Abe The Foxman: Trump bad for America and bad for the Jewish People

For 50+ years, I kept out of politics; now, with a demagogue who threatens American democracy as US president, I must speak out


Foxman built the organization, the MEGA billionaires led by gambling boss Shelly Adelson and the Kosher Nostra oligarch/mobsters that rigged the 2000 election, the 2004 election and put Trump in the office though he lost the popular vote by not 4 million but closer to 15 million votes.

Now he wants to join VT to damn his own stepchild.  OK, this is his chance and we thus give him the space to make his point.

Abe could apologize to VT but all we can say is ‘too little/too late.’

For decades, Abe called standing up for America, like he is asking others to do now, “anti-Semitism.”  Now that Jews around the world face the gas chambers again.

Foxman addresses American Jews, not like they are children, but as though they are “lesser peoples.”  He praises Trump for all the horrific things he did on behalf of Israel that caused so much suffering for others, assuming Jews are so stupid they don’t know right from wrong.

Our question is whether they care.  Our hope is yes, though Foxman makes it clear that he believes Jews have no moral center.  Could he be an anti-Semite?  He certainly sounds like one – Gordon Duff

Abe Foxman

by Abe Foxman, former head of the ADL and longtime blood enemy of VT

Times of Israel: Nothing pains me more than to speak up with anguish in the face of this presidential election. But silence is not an option. American Jewry confronts a fateful choice. Another four years of Donald Trump will be nothing less than a body blow for our country and our community.

I must acknowledge the unexpected nature of this statement. For more than half a century, I avoided public positions on electoral politics. When I chose a career working for the Jewish people, I took on a sacred obligation, like so many other professionals, to avoid taking sides in partisan contests — an obligation I carried into retirement.

When our democracy is weakened, and when nativism is stoked, the rights of Jews and other minorities will be diminished too. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen, and Jews know this well from bitter experiences.

I respect any American, and any Jewish American, who continues to identify with and support the Republican party, which has made significant and lasting contributions to the Jewish community. And I understand why some of these voters are struggling with their decision.

In my mind, the case is closed. His leadership endangers our democracy, and therefore our community.

My reasoning is simple and stark: Trump’s presidency — in spirit and in deed — has given succor to bigots, supremacists, and those seeking to divide our society. He and his administration dehumanize immigrants, demonize the most vulnerable, and undermine the civility and enlightened political culture that has allowed Jews to achieve what no Diaspora community outside Israel can claim in two millennia.

What’s more, American Jews look beyond our own parochial interests, for we know that our future is inextricably tied to the welfare of others. Promoting tolerance, inclusion, and equality is non-negotiable. Defending immigrants and refugees is an inseparable part of our collective story — and my own, as a Holocaust survivor and a refugee.

We must ask ourselves: Is America stronger, more stable, and more caring than it was before Trump entered office?

For me, the answer is clear. No. I know I am not alone.

Talk to Jewish community leaders in private and read surveys of the Jewish public. After decades of progress, following successive generations of rising metrics of safety and security, Jews are filled with fear and anxiety. President Trump shoulders a good measure of the blame.

Is the president of the United States an anti-Semite?

No. But that’s not the right question.

Has his leadership lifted America? Has it made Jews feel more secure? Is he our best hope for healing our nation and addressing the twin crises of a pandemic and a reckoning with racism?

If anyone needs another reason, look beyond our borders. A stable, credible, influential, revered — and sometimes feared — America has been a force multiplier for world Jewry for decades, often in ways that are most clearly visible to those of us working behind the scenes on behalf of global Jewish causes. Remember freedom for Soviet, Ethiopian, and Syrian Jewry.

Here, too, there is no doubt in my mind that Trump’s failings of character and America’s dismal global standing have hurt Jewish interests.

It is true that Trump has made decisions that many in our community have waited for, including his decision on Jerusalem, which I support. But these decisions have come at the cost of Trump’s frontal assault on bipartisan support for Israel, and some have been clothed in deeply offensive stereotypes about Jews and their ties to the Jewish state.

Our community has an enormous stake in bipartisanship. It is the only way to combat anti-Semitism and bigotry. It is how we built a strong US-Israel alliance.

Indeed, I grew up in an America where Jews were not fully integrated and Washington’s support for Israel was wafer thin. Yet the reality is different now, in large part because leaders of conscience have cultivated and sustained the broadest possible base of support for this agenda.

Trump has damaged that necessary consensus, and we cannot permit Jews and Israel to be weaponized for anyone’s narrow political interests.

We do have a reason for hope. I have known Joe Biden for many years, and I have confidence he will restore the equilibrium that has been lost. He has been an ally, and he has repeatedly pledged to aggressively fight anti-Semitism. I am confident he and Kamala Harris will not back down from confronting Israel’s enemies and detractors, even if they emerge within their own party.

I am old enough to remember a world where illiberalism ran amok and dictators held vast numbers of our brothers and sisters hostage, behind Iron Curtains and worse.

And I am old enough to recall a style of Jewish American politics that was more quietist, more hesitant, a politics of a minority too accustomed to keeping its head down.

But thankfully, American Jews left this behind — yet another reason I cannot be silent at this inflection point in history.

Nor can any of us, for the sake of our nation, our people, and our world.

Abraham H. Foxman is director emeritus of the Anti-Defamation League. These views are his own.


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  1. Basically, Abraham H. Foxman repeats the tripe “truths” that Ezrah Pound broadcasted to US of North A jews from Italy during WW II — xcept Pond did it for fascists out of Italy, and Foxman now for someone out of the US of North A towards a like audience. This is what the Chinese Peking University scholar of philosophy Fēng Yŏulán (/Fung Yû-Lan) translated by Derk Bodde called “abstract transmission of tradition” in philosophy — or rather in/of ideology.

  2. Basically, Abraham H. Foxman repeats the tripe “truths” that Ezrah Pound broadcasted to US of North A jews from Italy during WW II — xcept Pond did it for fascists out of Italy, and Foxman now for someone out of the US of North A towards a like audience. This is what the Chinese Peking University scholar of philosophy Fēng Yŏulán (/Fung Yû-Lan) translated by Derrk Bodde called “abstract transmission of tradition” in philosophy — or rather in/of ideology.

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    So the fox has had the run of the hen-house for years and killed and destroyed everything that moved – everything that crossed his path, yet miraculously, it was faithfully restocked to allow the killing splurge continue. In younger days and very active nights poorly mended fences helped the wily old fox raid neighboring farms at will. Meanwhile fields went fallow, crops rotted where they stood and damaged sheds and outhouses creaked for repair. But now the Fox – aged, bloated and flea-ridden worries about the fires sweeping the surrounding hills. “They were here last year too. So why worry,’ he reasons. Maybe, a new farmer will build a brick extension to the seeming abbatoir – feathers and chicken-shit matted in heaps of foul smelling blood, reeking to high heaven. Maybe even knock down and rebuild the hen hut. Outside, neglected farm animals run around helter-skelter. Trouble is everywhere. Neighboring farmers gather at his gate by night and argue under lighted torches and brandished pitchforks cursing him for the pollution of the river and local streams and ground water from the leaking pig slurry. And always they bring up about the wily fox, they accuse him of hiding, even though it has been months since he raided abroad.

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  4. Just try and raise money for a production business in the USA and you will find just how unequal the goyim and (most of) Judea really are. 30 years of entrepreneurship makes me believe the US is destine for catastrophic failure because of the very same debt money system that got them thrown out of many other host countries (pogroms). As far as holocaust and the poor Jews…. read the headline of the march 24, 1933 London Daily Express.

  5. “… and undermine the civility and enlightened political culture that have allowed Jews to achieve what no Diaspora community outside Israel can claim in two millennia.” Didn’t he mean to say outside “Khazaria”? Not hard to do with the power of usury, and the refusal to assimilate either culturally or with any national allegiance. This guy makes me want to vomit!

  6. Where has Abe the idea from that America (those states between the Rio Grande and Mexico) was ever a nice place or a nice state? When he talks about “America”, is this his well.tended and peacefully flowering backyard?
    On the other hand i can understand the man if he has only followed USan and Israëli media. I saw my first police killing of a non-USanian at the bus station in El Paso age sixteen. No mention of this at all in local media the days that followed, and not on radio nor TV news that same night nor later on. (The killed was not a Jew, is my presumption now.)

  7. Head of ADL going against MAGA?
    Maybe Biden and democrats made deal with devil to crowbar ADL from Trump’s fat ass?
    “Perhaps” Trump knows for sure Beirut attack 100% an Israeli nuke bunker buster
    (as every nation in the world’s intelligence agencies must know)
    And has made plans to “do something” about it? (Doubt it but is possible why anti Trump piece from head of ADL)
    Perhaps Israel knows for fact Trump/Bolton/Pompeo/USG responsible for dosing first Wuhan and Iran later in, with bioterrorist agents that unfortunately went “rogue” …. Did not stay within populations of who it was emgineered to infect.
    and so must Biden and warhawks democrats know too…all “complicit”
    All lies All fucked.

    • The message the GOP loves to pass on, thanks JOhn…dumbest thing all day and the purest troll bullshit. Tell people not to vote too.

  8. “I am old enough to remember”, that my native country, Hungary, was in the Bloody hands of Hungarian, ‘some with dual, Soviet Hungarian citizenships’ JEWS, who have jailed, tortured, murdered thousands of Men, Women and Children in order to keep that Christian nation in the Soviet Orbit, behind the Iron Curtain! Under the, “FLAG” of Marxist, Bolshevik, Communism, what I call, ‘The JEWISH PLAGUE’, that, they spread, from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Shanghai, China, to Cape Town, S. Africa, that DISEASE of theirs, is responsible for the deaths of close to 200 million Human beings, in the 20th century! Under the “FLAG” of ZIONISM ,they are still at it!! How about a ‘friendly gesture’, from our ONLY FRIEND in the Middle East? http://www.holocaustonthehighseas.com Who placed, ‘Controlled Demolition Explosives’ into the WTC. Towers #1,#2,#7. to PULL another ‘False Flag’ attack, this one successful, to DRAG the US, into the unending Wars of the Middle East? For ‘ERETZ ISRAEL’, there is no limit, what we Zionist Zealots will do! TIKKUN OLAM! Peace! SALAM! SHALOM! Try to be a, ‘MENSCH’ Foxman??

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