…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

The Zionist media and warmongers have already gone berserk condemning former secretary of state John Kerry for allegedly revealing to Iran Israel’s covert operation in Syria. The warmongers have declared that Kerry is “disgusting” for doing so. Political whore and prostitute Nikki Hailey has said:

This is truly horrifying. I mean the idea that Kerry would do this is appalling in its own right, but Biden and Kerry have to answer for this. He should not be sitting on the National Security Council. He shouldn’t be involved with any of our foreign policy if this is what he does. And then the worst part is to stab our ally Israel in the back, and take up for Iran, who’s the largest state sponsor of terrorism? It’s … ludicrous.”

What was the result of Kerry’s alleged crime? “A series of condemnations directed at Kerry, who was involved in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA – better known as the “Iran nuclear deal.” Kerry has said that the version of the event is categorically false.

Hailey again declared:

“You know, it goes back to Obama that says ‘Obama 2.0. Obama loved Iran. I mean and he took it to Israel every chance he got and they’ve been humiliated by them right until the very end. And you know, now we’re watching.

“Basically, Biden’s falling all over himself to do business with Iran again, which is just everyone around the world is not going to understand why. Biden is doing this, but really to do. This to our friend Israel is just disgusting. It is unbelievable. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Let’s hypothetically grant the premise that Kerry did reveal something about Israel to the Iranians, then so what? Who doesn’t really know that Israel is the main culprit in Syria? Didn’t Israeli Minister Michael Oren explicitly reveal a similar plan way back in 2013? Oren said:

“The initial message about the Syrian issue was that we always wanted [President] Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran.”[1]

But what about the rebels/terrorists that the Israelis were supporting in order to get rid of Assad? Well, Oren had an answer again:

“We understand that they are pretty bad guys. Still, the greatest danger to Israel is by the strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut. And we saw the Assad regime as the keystone in that arc. That is a position we had well before the outbreak of hostilities in Syria. With the outbreak of hostilities we continued to want Assad to go.”[2]

The logic is pretty clear here: Israeli officials were and still are willing to move heaven and earth in order to remove Assad from power. This was one reason why they gave “secret aid to Syrian rebels.”[3] This was one reason why they treated “Al-Qaida fighters wounded in Syria war.”[4]

This is one reason why Benjamin Netanyahu himself asked the United States to be more involved in the debacle in Syria. And this is one reason why this man has opposed virtually every ceasefire in the region. He has told the media ad nauseam that he opposes any ceasefire in the region because a ceasefire will strengthen Iran’s capability.[5] A categorical lie.

In short, if Kerry did say something about Israel’s diabolical plan in Syria, it is definitely true. We support him.

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  1. The only concrete claim is that Kerry told Zarif about the 200+ airstrikes Israel has committed against Iranian assets in Syria. The funny thing is that the Israelis themselves had already told the world about this. Search “Israel admits to 200 airstrikes in Syria against Iran” and find the 3 year old articles on this. Another nothing-burger from the Controlled Major Mass Media. No doubt to cover up more substantive things, like Biden’s earlobes magically changing from detached to attached. Look at pictures of him with Obama, and then current CMMM pictures. Different guy.

  2. Those “warmongers” include all the Likudniks and Zionists that Trump had surrounded himself with, so of course they would declare Kerry disgusting. Christian Zionism is a death cult that longs for a transformative apocalyptic war that will be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of some kind of pseudo-Christian theocracy that would be totally in violation of the First Amendment, but not the Second.

    • Pastor John Hagee, Trump’s “spiritual” advisor and founder of Christians United for Israel, gave the following sermon when Trump moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, “Jerusalem is the preordained capital of Christ’s 1,000-year empire, during which Christians and Jews (or at least some of them) shall live in peace, after the unsaved (Democrats, mostly) have endured seven years of unspeakable horrors.” Wow, what a glorious end-times scenario that would be.

  3. Hello Mr.Alexis
    I’m from Iran and about the so called “leaked” interview of Mohammad Javad Zarif, I have to tell you that many of what he has said are lies (I’m not sure about his John Kerry revelation part though) and this audio is viewed as a propaganda audio in Iran.

    We are very very skeptical about such “incidents” like this and assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh to happen without help of a high profile traitor within the government of Iran. Assassination tried to sent the signal that enemy of Iran is very powerful and is deeply inside Iran and resistance is useless.

    Many signs show that Rouhani cabinet and reformists in Iran, really just want to bend the knee to American arrogance and since they are on verge of being completely rejected by the people of Iran at their last days of remaining in power, they are doing everything they can to force their liberal values upon religious people of Iran to stay in power. This time they have tried to attack symbol of resistance (Martyr General Soleimani) in order to win the vote of liberal ones among Iranians. In the “leaked” audio, Zarif is literally saying Gen Soleimani was a Russian agent! Such bold lies just show the true colors of Zarif and true plans of perpetrators who “leaked” the audio.

    • Unfortunately, we westerners do not have access to the original, unedited version. Have Iranians seen the original full unedited version, or this version? One must remember where this story was promugated, Zionist controlled entities. Also it must be noted that an election is coming, as well as the re-engagement of JCPOA. As well, polarization is evident in all countries, no exceptions. To decide on having a strictly hard line or liberal government in entirety is dangerous. To entertain issues one-sidedly such as this can undermine national solidarity, which only benefits Iran’s enemies. How do people think these so-called color revolutions ever got a foothold in otherwise stable countries? Libyans had the best of all worlds and a brilliant future…until they were misled by liars. How many now wish the ‘brutal dictator Qaddafi’ was still running things? When there was a coup in Bolivia, it was due to lies and more lies. Knee-jerk reactions are what the instigators of doom rely on, cool thinking and deliberation, not so much. One look at the ridiculous crap aimed at Kerry over this is illuminating. If Zarif didn’t already know what Kerry supposedly told him, then he would have had to be clueless at best. If the rest of the story is as important as this ‘fact’, then it is all questionable. Having the entire transcript would be beneficial in knowing the truth, either way.

  4. Thanks, Jonas. It’s always a pleasure.
    And Niki H. (IzRealHell’s useful-idiot) should hop onto her broom. “Hell ain’t half-full.”

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