Why the Delay? Speed Up COVID-19 Vaccination Delivery!


COVID-19 Vaccines are Available

Hospital group presses Trump administration for ongoing federal help with vaccine distribution/cnbc.com

Health Editor’s Note: What is causing this slow roll-out of vaccinations? There are many doses of COVID-19 vaccines that have been produced but less than 25% of these doses have actually been given to humans.  This is very frustrating because I know that giving the intramuscular (into the muscle, like a tetanus shot) injection is not a large job for someone who knows how to administer injections.

For instance, the population of a nursing home/long term care facility has a captive audience for vaccines.  I would imagine that these facilities have a medical person in attendance at least for part of the day.  That person can easily vaccinate ALL the residents, in a work shift and complete the paperwork/vaccination cards for each individual, and observe all for any signs of serious adverse reactions. The process would be repeated in three to four weeks depending on the vaccine that was used. Then the entire population of that facility would be protected….Done! Safe! Residents could then be allowed to visit and engage with family members as the isolation would not longer be necessary. All residents and all who take care of these residents would be vaccinated, at the same time. Then march onto the next subset of people in the community. 

Set up stations, in buildings that are already there, enlist people to direct the inflow and outflow of individuals, administer the vaccinations, observe the vaccinated for 15 minutes, give him or her the vaccination card/certificate and the day and time in which to come back for the second dose. Compare this process to an assembly line.  Humans are used to this process. 

I clearly remember when the Sabin polio vaccines were given.  Given to entire families, at a local school. We had cards of proof of vaccination (I still have mine) and we were given the vaccine doses (yes, administered on sugar cubes so pretty much anyone could give the vaccine) at three different times.  I was a child and may have missed some of the information, but I remember an orderly, calm atmosphere. Polio vaccinations were given in mass and people stopped contracting polio. By the way, Sabin give his amazing discovery to the world, free of charge. He did not receive a penny for his efforts.     

I have volunteered to assist in administering vaccines in my county in whatever capacity help is needed. Those reading this could also volunteer at a county level in your community.  Probably reaching the health department of that county, as that is what I did and was told my contact information would be given to those in authority. You would not need to be able to give injections as people are also needed to direct the flow of those receiving the vaccinations and many other aspects of this rather simple operation. I really hope the county avails itself of my free services as this would help me to alleviate some of the frustrations I have about the slowness of COVID-19 dispensations. We are dealing with the urgent need to get these vaccines into people so we can begin to put a dent in this pandemic . With 4,000 people, in the U.S. alone, dying yesterday 1/7, to waste one minute of time in vaccinating is costing thousands of lives, and I am not willing to stand by and accept that. Add the mounting deaths all over the world. Enough is enough…..Carol


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  1. Greetings, Carol!
    I would pay attention to Sputnik-V.
    I understand that the American big pharma would rather shoot itself than recognize the Russian vaccine as more profitable, out of a sense of patriotism. But when it comes to the survival of the nation, then patriotism is inappropriate. I personally see that the Russian vaccine is made in a more traditional way, easy to transport and store. As usual medicine. Virtually no side effects. Everything is within the statistical component from the experience of vaccines since the days of the USSR. A lot of countries are asking for our vaccine.
    Do you plan to purchase Sputnik-V vaccine for the needs of the United States?

    • Andrew, I of course am not in the loop as to what vaccines the U.S. plans to purchase, but certainly so far none of the Sputnik-V vaccines are being given. We are only giving Pfizer/BioNtech and Moderna vaccines. Easy to transport and store will come with the AstraZeneca vaccine but that one has not received its emergency authorization for use by the FDA. We hear that there is a practice to keep vaccines back for the second doses which complete the immunization process. Not a good plan as available vaccines should continue to be given to the groups who are in the waiting line according to necessity, because quite obviously the vaccine manufactures will continue to make more and more doses and will not run out. Plus, less chance of the vaccines becoming unusable due to storage issues. With the two vaccines we are using now, one must receive the second dose of the same vaccine, no mix and matches.

    • Andrew, I for one applauded the use of the Sputnik-V vaccine. Sine you are on the groud there in Russia, do you see any issues with this vaccine? What percentage of Russians have received the vaccine? Have there been serious side affects? What is the plan Russia uses for who get the vaccine and when they get it? What other countries is Russia supplying their vaccine to?

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