How Trump became the Russian mafia’s bitch (video restored)


[ Editor’s Note: Longtime VT readers will remember the video footage I was able to take of Gordon when he gave his headline presentation at the Damascus Counter-Terrorism convention in 2015, without notes as usual and with the awkward delay of the translation.

Be spilled the beans right off the bat that the forces behind the Terror war were not really countries, or religions, or political parties…but international organized crime on a scale that most would find hard to even comprehend.

You are about to read how those forces have not just been active around the world, but right here in the US. And at the level they operate at, law enforcement, legal and judicial problems are issues you fix on the “front end”. It is the only way to protect the huge investment that major crime syndicates make in the bigger economies.

So saddle up, put a piece of leather between your teeth and see if you can hang on for the ride. This is a depressing story concerning the scale of America being sold out by people who expect to be admired for their work. These people would embarrass common criminals, as they have betrayed their own families even … Senior Editor, Jim W. Dean ]

The orange puppet with Tevfik Arif (center) and Felix Sater (right).

– First published  … March 28, 2017 –

by Ian Greenhalgh and Gordon Duff

Consulting and security firms with nation-state clients are now putting out an alarm.

America has entered a “constitutional crisis,” the government is wrong somehow, terms like “deep state” or “rigged election” are floating out there.  In truth, few grasp what has really happened and fewer still know how to tell the story.

What is here needs to be understood in order to be survived.  To begin with, we are only continuing the tale begun in Damascus in 2014 when we informed a regional security conference there that ISIS is a creation of organized crime and has only a veneer of Wahhabist extremism, just enough to feed the willing press assets who have been tasked to continue the subterfuge.

Most get all of this now, how ISIS is fake terrorism reported by fake news to fake countries with fake governments and fake economies based on fake money.

Our context begins with the news of the day, minor players, press conferences and phony congressional investigations.  Past this, there is an equally phony FBI investigation and for the first time, most readers will get more than empty accusations and bumper sticker analysis.  We are actually going to tell you where it all comes from, who did it and why you should care so sit tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

It is clear to most Americans that Rep. Devin Nunes is involved in “monkey business” of some kind, secret midnight meetings and blatant misuse of his position to scuttle inquiries into President Trump and those around him, official criminal investigations Nunes learned of while questioning FBI Director Comey recently.  Those questions and many more will be answered, answers none want to hear, not Comey, not Nunes and certainly not Trump.

The truth, the real truth presents a dark picture of something more than a simple constitutional crisis or Washington “corruption as usual.”  When threats pouring out of the White House, “we will have your family killed,” taken from court documents filed against Trump, and backed up by our informants as well, something Trump utters several times a day, one of his most common patterns of speech, what we are going to demonstrate for you should make you afraid.

There are, in the United States, no organizations capable of protecting themselves against those you will learn about here.  We will paint a very dark picture, one of a world few would have accepted as possible only a few short months ago.  Today things are different, lies, threats, and bullying are the law of the land.  So is murder and corruption, not the fake news conspiracy theory version.  The dead here are really dead, the threat real as well.

Key sources have told VT how mob bought-and-paid-for Justice Dept. and FBI officials have scuttled investigations into not just Trump, Epstein and Sater, but their bosses – men so powerful no-one can be protected from them, least of all, a president. (continued)

Semion Mogilevich

Semion Mogilevich – ‘The Brainy Don’ and perhaps the world’s most powerful crime boss

Mogilevich was born in 1946 in Kiev’s Podol neighborhood. In 1968, at the age of 22, Mogilevich earned a degree in economics from Lviv University.

In the early 1970s, Mogilevich became part of the Lyuberetskaya crime group in Moscow and was involved in petty theft and fraud. He served two terms, of 3 and 4 years, for currency-dealing offenses.

Alleged Russian organized crime boss, believed by European and the United States federal law enforcement agencies to be the “boss of bosses” of most Russian Mafia syndicates in the world.

Mogilevich is believed to direct a vast criminal empire and is described by the FBI as “the most dangerous mobster in the world.” He has been accused by the FBI of “weapons trafficking, contract murders, extortion, drug trafficking, and prostitution on an international scale.”

Mogilevich’s nicknames include “Don Semyon” and “The Brainy Don” (because of his business acumen). According to US diplomatic cables, he is said to control RosUkrEnergo, a company actively involved in Russia–Ukraine gas disputes, and a partner of Raiffeisen Bank.

In 1994, the Mogilevich group obtained control over Inkombank, one of the largest private banks in Russia, in a secret deal with bank chairman Vladimir Vinogradov, getting direct access to the world financial system. The bank collapsed in 1998 under suspicions of money laundering. Through Inkombank, in 1996 he obtained a significant share in Sukhoi, a large military aircraft manufacturer.

He lives freely in Moscow and has three children. He is most closely associated with the Solntsevskaya Bratva crime group. Political figures he has close alliances with include Yury Luzhkov, the former Mayor of Moscow, Dmytro Firtash and Leonid Derkach, former head of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Oleksandr Turchynov, who was designated as acting President of Ukraine in February 2014, appeared in court in 2010 for allegedly destroying files pertaining to Mogilevich. Shortly before his death, Alexander Litvinenko claimed that Mogilevich has allegedly had a “good relationship” with Vladimir Putin since the 1990s.

See Appendix B for more on Mogilevich and his criminal empire.

Mikhail Fridman

Mikhail Maratovich Fridman, born 21 April 1964 is a Russian entrepreneur, business executive, and philanthropist. With Russian and Israeli citizenship, in 1988 he co-founded Alfa-Group, a large multi-national conglomerate.

In 1990 he co-founded Alfa-Bank, which is now the largest private bank in Russia. Fridman currently sits as chairman of the supervisory board of Alfa Group Consortium, and he is also on the boards of Alfa-Bank and ABH Holdings, which is the Luxembourg-based holding company of Alfa-Banking Group.

Fridman has been a member of numerous public-facing bodies, including the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Public Chamber of Russia, and the Council of Foreign Relations in the United States. Also a philanthropist and active supporter of cultural initiatives, he co-founded both the Russian Jewish Congress, the Genesis Prize, and the Genesis Philanthropy Group, supporting Jewish communities across the FSU.

Based for years out of Moscow and often spending time at corporate headquarters in cities such as Amsterdam and Hamburg, Fridman is unmarried and has four children. Based in Paris, France with his ex-wife as of 2003, in the autumn of 2015 Fridman became primarily based in London, and as of 2016 was in the process of remodeling the Athlone House to be his primary residence.

Tevfik Arif

Born in May 1953, a Kazakh real estate developer and investor. He is the founder of the Bayrock Group. Arif is believed to live in Turkey.

Tevfik Arif was born Tofic Arifov in Cambul in the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic in May 1953. He received an international relations degree from a Moscow university. Prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Arif worked for the USSR’s Ministry of Commerce and Trade for 17 years. He served as the deputy director of its Department of Hotel Management.

Describing how Ivana turned Donald into a Soviet Agent decades ago:

Following the independence of Kazakhstan, Arif and his brother secured ownership of ACCP, a chromium plant in Aktobe that had headquarters in the British Virgin Islands. The brothers developed ties to the Kazakh Trio — Alexander Mashkevitch, Patokh Chodiev, and Alijan Ibragimov. They later established offshore real estate companies to fund high-end developments in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkey.

Arif moved to Turkey in 1993. In 1999, Arif partnered with the Rixos hotel chain to open the Labada luxury hotel in Antalya, Turkey. In 2001, Arif moved some of his businesses to the United States and founded the Bayrock Group, a real estate development company.

He began developing property in Brooklyn, first redeveloping Loehmann’s Seaport Plaza, a waterfront shopping center in Sheepshead Bay. Arif was originally the sole employee of Bayrock, later hiring Felix Sater as managing director.

Tevfik’s son Arif ‘Effendi’ with President Erdoğan at the 9th Yalta conference in Ukraine on 14 September 2012, organized by oligarch Viktor Pinchuk

After moving the Bayrock Group to Trump Tower, Arif developed a relationship with billionaire businessman Donald Trump. Trump provided a licensing deal for the Trump SoHo hotel in a joint venture between the Bayrock Group and the Sapir Organisation.

In 2007, Bayrock traded future profits from Trump SoHo and other projects in exchange for $50 million in financing from Icelandic company FL Group. The arrangement led Bayrock’s finance director to file racketeering lawsuits, alleging that money was diverted to people outside the company, including Salvatore Lauria, an associate of Sater’s.

Trump and Bayrock later developed the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Fort Lauderdale. Arif also worked to introduce Trump to investors from Russia. Through Bayrock, Arif collaborated with Trump on projects in Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Arizona, Colorado, New York, and Florida.

Arif is most likely an underboss and frontman for Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the man who has turned Turkey into his personal criminal fiefdom. Who, with Rex Tillerson of Exxon, now Trump’s Secretary of State, has stolen a trillion dollars of Middle East oil since 9-11.

An astounding article came out today proving once and for all that not only should Trump have never been allowed to run for president, but as early as the aftermath of the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 90s, should have been in prison.

VT has, for the last year, tied Trump and his closest associates, Jeffrey Epstein and Felix Sater to criminal organizations so powerful they supply ISIS with Stinger missiles and, according to FBI reports, materials to make nuclear weapons as well.

Now we find that Felix Sater has for years been the most important FBI informant in history and has tied now-President Trump to a massive criminal organization said to control the government of Russia and now slowly bring America into its pocket as well.

Today’s Senate hearings are all that’s left of America’s independence, as the head of the House investigation has, according to our sources, joined the mob payroll during a secret late-night visit and has quashed all future hearings.

The story that broke today in parallels VT’s own investigation provides useful insights and analysis but misses a few key components as well; because of their importance, we are going to cover them early on.

Since 1991, the Russian mafia, including the bulk of Russia’s KGB and hundreds of Spetsnaz assassins sought a home in the US.

Let’s make a short historical diversion here, to make a crucially important point. Although Jewish prison gangs existed since Tsarist times, it was under Communism that the Jewish Mafia became powerful. After Stalin consolidated his power in the wake of Lenin’s death, he began a series of purges that lasted throughout the 1930s.

In these purges, he removed a large proportion of the Jews from positions of power and influence and sent them off to the Gulags.

This was the founding act of the Russian mafia as we know it today. Stalin allowed these Jewish criminals to largely run the gulags, it was the simplest way to maintain control over what was a colossal population of inmates spread across vast areas of the Russian Far East.

russian mafia
Russian Mafia wear tattoos, a legacy of their prison roots. The various tattoos have different meanings, denoting rank, number of kills etc.


The Russian Mafia is as widespread and diversified as it is powerful and dangerous


Russian mafia


The story essentially starts in 1983 as mob boss and attorney Roy Cohn and his protege underboss Donnie ‘Kiddie Hands’ Trump were using mob money, mob concrete and mob labor to build a headquarters for the global criminal organization Cohn has spent 20 years building.

Trump Tower was equipped with brothels, opium dens, gambling rooms, and plush accommodation, it populated itself with professional gamblers, thugs and fraudsters while becoming home to a menagerie of wealthy crime figures. Trump Tower became Ground Zero for a worldwide criminal enterprise that included Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring and Donald Trump’s ‘property developing’ that was largely a front for laundering mob money.

Into this criminal underworld of glamour, extortion, cocaine, and depravity would walk a new cast of characters, career criminals bent on continuing their chosen vocation in a new land. They were the former inmates of Russia’s prison system, released by Gorbachev as part of his Glasnost reforms.

In 1989, 71,000 Soviet Jews had been given permission to emigrate to Israel, only 12,117 actually went to Israel, the remainder instead chose to move to the USA. Among them was a criminal hardcore that settled in the Brighton Beach area of NYC and soon reached out to the Greek Mafia in Astoria and the Five Families down in Little Italy.

The Pussy Grabber in Chief with his mentor, the notorious homosexual Jewish mob lawyer Roy Cohn. Cohn made Trump in the way a Rabbi forms a Golem from clay, facilitating all of his early business dealings through his ability to bribe or coerce anyone who stood in the way

These newly arrived Russian Jewish Mafia members were able to forge ties between the Jewish Mafia in Russia and the organized crime world in the USA, and they were thus in place and prepared when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and a new era of oligarchs, corruption to the highest levels (including President Yeltsin and his prime ministers) and wholesale looting of the post-Soviet Russian economy.

The Russian Jewish Mafia needed to find a way of laundering the vast wealth they were stealing from Russia so they went looking for partners in the US criminal underworld. They found him in the shape of Donald Trump.

As fate would have it, by 1991, according to his own omission made in his autobiography, Trump was flat broke; an utter failure as a legit businessman, his earlier successes thanks to the mob backing of Roy Cohn seemed but a distant memory. However, Trump soon rose like a phoenix from the flames, his businesses began to enjoy huge cashflow, Trump-branded hotels and casinos became highly profitable.

It was all due to the influx of immense sums of cash from the Russian Jewish Mafia, money stolen from the Russian economy, transferred from the Alfa Bank of oligarch Mikhail Friedman and laundered into the legitimate economy by the Trump organization.

However, Trump had made a deal with the devil and while it brought him great wealth, it also cost him his soul. The Russian Jewish Mafia now owned Donald Trump, they had made him their ‘Suka’ or bitch, from now on, he would do their bidding, he had no other choice as he knew who he was dealing with – men so ruthless and powerful that no-one could stand in their way, men who would wipe out entire families just to make a point, who valued loyalty above all else.

If Trump ever dreamed of betraying them, he would soon learn that ‘Suka’ has a dual meaning, it also means ‘rat’ as in, someone who sells out and becomes an informer to the authorities. In the Gulags, Suka did not last long once discovered and invariably met horrific ends.

In the Gulags, Suka met hideous deaths at the hands of the Jewish Mafia

This marriage between The Trump Organization and the Russian Jewish Mafia that began as a money-laundering operation to enable the asset-stripping of the post-Soviet Russian economy has grown and has now become the biggest security concern, not just for the United States but the entire world, a concern that dwarfs ISIS a million times over. Trump, his tattered empire and all those around him were hijacked by the most powerful criminal organization known to mankind, they became vassals of the Russian Jewish Mafia, their wealth dependent on them, their continued survival contingent on remaining in their good books.

This organization sold nuclear missiles through Ukraine stole 350 ‘matched’ nuclear pits from the US stockpiles at Pantex, this is an organization that not only ate Trump but took control of Israel’s Mossad, India’s RAW security agency and ran roughshod over the FBI and its British and French equivalents. This is the real ‘Deep State’, a product of Russia’s Gulags, a nuclear-armed crime ring capable of threatening world leaders, collapsing markets and staging any level of terror attack anywhere, any time.

This is what is now controlling the United States through its iron grip on Trump – they have the orange one by the balls, he is their Suka, their bitch. The Russian Jewish Mafia has made the entire United States population it’s bitches, they are slowly turning the US into one giant Gulag and I can’t think of anything worse to be than a bitch in a gulag…

From the article:


рамп и его деньги (Trump and his Money)

As Trump lost access to traditional lines of credit, his desperate need for financing led to sources that are murky, at best, including monies traceable back to the former Soviet Union — a circumstance that may explain Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns.

According to two pages of Trump’s 2005 tax returns, purportedly sent anonymously to reporter David Cay Johnston, Trump appeared to make an enormous amount of money that year — earning more than $153 million, which put him into a tiny class of super-rich Americans, probably numbering in the dozens.

Trump’s windfall seems to have developed around the same time that investors from countries of the former Soviet Union started opening the cash spigot.


A 2013 indictment of the illegal high-stakes card games’ organizers, brought by US Attorney Preet Bharara, alleged not only high-stakes illegal gambling and the laundering of approximately $100 million dollars, but also extortion, as ring members used threats and force to strip ”money and property” from clients.

One of the operation’s leaders, Alimzhan “Taiwanchik” Tokhtakhounov, an alleged international crime boss and admitted friend of top Mogilevich lieutenant Vyacheslav “Yaponchik” Ivankov (who, as noted, was found living in Trump Tower at one point), managed the ring from afar; he could not legally enter the US as he was already wanted on charges of trying to bribe ice-skating judges at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. Tokhtakhounov has often been tied to Boss of Bosses Semion Mogilevich.

Bharara, whom Trump recently fired — after accepting the resignations of other US attorneys left over from the Obama administration — is not the only big name who was involved in investigating the goings-on in Trump Tower. Former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch also played a part. Lynch, first a prosecutor and then the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, would have had knowledge of an FBI operation that involved Sater, the Russian mobster-turned-cooperating-witness.

“If he (Sater) were sitting in a room right now, I really wouldn’t know what he looked like.” – Donald Trump, 2013 deposition

While Sater has recently been the subject of some news coverage — his name came up during the March 20 House Intelligence Committee’s public hearing on Russia, when Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) asked FBI Director James Comey about him — no thorough exploration of the Bureau’s dealings with this key informant has been published.

Until now.


The Joke of American Justice

We know that since 1983, Trump Tower has been bugged, a Headquarters for gambling, child prostitution, fraud, extortion, and murder. We also know that by 1992, the Gulag Mafia and KGB had taken over NYC organized crime and with it control of NYCs political scene as well, including the NYPD and the NY State Legislature in Albany.

What isn’t told is that with this they also picked up key members of Congress, fed to them by their partners in the powerful Turkish and Israeli lobbies, control of key committee chairs in both parties. These Senators and House Representatives they controlled allowed them to subvert and eventually penetrate the FBI, the Justice Dept. the Securities and Exchange Commission, the DEA,  the Dept. of Labor and the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.

The Gulag Mafia was allowed to establish banks, open investment houses, write their own regulations, even investigate their own wrongdoing.  When sued, and Trump and his associates have been sued countless times for endless failed projects, plaintiff attorneys were threatened or bought or, often as not, mob-owned judges, like out of a Godfather film, simply threw cases out of court.

Where that didn’t happen, Felix Sater’s FBI handlers began phony criminal investigations putting the force of the Justice Department behind the Gulag Mafia’s reign of terror that continues to this day.

The reason behind all of this, as explained above was money laundering, Ponzi schemes, pump-and-dump frauds and the seemingly endless series of real estate investment scams to carry the Trump, Bayrock, and Kushner names.

The FBI and Dept. of Justice with Trump lieutenant Felix Sater as an informant, could have brought it all down – except for one thing: while the FBI and Justice Dept. turned Felix Sater, Sater, aided by the powerful AIPAC lobby in Washington, actually turned both the FBI and Justice Depts and put those assigned to the case on the payroll of the Russian Mafia.

So we have a situation where the FBI agents who investigated Trump became his personal security guards during the campaign and on-demand, made gratuitous pronouncements about his innocence.


The US Attorneys involved, except for Loretta Lynch and recently fired Preet Bharara went to work for law firms controlled by, now wait for it – the Gulag Mafia. This is where our quite excellent story comes up short, where it is easily seen that individuals like Dept. of Labour head Acosta, the man who saved Trump and Epstein from decades in prison for child rape and murder, moved into a cabinet post, the extent of what these others have done is too frightening to be published until now.

Our sources tell us that while the FBI and Justice Dept. protected Sater as a key informant, they, in actuality sabotaged case after case against Trump and his Gulag friends, keeping them briefed, giving names of potential witnesses, many of whom suffered unusual fates and ran investigations over a cliff.

Every document, every source, every bit of information the FBI and Dept of Justice have accumulated in over 30 years of investigation of one of the largest criminal organizations worldwide have for years now been turned over the moment they were received.

From the article:

Much Less Than Six Degrees of Separation

While all this high-stakes maneuvering between the US and Russia over Ukraine was unfolding, the DOJ and FBI were hard at work to prevent the Sater-Trump story from becoming widely known.

WhoWhatWhy has learned that a number of key law-enforcement figures associated with Sater’s role as a government informant have continued protecting him — which has inevitably helped to keep under wraps the criminal goings-on in Trump Tower. One of these figures even went on to work for Trump.

FBI Special Agent Gary Uher not only investigated (alongside fellow Agent Leo Taddeo) the early “pump and dump” case that originally snared Sater, he also apparently served as one of Sater’s handlers. After Uher retired from the Bureau’s New York office in 2011, he went into the private security business with another former FBI agent, in a firm named XMark — which became one of a small army of private security firms that guarded Trump during the presidential campaign. (Neither Uher nor Taddeo responded to requests for comment.)

In fact, both XMark and Uher personally began receiving payments from the campaign as soon as Trump announced, in June 2015. Uher’s name surfaced in the press a handful of times, sometimes in allegations that he roughly handled protestors at Trump rallies. Yet until now, no one has pointed out that before he went to work for Trump, Uher ran Sater.

It is not clear how Trump and Uher would have even known each other were it not for the man both knew in common — the man Trump was consistently vague about during the campaign — Felix Sater.

As for Taddeo, in July 2016, as talk of possible efforts by the Kremlin to help Trump’s campaign continued to pick up steam, the Washington Post ran a story that downplayed the possibility and quoted the ex-agent, now in the private sector: “This is not Putin trying to help Trump,’’ he said. The article identified Taddeo as “a former FBI special agent in charge of cyber and special operations in New York”.; it did not tell readers he had been Sater’s former FBI handler when Sater worked with Trump.

The paths of other central characters in the case are also curious.

Two of Loretta Lynch’s colleagues at the Eastern District US Attorney’s office, Leslie Caldwell and Kelly Anne Moore, left government service to join the law firm of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, and both represented Sater at his 2009 sentencing hearing. Caldwell returned to government work in late 2013 when she was tapped to serve as Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division — the number three position at the Justice Department.

Moore is still at Morgan Lewis. That firm was hired post-election by Trump to sort out ethical issues concerning possible conflicts of interest — which considering this history takes on a whole new meaning. (Neither Caldwell nor Moore responded to requests for comment.)

Trump’s announcement that he had retained Morgan Lewis as ethics counsel was clearly meant to blunt calls for disinvestment or use of a blind trust for the oversight of his businesses. Curiously, on the same day that Trump made the announcement, the Moscow office of Morgan Lewis was named “Russia Law Firm of the Year” for 2016 by an industry association.

By entrusting Morgan Lewis with addressing his conflicts — and presumably demanding confidentiality agreements in the process, as is his practice — was Trump insulating himself from the release of information that would reveal the true nature of his financial relationship with Sater, Bayrock, and others?

Such revelations — which could have exposed Sater’s criminal history, his interactions with Trump, the full scope of Bayrock’s financial arrangements with the Trump Organization, and perhaps the true source of Bayrock’s financing — all would be covered by the attorney-client privilege.


Since publishing this article, USA Today published their own findings on Trump.  The issue with all three pieces is timing and the oft mentioned constitutional crisis that Rep. Devin Nunes, the idiot he is, has no idea he is pushing Americans into.  There is no easy way out of this kind of thing, not a new constitutional convention when the failings of the old one make even thinking about it a disaster.

We have ended up with an illegal standing army, we now have virtual royalty, we have a central bank, we have a national police force, we have a congress based on reapportionment that is well outside any equality protections.  The constitution has failed us despite pronouncements by George Soros to the contrary.  Soros just doesn’t get it.

To top-level decision-makers, and some of those are still in governments, the hierarchy of non-state players, secret societies, terror groups, rogue intelligence agencies, banking cartels and, as described in detail above, multi-generational organized crime, when paired with multi-national corporations, overshadows any world government and enfeebles as well.

In any nation controlling as few as a dozen people can turn a government and this is large and powerful nations like the United States.  In the US, the “lockstep” enforced discipline of the GOP made this easy, a party made up of Wall Street, defense and oil industry types who filled congress with hillbillies and hacks.

When Americans look to the likes of Senator’s McCain and Graham for leadership and judgment, terms like “insanity” and “desperation” come to mind.  Neither is sound with McCain the more intelligent of the two.  Graham is purely delusional and endlessly corrupt with McCain beyond redemption and they are, on the GOP side, the best of the lot.

Our hypothesis on what it takes to control a government is significant.  What can be done, in each case, has been done.  There are no independent leaders out there with what may be very few exceptions.  Watchers continue to focus on Putin and we are among them.  He is by far the most consistent though by American standards “heavy-handed” domestically.  Not so much to make excuses but in the “real world,” seeming weak is a disaster, those around you wait for signs and descend like jackals.

This is what kept Assad from disassembling his family’s hold on Syria, something we know he planned.  The disaster Syria faces today would quite well have been a thousand times worse if he had allowed extensive reforms.  This is simply how things are, like leaving the door of the chicken coop open.

The Trump issue is in the US is unprecedented.  The electorate, by a moderate but firm majority never supported him.  He lost the popular vote by millions.  His own base is falling apart, now more a sign of American failures, insanity, extremism and decades of propagandization.

The options?  Military overthrow?  Impeachment?  Assassination?

Each becomes more likely as “business as usual”in Washington is threatened by bad leadership and signs Trump may not only be a psychopath but unpredictable as well.  Unpredictability might well get him murdered or it might save him if we are to judge by Machiavelli.

What is clear is that there is a dual game here.  Trump’s moves thus far are to disassemble American democracy, destroy American health care, education, push cities into ruin and bring back the Eisenhower 1950s.  This makes him simply a Republican, this is where they always go, nothing is new.

Destroying the dreams of John Kennedy, making America a place where decent people are ashamed, has become too easy.  America’s failures are humanity’s failures for sure.

Further Reading:

Appendix A


Reporters: Jonathan Z. Larsen is the former editor of The Village Voice, whose reporting team included the late Wayne Barrett and Robert I. Friedman. These people and the paper produced many of the important early investigative reports on Donald Trump and on the mob. Larsen is now a senior editor and board member of WhoWhatWhy. Russ Baker, a former investigative reporter for The Village Voice, is Editor-in-Chief of WhoWhatWhy. C. Collins is a WhoWhatWhy reporter.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation cannot tell us what we need to know about Donald Trump’s contacts with Russia. Why? Because doing so would jeopardize a long-running, ultra-sensitive operation targeting mobsters tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin — and to Trump.

But the Feds’ stonewalling risks something far more dangerous: Failing to resolve a crisis of trust in America’s president. WhoWhatWhy provides the details of a two-month investigation in this 6,500-word exposé.

The FBI apparently knew, directly or indirectly, based upon available facts, that prior to Election Day, Trump and his campaign had personal and business dealings with certain individuals and entities linked to criminal elements — including reputed Russian gangsters — connected to Putin.

The same facts suggest that the FBI knew or should have known enough prior to the election to justify informing the public about its ongoing investigation of potentially compromising relationships between Trump, Putin, and Russian mobsters — even if it meant losing or exposing a valued informant.


It will take an agency independent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to expose Donald Trump’s true relationship with Moscow and the role Russia may have played in getting him elected.

Director James Comey recently revealed in a congressional hearing for the first time that the FBI “is investigating … the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia’s efforts.”

However, a two-month WhoWhatWhy investigation has revealed an important reason the Bureau may be facing undisclosed obstacles to revealing what it knows to the public or to lawmakers.

Read Full Appendix A at >>>

Appendix B

Semion Yudkovich Mogilevich (b. June 30, 1946) is a Ukrainian-born [Jewish] organized crime boss, believed by European and the United States federal law enforcement agencies to be the “boss of bosses” of most Russian Mafia syndicates in the world. He is believed to direct a vast criminal empire and is described by the FBI as “the most dangerous mobster in the world”.

Mogilevich’s nicknames include “Don Semyon”, and “The Brainy Don” (because of his business acumen). He is said to control RosUkrEnergo, a company actively involved in Russia–Ukraine gas disputes.

He is based in Moscow, Russia. He has three children and is most closely associated with the Solntsevskaya Bratva crime group. Political figures he has close alliances with include Yury Luzhkov, the former Mayor of Moscow, Dmytro Firtash and Leonid Derkach, former head of the Security Service of Ukraine. Oleksandr Turchynov, former Prime Minister of Ukraine, went to court for allegedly destroying files pertaining to Mogilevich. Mogilevich is believed to have ordered many assassinations of his enemies across the world, including both shootings and car-bombs.


Mogilevich was born in Kiev’s Podol neighborhood to a Jewish family.

In 1968, at the age of 22, Mogilevich earned a degree in economics from Lviv University.

In the early 1970s, Mogilevich became part of the Lyuberetskaya crime group in Moscow and was involved in petty theft and fraud. He served two terms (3 and 4 years) for currency-dealing offenses.

During the 1980s, tens of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian Jews were emigrating to Israel on short notice and without the ability to quickly transfer their possessions. Mogilevich would offer to sell a property – their furniture, art, and diamonds – on behalf of the prospective émigrés, promising to forward the money on to Israel. The money was, instead, used to invest in the black market and criminal activities. In 1990, already a millionaire, Mogilevich moved to Israel, together with several top lieutenants. Here he invested in a wide range of legal businesses, whilst continuing to operate a worldwide network of prostitution, weapon, and drug smuggling through a complex web of offshore companies.

In 1991 Mogilevich married his Hungarian girlfriend Katalin Papp, moved to Hungary, and had three children with her, obtaining a Hungarian passport; at this point, Mogilevich held Russian, Ukrainian, Israeli and Hungarian citizenship. Living in a fortified villa outside Budapest, he continued to invest in a wide array of enterprises, including buying a local armament factory, “Army Co-Op”, which produced anti-aircraft guns.

In 1994, the Mogilevich group obtained control over Inkombank, one of the largest private banks in Russia, in a secret deal with bank chairman Vladimir Vinogradov, getting direct access to the world financial system. The bank collapsed in 1998 under suspicions of money laundering. Through Inkombank, in 1996 he obtained a significant share in Sukhoi, a large military aircraft manufacturer.

In May 1995, a meeting in Prague between Mogilevich and Sergei Mikhailov, head of the Solntsevo group, was raided by the Czech police. The occasion was a birthday party for one of the deputy Solntsevo Mafiosi. Two hundred partygoers (including dozens of prostitutes) in the restaurant “U Holubů” (owned by Mogilevich) were detained and thirty expelled from the country.

Police had been tipped off that the Solntsevo group intended to execute Mogilevich at the party over a disputed payment of $5 million. But Mogilevich never showed and it is believed that a senior figure in the Czech police, working with the Russian mafia, had warned him. Soon, however, the Czech Interior Ministry imposed a 10-year entry ban on Mogilevich, while the Hungarian government declared him persona non grata and the British barred his entry into the UK, declaring him “one of the most dangerous men in the world”.

Both Mogilevich and his associate Mikhailov ceased to travel to the west in the late 1990s, although Mogilevich retains an Israeli passport. In 1997 and 1998, the presence of Mogilevich, Mikhailov, and others associated with the Russian Mafia behind a public company trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), YBM Magnex International Inc., was exposed by Canadian journalists. On May 13, 1998, dozens of agents for the FBI and several other U.S. government agencies raided YBM’s headquarters in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Shares in the public company, which had been valued at $1 billion on the TSX, became worthless overnight. As to Mogilevich himself, government law enforcement agencies from throughout the world had by now been trying to prosecute him for over 10 years. But he had, in the words of one journalist, “a knack for never being in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Until 1998, Inkombank and Bank Menatep participated in a US$10 billion money-laundering scheme through the Bank of New York.

Mogilevich was also suspected of participating in large scale tax fraud, where untaxed heating oil was sold as highly taxed car fuel – one of the greatest scandals that broke around 1990-1. Estimates are that up to one-third of sold fuels went through this scheme, resulting in massive tax losses for countries of Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland). In the Czech Republic, the scandal is estimated to cost the taxpayers around 100 billion CZK (~5 bl US$) and involved, besides others, murders and assassination attempts of a journalist writing about the problem.

In 2003, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation put Mogilevich on the “Wanted List” for participation in the scheme to defraud investors in Canadian company YBM Magnex International Inc. Frustrated by their previous unsuccessful efforts to charge him for arms trafficking and prostitution, they had now settled on the large-scale fraud charges as their best hope of running him to ground. He was, however, considered to be the most powerful Russian mobster alive.

In a 2006 interview, former Clinton administration anti-organized-crime czar Jon Winer said: “I can tell you that Semion Mogilevich is as serious an organized criminal as I have ever encountered and I am confident that he is responsible for contract killings.”

Mogilevich was arrested in Moscow on January 24, 2008, for suspected tax evasion. His bail was placed, and he was released on July 24, 2009. On his release, the Russian interior ministry stated that he was released because the charges against him “are not of a particularly grave nature”. On October 22, 2009, he was named by the FBI as the 494th fugitive to be placed on the Ten Most Wanted list.

In spite of Mogilevich’s activities and the warrants issued against him, according to the FBI his primary residence is still Moscow.

The following is from “When Victims Rule”:

Banking throughout the world, and throughout history, has always had a high Jewish involvement. Among the most sinister Russian Jewish thugs today is Semion Mogilevich, who the Village Voice headlined in 1998 as the “world’s most dangerous gangster.” Mogilevich, with a base in Brighton Beach, has also acquired Israeli citizenship and reportedly runs international “torture,” prostitution, and drug rings. He heads a criminal group called the Red Mafia, of which “many of the organization’s 250 members are his relatives.” They also trade in illegal nuclear materials and legally purchased “the entire Hungarian armaments industry.”

He also “bought a string of nightclubs in Prague, Riga, and Kiev known as the “black and white clubs’ which became notorious centers of prostitution … After the breakup of the Soviet Union [he] is reputed to control almost everything that passes in and out of Sheremetyero Airport, Moscow’s principal international terminal.”

In 1999 Mogilevech turned up again in the news. The International Monetary Fund was embroiled in controversy when it was discovered that billions of dollars lent to the Russian government had been laundered into private hands. The Wall Street Journal called it “one of the biggest money-laundering schemes to be uncovered in the United States.”

The Jewish-centered scandal (never publicly named as such) broke at the Bank of New York where Lucy Edwards (originally named Ludmilla Pritzker; married to Jewish Russian banker Peter Berlin, a “reputed Mogilevech lieutenant”) and Natasha Garfinkel Kagalovsky were placed “on unpaid leave while investigations continued. Both women are beloved to work in the bank’s Eastern Europe department and are married to Russians. The central character in the investigation [is] Mogilevech.”

“The IMF,” notes Jonathan Steele, “found itself pouring millions into Russia simply to protect the value of the ruble and western banks … Konstanin Kagalovsky [also Jewish] served from 1992 to 1995 as the link man [for the Russian government] to the IMF. Now, vice-president of Yukos oil, he has been in the news this month because it was through the accounts which his wife managed at the Bank of New York that millions of dollars from Russia flowed.” Kagalovsky was a former executive at Bank Menatep, “one of Russia’s largest banks.” This bank was controlled by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, also Jewish (whose “internet bank” based in Antigua was called by some regulators “a scam”).

Mogilevich, noted the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, is “the central suspect in an international bank-fraud that investigators term the biggest in money-laundering history. … Mogilevich’s mob is said to be the largest and most dangerous criminal organization to emerge from the backdrop of the Soviet Union … Most of its members are Jewish … Cash movements began just before the August 1998 ruble devaluation that led to the Russian financial crisis …

Others whose names have surfaced in the mushrooming probe include several so-called ‘oligarchs,’ the business tycoons, many of them Jewish, who control much of post-communist Russia’s privatized industry.” (Those noted by the Journal were Jewish tycoons Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Boris Berezovsky, and Vladimir Goussinsky. More about them, their links to the “Russian mafia,” and their influence in the Russian mass media, in the Mass Media chapter. In 1998, Berezovsky’s daughter Yelizaveta was arrested for cocaine possession St. Petersburg). (In 2002, Catya Sassoon, daughter of famous Jewish hair mogul Vidal Sassoon, “died of a suspected drug overdose after a New Year’s Eve party.”)

“All told, Mogilevich’s mob may have looted as much as $15 billion from the Russian economy in the last few years.”


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