Trump Gets COVID—Kevin Barrett Interviewed by Radio Islam


Radio Islam interviews Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

A political stunt? Or just tragicomic fate?

The saga of America’s very own Ubu Roi keeps getting more and more absurd. Trying to explain this stuff to the world is quite a challenge.


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  1. Always keep in mind, Keven, COVID-19 is a bioweapon most likely developed in a lab in North Carolina. It was designed to attack the elderly, the unemployable, and especially people of color. That Trump is all three of these things (74, never had a job in his life, orange) underscores the insidious nature of this bioweapon. It managed to insinuate itself into the very halls of power where life and death decisions are made that affect the lives of millions if not billions. That said, it’s almost certainly not Trump who brought this upon himself, more likely some AI profit algorithm that has decided that his time on this planet is about up. Maybe he will be offed in his sleep like Antonin Scalia. Maybe Mossad will substitute a body double (Where would they ever find one?) and transport Trump to a beach in Tel Aviv. I only know that I know nothing…

  2. Oh oh – this could be the saving grace for the elite scum bags – they couldn’t remove him with the 6+ impeachment cooked up by the satanists, “so maybe let’s infect him with the little contaminated virus” created by the not so benevolent secret societies. That might be the plan – any bets? And he was supposed to be taking HCQ – but maybe the moles in the WH just may have tainted it – or did someone give him the bug when traveling around – but the bug ain’t that dangerous – the treatment is and will probably kill him!! And they shot JFK in the open air, this is more subtle and sneaky. But then, if it really works and Trump survives – just think how much Gates and big Pharma will make on the vaxx and he’ll issue another EO and order the people to take the injection at the point of an AR15 by the military in HumVees or maybe a Tesla .

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