Fox News doubles down, Trump calls US Servicemen ‘suckers’ …hates ALL Vietnam Vets, not just McCain

President bonespur described those who fought in Vietnam as 'losers' because they did not find a way around the draft


From the normally despicable (pro-Trump) UK Daily Mail

  • Trump called US soldiers killed or injured ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’, senior administration sources told the Atlantic 
  • The Atlantic says Trump cancelled a visit a US war grave because he was worried about his hair in the rain 
  • The president was expected to attend a ceremony at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in Paris in 2018 
  • He reportedly asked: ‘Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers’ 
  • He also allegedly referred to 1,800 Marines who died in the WWI Battle of Belleau Wood in France as ‘suckers’ 
  • He reportedly asked ‘Who were the good guys in this war?’ 
  • Trump is also alleged to have said he didn’t understand why the US would intervene on the side of the Allies 
  • The president allegedly said those who served in the Vietnam were ‘losers’ as they failed to dodge the draft 
  • Fox News and the Washington Post have confirmed the reporting, while AP has confirmed part of it  
  • The White House mounted furious pushback, hammering the piece for using anonymous sources
  • Melania Trump on Friday said the story was false and ‘activism’
  • Trump suggested that John Kelly – who has remained silent on the report – was a source for the ‘false’ story  
  • Trump also said Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin, who confirmed the Atlantic story, should be fired 

Donald Trump on Friday night demanded that Fox News fire a reporter after she confirmed a series of highly-damaging incidents detailed in an Atlantic article. In the magazine story, Trump said he did not understand why the United States intervened on behalf of the Allies, and why Americans signed up for the war, because they were not going to get rich through fighting. He described those who fought in Vietnam as ‘losers’ because they did not find a way around the draft.

The president re-tweeted an article in Breitbart which attempted to pour cold water on Fox News’ confirmation, noting that the reporter, Jennifer Griffin (right), was unable to confirm that the president cancelled a 2018 trip to a Paris war cemetery because he was worried about his hair. Griffin instead reported he simply did not want to go. And she was not able to confirm he called World War One veterans ‘suckers’ – only that he called Vietnam veterans ‘suckers’. Melania Trump on Friday night defended her husband (left).




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  1. While there can be no question that his contempt for veterans is truly despicable even Mr. Trump in his vast ignorance occasionally, perhaps accidentally, does being up a valid question. Why indeed did the US enter WW1 not simply on the side of the Allies but on any side at all? It was an entirely European war that had nothing at all to do with North America. In fact our friends (and relatives) across the border in Quebec almost entirely avoided military service on this ground alone. Now, more than a century after that obscene bloodletting, why indeed did any thinking person get involved in a conflict among colonial powers about who would have which colonies? The 1800 Marines who died at Belleau Wood were not suckers nor losers but fools as have been all of us who went to Vietnam and later wars. The only winners have been the bankers and the arms manufacturers.

  2. “You quote anonymous leakers as though they are fact…”. How about Trump’s niece and sister, or Bolton, or Mattis, or Cohen, or Stormy Daniels? They’re not anonymous.

  3. Trump has conned you Trumpsters into thinking that he’s the aggrieved party here when in fact, the COVID-19 bio-attack on the USA that you referred to was planned last year, way before it ever hit China or Iran. Even the Jerusalem Post says that Trump warned Israel about it in the second week of November. He also warned his Likudnik bankster pals that there would be free money from the US treasury coming their way in the Spring. Did he warn us about it? No. If he wins re-election this Fall it will only be because gangster, Sheldon Adelson, has given him “30 pieces of silver” again, just like he did in 2016, and pulled strings with the Kosher Nostra to get him elected. Trump is certainly not the America-firster he pretends to be.

  4. US servicemen .. fooled into not realising they’re little more than Mafia goons working to loot and murder for the US Mafia overlords.

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