Blockbuster: Evil is Real

VT endorses this message and believes that Satan may well exist and is married to Ivanka


Much like Qanon, VT believes there are satanist plots. Our difference is that we know who they really are and have been right, year after year.

Think Kushner or even that kid we can’t mention look like characters out of a favorite Gregory Peck film? Not an accident at all.

Real people exist.



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  1. Don’t laugh, but doesn’t anyone see the similarity between Jarad and Damien from Omen 2 ??????????? Me reckons he’s more of a psychopath than Old Nick Beelzebub. Anyone ????

  2. I’m confused by the title, “Evil is Real”? Seems like a noun rather than an adjective; evil as an entity, in-and-of-itself, rather than a characteristic or circumstance of what someone does in their own self-interest? When you start talking about evil as an entity, you present the notion of supernatural or metaphysical, something we are told reason does not support.

    • Edward, get used to the idea that Evil and Satan are as real as anything you can touch, hear and sense! There are people that use black magic that can turn you into a vegetable! There are people that worship and live for the evil one. They are put in positions of power, wealth and strength. Hollywood and majority of Senators in power are in it. There are even some “religious”, artists, designers etc. etc.
      However, the good news is the name “Jesus Christ” has the power to destroy evil and protect you.
      Forget what “Reason does not support” – They are walking in our streets, looking for people like you and me. Be careful and be very worried – but now you know how to fight them!

    • See Chask, the “be very worried and careful” is why christianity has people by the throat with their lies and fear porn. And last I checked the touchdown jesus got struck by lightening and burned to a crisp even though touted as flame proof. As have many steeples and peoples.
      The world will not know peace until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest. Crowns and religions are not your friend. never have been.

    • David Odell: Catholic bashing has been popular ever since twelve converted Jews on a hiding to nothing took to the highways and by-ways to preach the World of God. Many religious were never cut out for a vocation, many others – like in all professions were evil while more turned against the teachings of Christ as time went by. Evil lurks everywhere not just in the institution of the Catholic Church. Priests or nuns should never be allowed in a situation where children are at risk, never. I fortunately have met too many religious, both men and women, to ever hold to the idea they are all suspect brutes or evil by nature of their calling. To do that is rank stupidity. Where they have committed crime they should face the courts. Nobody but a bigot disputes that. However, from my research the 4% corrupt numbers are the same across the board in society. Many horrible things have happened down the years, down the generations in fact but disseminating solid advice to counter the curse serves society better than repeating the Trumpian twitterings of a vacuous twit. Try a swing of your bat against the Talmud or are you only a pinch-hitter against the Catholic Church.

    • So it’s wierd when a poster named US first supports a foreign military psyop that has mercilessly tortured the people of the world for thousands of years.
      And you must not read much if you think I only pick on Catholics, but I get that alot from catholics who are trained from birth to promote their own persecution.
      All christians are Catholics in my opinion, because that is who made it all up. The Jews are not the people of the OT, and Muslims are just another invented control method. Nice people are nice people , with or without religion. Religion stifles spiritual learning and they are lying.
      Period end of story. There is absolutely nothing US, about christianity. That is absurd. When the people learn, they will tear down the churches with their bare hands.

  3. Trump warned Israel of the Coronavirus in mid-October of 2019 but, failed to warn Americans until January of 2020. He can never be forgiven for that. As for Jared Kushner, he is a Zionist. It never gets more evil than that.

    • According to Gordon, Trump and his inner circle were vaccinated for the virus right before the bioweapon attack on Wuhan. I’m sure that inner circle included Kushner and other Likudniks.

    • In October, 2019, the US sent a Contingent over 300 Athletes/Representatives, to the ‘CISM’-International Military Olympics, that was held in WUHAN, China, the next month Covid-19 was reported there! Coincident??

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