Blockbuster: ‘Dime Store Hitler,’ Trump is Russia’s man tasked with destroying America – Special Report (video restored)

"The communist intelligence service in Prague stepped up its spying campaign against Donald Trump in the late 1980s, targeting him to gain information about the “upper echelons of the US government” - The Guardian


What did we do to Russia that they did this to us?  Truth is, America probably deserves it and Donald Trump is making sure America will never rise again…

VT Exclusive: The headlines below are from a single morning, this morning of Russia Today, a state run publication that, before Trump, supported minority rights in the US and made a reputation for demanding a more just society everywhere, of course, but Russia.

To understand the context, why Russian media has gone to war with BLM and has sided with police, with Trump and with the neocons is a mystery.  Questions about General Michael Flynn and his cash influx from Russia Today come up as do issues of nearly everyone around Trump except William Barr, current Attorney General of the United States.

We ask some hard questions about Barr but also about Robert Mueller, Barr’s closest friend at the CIA back in the 70s, according to Chip Tatum, and those who many assert protect Russia’s “man in Washington,” Donald Trump.

Now, as the FBI claims, and we are offering proof, Trump, a man put in office to make America everything but great, enjoys the support of a nation many think of as America’s biggest enemy.

The Judeo-Russian Mafia: From the Gulag to Brooklyn to World Dominion

VT, using information supplied by Gene ‘Chip’ Tatum, which we turned over to the FBI, asserts that Robert Mueller and William Barr did, in fact, orchestrated a failed investigation of Trump and Russia in order to insulate Trump from a real investigation.

Part II

Tatum asserts that Mueller and Barr set up a fake “Russiagate” to protect Trump who had been recruited years ago when he married Ivana.  From the Guardian:

“The communist intelligence service in Prague stepped up its spying campaign against Donald Trump in the late 1980s, targeting him to gain information about the “upper echelons of the US government”, archive files and testimony from former cold war spies reveal.

Czechoslovakia’s Státní bezpečnost (StB) carried out a long-term spying mission against Trump following his marriage in 1977 to his first wife, Ivana Zelníčková. The operation was run out of Zlín, the provincial town in south-west Czechoslovakia where Zelníčková was born and grew up.

Ivana’s father, Miloš Zelníček, gave regular information to the local StB office about his daughter’s visits from the US and on his celebrity son-in-law’s career in New York. Zelníček was classified as a “conspiratorial” informer. His relationship with the StB lasted until the end of the communist regime.

New archive records obtained by the Guardian and the Czech magazine Respekt show the StB’s growing interest in Trump after the 1988 US presidential election, won by George HW Bush. The StB’s first directorate responsible for foreign espionage sought to “deepen” its Trump-related activity.”

The Vice deepens the plot with an investigative piece that shows Trump to have handed his life over to Russian intelligence, which in turn, saved his crumbling empire with a flood of Russian mob cash.

His big hotel deals in Moscow never happened but Russian cash, initially $365 million and then much more along with backing on $4 billion in Deutsche Bank loans, despite fake financials and four bankruptcies…the cash that made Trump’s ‘house of cards’ empire.

All of it came through Russia and KBG control of Deutsche Bank which they gained during the reign of Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Kohl was Russia’s man running Germany, Russia’s man in NATO, handled through a German trade officer married into Putin’s own family.

This Russian/German connection first took over Cyprus, opening banks there, then partnering with key Greek criminal groups in Astoria, New York (former home of Steinway Pianos).

Using these relationships they bought their way into the US Senate and into control of the Senate Banking Committee, which allowed them to set up mechanisms for laundering stolen Soviet cash, billions of it, into New York’s real estate empires, eventually landing on the crumbling and bankrupt Trump empire of the 90s, which rose from the ashes with the Russian financed Bayrock partnership under Felix Sater.

How Trump became the Russian mafia’s bitch (video restored)

A second center of power became Rosas, Spain, a sleepy community near Barcelona where Russian oligarchs began infiltrating the EU and, in the process, buying its banks.

In the US, the center became Florida, land of Mar a Lago and Roger Stone.  There, Russian oligarchs friendly to Trump’s Soho partners, bring their wives and girl friends to give birth to new American citizens to run their massive empire in New York, Las Vegas and South Florida.

While the president rails against children of undocumented immigrants, wealthy Russians rent his condos—at huge costs—so they can have American kids.

“A shocking series of events is taking place at luxury condos bearing President Donald Trump’s name. As it turns out, Russian women are flocking by the hundreds for a brief stay at the prime real estate – and guests have been left horrified by the one thing they are all bringing with them.

Russian women (left) are flocking to condos (center) owned by President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, 2)

If there’s anything Trump doesn’t need in his life right now, it’s more Russians. Every time a whining liberal hears anything about the communist country in relation to the president, they cry foul and start screaming about impeachment again.

Not only have thousands of Russian mothers given birth in South Florida, many if not most at Trump properties, the numbers are going up and up.

As it turns out, it looks like there’s a shocking new trend taking place in Florida that involves, well, Russian women. However, this doesn’t so much hurt Trump the way that leftists may hope, but it could actually do some damage to his political image.

According to NBC, hundreds of Russian women are flocking to America with many of them targeting Trump Condos for their stay. Sure, that doesn’t sound bad, but guests have been horrified to see the one thing all these women are bringing with them – and it’s a problem.

You see, these women aren’t coming to take in the sights or have a luxury vacation here at a building with Trump’s name on it. They’re coming to have babies. In fact, every one of the women coming over is pregnant and decided to take the trip for the sole purpose of birthing their children on American soil.”

Not all of this was done to run Donald Trump, Russia has many other Americans as well.  Here, their control of Mitt Romney is outlined by a former FBI agent who went on the record.

These recordings tie over 100 GOP members of congress to the KGB payroll and to partnerships with drug cartels and outlines how they are paid, how they are controlled and their plan to enrich themselves while America descends into anarchy.

Even longtime peace advocate George Galloway has embraced racism and fear mongering as you will see below.  Those who thought he was above being turned were wrong.

Russia may not be an ‘enemy’ but Russia definitely wants the US hated around the world, impoverished at home, weakened, vulnerable and under her control.  Trump has done exactly that.  Now view them, the proof, one single day at


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  1. This a new one, invasion of USA by pregnant Russians, and a fiendish plot by ??? For the purpose of. ???

  2. The US has been creating its own downfall through multiple administrations. The off-shoring of manufacturing over multiple decades, creating the circumstances for a Russia and China alliance, the endless and stupid wars to feed the MIC, the pointless sanctions and the intent to steal other nations resources and turning a blind eye to Israeli behavior. Even the vassal states in Europe are getting restless. This has all been driven by US policies and Trump and the virus have just accelerated things. I doubt if the vast majority Russians give a stuff about the US except for all the US bases and biolabs stuck on their borders. I’d suggest that Russia might actually prefer the US as an ally but that would never be possible given the perfidious nature of Washington. I think China is a whole different ball game in terms of taking on the US.

  3. Oh, but didn’t you you know, Ray? Putin is also “Israel’s” man! That’s why Putin destroyed “Israel’s” chemical weapons false flag narrative in Syria, and had Zionists like Nuland and Kolomoisky drop an anti-Putin coup in Ukraine…

    Trump and the Zionists then helped Putin and Russia by shipping Javelin missiles to anti-Putin Ukraine, pulling out of the INF treaty, trying to move more American troops into Poland, and increasing the warmongering against Russia’s allies like Iran, Venezuela, China, etc…. [/sarcasm]

    • Edward: Consider reading an article and posting a comment related to the article itself. Just a thought…

    • Understood, will do so in the future. Thought this link was somewhat important, specifically because it’s in the Israeli press. That’s the irony,…anything concerning Israel which is censured in the US press, can most times be found in more liberal (and honest Israeli media).

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