Erdogan acknowledges Syrian control of any safe zone


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

Erdogan says he has no objection to Damascus’ control over northeastern Syria

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[ Editor’s Note: OK, it looks like we may be over the hump of this silliness of decisions being made about the security of Syria’s border with Turkey without Syria’s direct involvement.

Questions will still remain about Kurdish units integrated with the Syrian military “securing” the area. Will the YPG be shifted to other less sensitive areas, or will it be disbanded and absorbed into the Syrian military under one command? Will it be morphed into a national guard?

It seems like Erdogan is more concerned with his economy in free fall and that weakening his political power at home. Turkey is a great tourist designation now, with the lira in the toilet.

If the Kurdish border simmers down, maybe this diplomatic progress can slide over to Idlib where the situation is reversed. It is Turkey who is supporting Muslim jihad terrorism in Syria, so maybe Syria should impose the Jim Dean plan, a 30-kilometer “safe zone” inside Turkey to prevent jihadis, weapons and supplies moving over the border.

That would be an interesting discussion. I have this wonderful video of an Erdogan adviser, in Turkish, explaining to the host how he tried to get the jihadis to calm things down in Idlib, as they already controlled it and raising hell there was going to keep getting them bombed by the SAA.

He suggested that if they wanted to kill infidels, the jihadis should go to Damascus, Homs, Latakia, Deir Ezzor, anywhere in Syria and knock themselves out.

I don’t ever remember seeing an interview with this kind of content, not a secret communication, but on a Turkish television show – a journalism gift from the gods. You just can’t make this stuff up... Jim W. Dean ]

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Being head of a broke country is no fun

– First published … October 18, 2019

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that he will discuss the situation in northeast Syria with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in their upcoming meeting on October 22.

“There will be a meeting with Putin in Sochi on Tuesday. Our aim is to identify an acceptable solution. We want the areas under the control of the Syrian government to be cleared of militants of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party [PKK] and the Self Defense Forces [YPG],” told a news conference in Istanbul on October 18, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

The Turkish President went on to state that he has no objections against placing the “safe-zone” under the Damascus government’s control.

On October 9, the Turkish military and its Syrian proxies launched a large-scale military operation to establish the “safe-zone” in northeast Syria. However, a breakthrough deal between Damascus and Kurdish forces allowed Syrian troops to enter the region, which limited the movement of Turkish forces.

Facing this unexpected development, Turkey accepted a US-proposed ceasefire which would force Kurdish forces out of the designated “safe-zone.” Less than 24 hours after its beginning, the ceasefire appears to be collapsing, with both side not fulfilling their commitments.

Erdogan’s new statements indicate that Ankara likely hopes to strike a deal with Moscow that would force Kurdish forces out of the “safe-zone” in exchange for the deployment of the Syrian military.


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  1. Dear Jim Dean,
    Turkey was a member of the coalition of willing and expected profiteers after the fall of Syria.
    They expected to finish Syria within weeks when the imperial first attack troops consisting of brainwashed Jihadists and special forces camouflaged as Jihadists.
    But Syria could resist and got the support from Iran and Russia.
    The whole project has fallen apart, the same like the coalition of willing.
    Not the USA, nor Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE or any other country expect any positive outcome from staying in Syria anymore. Donald Trump declared before his election that this war was wrong, there is nothing to win for the USA and that he would retreat all US troops from there.
    Turkey accelerates this process and wants the unity and sovereignty of Syria re-established as fast as possible, send back all Syrian refugees and prevent any further planning about the foundation of an independent Kurdistan.
    An independent Kurdistan in Syria or Iraq would threaten Turkish territory with huge reserves of water, water dams, power plants, agriculture, petrol and gas reserves.

    You may read my last article about Donald Trump, the Imperial Complex and the USA.

    How To Save the USA?

    Another article about Geopolitics of Turkey, Syria etc. will be published soon.

  2. Turkey declared a war on herself and lost. Trump saying, Turks and Kurds being a pair of rowing brats, while in the meantime Trump and Pelosi quarrel which of them has more screws loose. Quite a circus.

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