Obama: New World Order Created a “Shit Show” in Libya

"You are finally waking up, my brother. If you look back to our conversation in 2011, I said the same thing."
“You are finally waking up, my brother. If you look back to our conversation in 2011, I said the same thing.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


President Obama has been trying to catch up with Vladimir Putin lately. He has finally admitted that Libya is now “a mess.”[1] Putin has been saying the same thing since 2011. Remember how he rightly said that the West, namely America, had no business in mercilessly slaughtering Gaddafi in cold blood?

“Who allowed them to do so?,” Putin asked in 2011. “Has there been a court decision? Who has the right to execute a human, no matter how good or bad one is? When the entire so-called ‘civilized’ community, with all its might, [attacks] a small country, eliminates its infrastructure…I do not know whether it is good or not. But I do not like it.”[2]

So, Obama is right: Libya is a complete disaster. But instead of asking deeper questions and going after the real people who actually spearheaded the war, namely Neoconservatives/Neo-Bolsheviks like Bill Kristol and political prostitutes like John McCain, Obama blamed Europe for lack of support.

Obama could not even declare that Neoconservative flagships such as the Weekly Standard and Neoconservative think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute have been on Gaddafi’s case from time immemorial.[3] Here Obama looks like a problem child who hasn’t quite realized that his words have been recorded. Kristol himself declared that Obama consulted him on his policy in Libya. Kristol declared then:

No, we cannot leave Gaddafi in power. And we won’t leave Gaddafi in power. The immediate military mission, Admiral Mullen correctly described but the political goal is to remove Gaddafi and ultimately military assets will serve that political goal.”

Instead of addressing these issues, Obama said:

“When I go back and I ask myself what went wrong, there’s room for criticism, because I had more faith in the Europeans — given Libya’s proximity — being invested in the follow-up.”[4]

Obama moved to lament that one U.S. coalition alone “cost us $1 billion.”[5] But all of that money has already been flushed down the toilet because Libya is again a complete mess. Libya, Obama again admitted, is a “shit show.”[6] Even flaming Neocon Max Boot himself admits that Libya is now siding with ISIS.[7] But how was this “shit show” created?

Well, the Neo-Bolsheviks again thought that it was good back in 2011.[8] Professor of international law Francis Anthony Boyle of the University of Illinois College of Law states:

“Right after the terrorist attack on 9/1/2001, the bush Junior administration’s Zionist neoconservative operative Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz boasted, threatened, and promised that the United States was going to get into the business of ‘ending states.’

“So far: Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Syria. Notice all these U.S. victims were Muslim states and Muslim peoples. Add Palestine and the Palestinians to their hit-list.

“As confirmation and implementation thereof, in November 2001 retired U.S. General Wesley Clark—NATO’s Mad Dog Bomber of Serbia in 1999—paid a visit to the Pentagon.

“There he was told by senior military staff officer that the Bush Junior administration’s Pentagon—over which the Neocon Zionist Wolfowitz then presided—was plotting a five-year military campaign plan against seven Muslim states, starting with Iraq and then moving on to Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia, and Sudan. Libya was on this 2001 Zionist Neocon Pentagon kill-list.”[9]

Boyle also suggests that once Gaddafi began to resist Israel’s brutal act in the region, the Neocons began to cross him off the Zionist map. Gaddafi also did not go along with the internationalists and bankers who wanted to loot and plunder countries in the Middle East through the monetary system. Our VT colleague David Swanson, quoting lawyer and author Ellen Brown, wrote in 2011 in the British newspaper Guardian:

“What do these seven countries have in common? In the context of banking, one that sticks out is that none of them is listed among the 56 member banks of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). That evidently puts them outside the long regulatory arm of the central bankers’ central bank in Switzerland. The most renegade of the lot could be Libya and Iraq, the two that have actually been attacked.

“Kenneth Schortgen Jr, writing on Examiner.com, noted that ‘[s]ix months before the US moved into Iraq to take down Saddam Hussein, the oil nation had made the move to accept euros instead of dollars for oil, and this became a threat to the global dominance of the dollar as the reserve currency, and its dominion as the petrodollar.’

“According to a Russian article titled ‘Bombing of Libya – Punishment for Gaddafi for His Attempt to Refuse US Dollar’, Gaddafi made a similarly bold move: he initiated a movement to refuse the dollar and the euro, and called on Arab and African nations to use a new currency instead, the gold dinar. Gaddafi suggested establishing a united African continent, with its 200 million people using this single currency.

“During the past year, the idea was approved by many Arab countries and most African countries. The only opponents were the Republic of South Africa and the head of the League of Arab States. The initiative was viewed negatively by the US and the European Union, with French President Nicolas Sarkozy calling Libya a threat to the financial security of mankind; but Gaddafi was not swayed and continued his push for the creation of a united Africa…

“If the Gaddafi government goes down, it will be interesting to watch whether the new central bank [created by the rebels in March] joins the BIS, whether the nationalised oil industry gets sold off to investors, and whether education and healthcare continue to be free.”[10]

There you have it. If Obama is right—that Libya is now a “shit show”—what is the United States currently doing in Syria? Creating another “shit show”?

Well, as the saying goes, you simply cannot fool everyone all the time. Much of the world does not want to see flocks of dodos in Syria, and this is one reason why Putin has been getting much support. This is one reason why an anti-New World Order movement is rising everywhere.

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