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OK, yesterday I took Trump’s ‘mental competency’ test. What it doesn’t do is test for intelligence, perception or sanity. It tested short term memory, rudimentary at best, and looked for early onset dementia.

Do you want me to recite the dialog from ‘Groundhog Day’ or maybe 100 other films? Video two will test Trump’s memory, he doesn’t have one. Do watch the Saudi piece, video 2…

VT: This week I read an article in NEO by William Engdahl describing how there would be no new deaths from what he calls the “second surge” from coronavirus.  Today, however, the US broke 1000 deaths.  No one told Engdahl that this is the first surge, reaching the “red states” where few people live and COVID would be easy to control if people who lived there weren’t such fucking idiots.

VT has always gotten material from Russian media. We had long cooperated with RT and Sputnik, we still partner with NEO (and the Washington Post), but so much has changed.

The longtime ‘day job’ for much of VT’s staff is psychological warfare with top experts from the US, Russia and other nations on VT’s staff. We have the best team in the world and are in demand for that and…military planning.

I did a Press TV interview a couple of days ago on Libya and I had worked for, at one time, every side in the conflict. We were talking about Egypt coming in. I worked for them to, so had Jimmie and Gene.

Both Somalia and Sudan are asking for Adamas teams right now but no one can travel. We have people who have been stuck in Khartoum for many months now because of the virus. I am trying to get them to Ghana, where we have a regional HQ. Then they will be stuck there as well.

We just wrote a position paper for that nation on COVID 19 a week ago. I wrote it.

So, I have Engdahl, a brilliant guy, someone who likes money I admit but few are brighter, writing fake news. Hmmm. Want real fake crap? Try Counterpunch. Then go to fake progressive/lefty CLG. They have gone T’tard bigtime as has Global Research, the secretly funded fake VT clone from Canada.

There is no alternative media. I could name two longtime VT writers who are being blackmailed after losing lawsuits. I won’t name them but their material has turned to garbage. From the Guardian, 1000 dead, ten planes went down or one that hit a school yard at recess and killed 900 kids. Nobody cares.

Who are the dead? Why are their names withheld? We aren’t going to burn down the homes of COVID sufferers, quite simply because, if tested, millions and millions of us have it. Some of us are dying and don’t know it.


Guardian: Deaths due to Covid-19 surpassed 1,000 on Tuesday for the first time in the US since June 2. The seven-day average for the number of deaths in the country has been slowly rising this month, according to multiple data analyses.

At the White House’s renewed coronavirus daily press briefing yesterday, Donald Trump said that the virus “will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better”, an admission in line with what public health experts have been saying for months. Trump still praised the US response to the pandemic, saying it has been “better than most”.

Public health experts like Dr Anthony Fauci have warned for weeks that the US will see the consequences of ending shutdown orders too soon. As states along the south saw surges in new infections, experts said those states will ultimately see an uptick in deaths.

That fear is becoming a reality as deaths in those states reached almost record-highs on Tuesday. Texas saw 131 deaths while Florida and Arizona both saw 134 deaths – the second highest numbers yet seen for the states. Public health officials said that ICU beds in those states are nearly at capacity with a surge in hospitalizations amid the spikes.


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  1. The conclusion: US helped develop bio-weapons that can destroy countries and economies. Now what goes around comes around!

  2. It all gets back to COVID-19 being a bioweapon, Gordon, something those “alternative news” sites you listed have never acknowledged. They also have never acknowledged that the US knew the virus would attack Wuhan in the second week of November and warned Israel about it. The simple fact is, they didn’t warn us about it, which tells me that our screwed-up response to it here in the USA is all part of someone’s or something’s diabolical plan. I’m also certain that those classified White House coronavirus deliberations back March discussed how this was a bio-weapon and it was directed at the USA just as it was at China and Iran.

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