of Kurdish militia from safe zone in Northeastern Syria completed...

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has announced that the withdrawal of Kurdish militia forces from the safe zone in north-eastern region Syria has been completed 

Breaking: Kurdish SDF troops are out of Turkish buffer zone

Syria welcomes pullout of Kurdish armed groups to depth of 30 km from Turkish border - First published ... October 27, 2019 - Damascus welcomes the...

SAA consolidating security control over northern Syria

Jim W. Dean - Having refugees return to places with no infrastructure or jobs is a dead-on-arrival program, which is exactly what the US coalition wants, so they will then be "anti-Assad". Welcome to the fake US spreading of freedom and democracy.

Breaking: Erdogan agrees to Syrian-Russia-Turkish border patrols

Jim W. Dean - The big winner here is Syria. Once it knows that it does not have to put half its army into north Syria to fight Turkey, it can proceed at full speed with its Latakia and Idlib offensive.

Russia armor arrives at Tartous for Syrian offensive

Jim W. Dean - The Kurds are only 30% of the population in Northern Syria, and their playing local henchmen for the US over the other 70% of the population is a crime, which the MSM has not covered.

Erdogan acknowledges Syrian control of any safe zone

Jim W. Dean - Questions will still remain about Kurdish units integrated with the Syrian military "securing" the area. Will the YPG be shifted to other less sensitive areas, or will it be disbanded and absorbed into the Syrian military?

Breaking: SAA preparing to enter the Omar oilfield in Deir Ezzor...

It is not likely that government forces and the SDF will carry out large-scale joint operations attacking positions of the Turkish Army.

SAA and SDF counter attacking Turkish militias on M-4 Hwy

Jim W. Dean - These combined Syrian units are attacking west to push the Turkish militias away from their M-4 highway blocking position, as the road needs to be cleared.

Turkish militia roadblocks executing everyone with SDF IDs – What will...

Jim W. Dean - Trump will be on the spot today, to put up or shut up on his bold "red line" threats he made to Erdogan about doing anything to the Kurds that was not necessary.

Erdogan threatens EU with flood of refugees

Jim W. Dean - Dear Mr. Erdogan, You need to go back to square one. We would like to see your list of terrorist attacks along your border with Syria that you blame on the Kurds.

Intel Drop: Some nasty truths about the Erdogan, Trump, Putin...

Jim W. Dean - We have dozens of people on the ground there with both the Arab and Kurdish fighters who regularly report to VT in Damascus, sources for years.

Breaking: SDF asks for peace negotiations with Syria now

Why do I sense that maybe the Kurds think they can play everybody off against each other and come out on top? Is the American backing the tipping point for their making that play?

Are the SDF Kurds really onboard the Safety Zone deal?

Jim W. Dean - So today we have the news of the SDF Kurds, obviously under the control of the US, destroying their fortifications, but we are given nothing on what the YPG Kurds are doing.