9/11 Two Decades Later


Mujahid Kamran is the author of The World Order—How It Works, 9/11 and the New World Order, The International Bankers: World Wars I, II, and Beyond, and other books. –Kevin Barrett, VT Editor


Mujahid Kamran

Unrestricted submarine warfare, unrestricted air bombing . . . this is total war. Time and the Ocean and some guiding star and High Cabal have made us what we are.

Winston S. Churchill

The Power Elite or High Cabal need not be Royalty in these days. They are their equals or better.

Col L. Fletcher Prouty

The Malthusian theory thus provides a rationalization for the necessity of somehow getting rid of large numbers of people, any people, in any way – even genocide. With the Malthusian theory as the power elite’s philosophical guide, this becomes an acceptable objective, because they believe, Earth will never be able to support the progeny of so many anyhow. From this point of view, genocide – then, as now – is accepted as all but inevitable. Who cares and why be concerned?

Col L. Fletcher Prouty

When John Kennedy was assassinated, the crime was not investigated, and a Commission, the Warren Commission, was set up by President Lyndon Johnson. As pointed out by Col. L. Fletcher Prouty: “The Commission served to deter legal action in Texas and silenced the threat of a major Congressional inquiry.” It had members like Allen Dulles, the C.I.A. director sacked by Kennedy for betraying him in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Dulles steered the Commission in the direction of a lone nut killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, thereby eliminating the mention of any conspiracy. When the Warren Commission’s report was published, it came under severe attack because it was, indeed, a cover up. It was then that the CIA instructed all its field offices to use their assets to counter this criticism by questioning the motives and judgement of the critics. Professor Lance deHaven-Smith has written a book titled Conspiracy Theory in America. He writes:

“Most Americans will be shocked to learn that the conspiracy-theory label was popularized as a perjorative term by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in a propaganda program initiated in 1967. This program was directed at criticisms of the Warren Commission’s report. The propaganda campaign called on media corporations and journalists to criticize ‘conspiracy theorists’ and raise questions about their motives and judgements. The CIA told its contacts that `parts of the conspiracy talk appear to be deliberately generated by Communist propagandists’. In the shadows of McCarthyism and the Cold War, this warning about Communist influence was delivered simultaneously to hundreds of well positioned members of press in a global CIA propaganda network, infusing conspiracy-theory label with powerfully negative associations.” [1]

When I googled the term conspiracy theory on 9/11/21, I got 123 million results in 0.94 seconds; a day later I got 147 million results in 0.72 seconds. And I know from experience that, for any search, google search engines give a far larger number of results in the West compared to Pakistan. The google search for conspiracy theory on 9/11/21 also listed two top stories: A BBC report titled: 11 September 2001: The conspiracy theories still spreading after 20 years; and a Washington Post opinion titled: False, toxic Sept. 11 conspiracy theories are still widespread today. The mainstream Anglo-American media has nothing to do with a search for truth – it has been aptly named presstitutes by Paul Craig Roberts! They mislead and lie shamelessly and persistently – they are devoted to engineering of consent to falsehoods. The mainstream media should understand that most of the people worldwide know that it is lying and so is the U.S. Establishment. That is why these “conspiracy theories” are “widespread” and are “spreading” after 20 years of intense and persistent lying by the U.S. government and the mainstream Anglo-American media. And they are “toxic”, not for the people, but for those who blatantly lied to the people.

With this background we may now look at 9/11. Here too, a Commission was set up, the 9/11 or Kean Commission. It performed a task similar to the Warren Commission. When public pressure mounted as a result of researchers pointing the finger, not at “terrorists”, but against the deep state and Israel, Thomas H. Kean and Lee H. Hamilton, Chair and Vice Chair respectively, of the 9/11 Commission were compelled to write an op-ed in the New York Times of January 2, 2008. The piece was titled Stonewalled by the C.I.A. They stated:

“What we do know is that government officials decided not to inform a lawfully constituted body, created by the Congress and the president, to investigate one of the greatest tragedies to confront the country. We call that obstruction.” [2]

They stopped short of using the complete term, obstruction of justice, which is what they intended to say by choosing the word obstruction, and by the title of their article. Obstruction of justice is also a crime, and the title of their article leaves no doubt that it was the C.I.A. that obstructed justice. Similarly, John Farmer, senior counsel to the 9/11 Commission, stated:

“In the course of investigations into the national response to the attacks, the 9/11 Commission staff discovered that the official version of what had occurred [the morning of September 11, 2001] – that is what government and military officials had told the Congress, the Commission, the media and the public about who knew what when – was almost entirely and inexplicably untrue.” [3]

When a senior lawyer makes a statement like this in writing, one can be certain that he is telling the truth and that he is sure about his facts. Why would the official version of 9/11 be a lie? Why would the C.I.A. stonewall the 9/11 Commission?

Just as in the case of criticisms of the report of the Warren Commission, the critics of 9/11 Commission’s report, and of the official version of who was responsible for 9/11, have been targeted. In fact, Professor Cass Sunstein and Professor Adrian Vermeule, both of Harvard Law School, put forward the idea of “cognitive infiltration” of the 9/11 Truth Movement and of “banning 9/11 conspiracy theories”. These ideas were propounded in 2008 and 2009 when Sunstein was holding the position of administrator Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Obama administration [4]. Professor David Ray Griffin destroyed the arguments of these two stalwarts in a book titled Cognitive Infiltration: An Obama Appointee’s Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory [5]. However, it appears that cognitive infiltration was never given up. But the case against the official 9/11 narrative is so strong that all powers at the disposal of the U.S. Establishment, including the power of the mainstream media, power of silencing whistleblowers worldwide, etc., have not been able to convince the world, and a substantial percentage of the U.S. public, that the official narrative is honest.

The indefatigable and uncompromising Paul Craig Roberts has put everything in a nutshell on the 20th anniversary of 9/11/. He writes:

“The US government’s official cover up story has been totally demolished by authors such as David Ray Griffin, by scholarly conferences, university investigations, expert reports, and by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth.   The great mass of evidence that has been accumulated proves that the official narrative is false, but it doesn’t say who was responsible for the attack.  Some, such as Ron Unz, Laurent Guyenot, and Chris Bollyn, have noted the Israeli Connection, but the focus has been on the total implausibility of the official narrative, not on the who and why of the attack.

Circumstantial evidence suggests that 9/11 was a scheme of George W. Bush regime neoconservative officials allied with vice president Dick Cheney and Israel to create a ‘new Pearl Harbor’ that would generate support on the part of the American people and Washington’s European allies for a Middle Eastern “war on terror” whose real purpose was to destroy Israel’s enemies in the interest of Greater Israel.  Commentary Magazine editor Norman Podhoretz had called for such a war, and General Wesley Clark reported that he was informed of Pentagon war plans to that effect.” [6]

Another related reason for the war was the capture of Iraqi and Libyan oilfields for those very families of international bankers that created Israel and which constitute the core of Churchill’s Malthusian High Cabal. It was established by Dean Henderson that the “Four Horsemen of Banking” (Bank of America, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan-Chase, Wells Fargo) own the four major oil companies (BP Amoco, Chevron Texaco, Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch) “in tandem with Deutsche Bank, Banque Paribas, Barclays and other European old money behemoths.” [7] Therefore, there should be no doubt about the real cabal that instigated this war. These families also have ownership in the weapons manufacturing industry – the military-industry. Henderson also states: “According to company 10K filings to the SEC, these same Four Horsemen of Banking are also among the top 10 stock holders of virtually every Fortune 500 corporation.” [8] So whether the U.S. won or lost the war in Afghanistan it is a win-win situation for these families. It is important to note that most, or all, members of most of these families do not reside in the U.S., or in any one European country. Therefore, the question of their loyalty to any country does not arise.

The situation regarding war expenditures was aptly summed up by William D. Hartung:

“The magnitude of Pentagon spending in the wake of the 9/11 attacks was remarkable. The increase in U.S. military spending between Fiscal Year 2002 and Fiscal Year 2003 was more than the entire military budget of any other country, including major powers like China, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.8 And in the new political climate, increases in Pentagon spending reached well beyond expenditures specifically tied to fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As Harry Stonecipher, then Vice President of Boeing, told The Wall Street Journal in October 2001, ‘the purse is now open . . . any member of Congress who doesn’t vote for the funds we need to defend this country will be looking for a new job after next November.’” [9]

Now, two decades later, what has been the cost the Americans and the countries attacked by them have paid? A figure of two trillion dollars has been cited as the U.S. war expense in media. This may be another disinformation to prevent the U.S. public from knowing the true costs of the back-breaking war burden on them. A very recent Brown University report of the Cost of War project has revealed that 20 years of post-9/11 wars have cost the U.S. an estimated $8 trillion and have killed more than 900,000 people [10]. The project admits that their estimates of the numbers killed and the numbers displaced by post-9/11 wars are conservative and likely to be an underestimate. Stepahnie Savell, Co-director of the Costs of War project has put is very well: “Twenty years from now, we’ll still be reckoning with the high societal costs of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars – long after U.S. forces are gone.” On Sep 1, 2021, Catherine Lutz, one of the three Co-directors of the project stated (see ref. 10):

“The war has been long and complex and horrific and unsuccessful… and the war continues in over 80 countries. . . The Pentagon and the U.S. military have now absorbed the great majority of the federal discretionary budget, and most people don’t know that.”

Neta Crawford, the third of the three Co-directors of the project stated:

“It’s not dollars and cents alone, nor is it only blood. It’s also the ripple effects in the economy. We also want to help people understand that the effects of war don’t end when the war terminates or when troops are withdrawn.” [11]

These trillions went to the weapons and ammunition manufacturers as cost of weapons and ammunition purchased for use in these wars, to those who did the construction work while building bases (including Dick Cheney’s Halliburton), to companies that sold the equipment for these bases, to the private military companies (PMCs) which participated in the war alongside the NATO forces, etc. Someone has to clarify as to whether these trillions include the interest to be paid by the U.S. government to the banks from which apparently most of this money was borrowed? It most likely does not. The heavy tax burden on Americans is a result of the war expenditure and the loans and the interest on the loans.

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, the number of U.S. deaths in 20 years of war is 7,074, whereas the number of wounded in action (WIA) is 53,301 [12]. However, Pentagon does not count another kind of casualty – suicides. “Over30,177 service members and veterans of the post-9/11 wars have committed suicide.[13] These suicides take place after a period of stress and hopelessness that stresses families in one way while the person is alive. The suicide, a most shocking act, then affects entire families – parents, wives, kids, brothers, sisters, other relatives and close friends, leaving society with a sense of sadness and loss. This price cannot be calculated in dollars or assigned numbers.

In July 2021, a report of the Cost of War project noted:

“As in every war, in Iraq and Afghanistan the wounded are far more numerous than those killed. Common combat injuries include second and third degree burns, broken bones, shrapnel wounds, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, paralysis, loss of sight and hearing, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and limb loss. The true count of Americans injured or sickened in the war is exponentially larger than the figures given on the official Department of Defense (DOD) casualty website. That official total includes only those “wounded in action.” [14]

The PTSD cases are so tragic. The above report notes that the “High rates of PTSD among U.S. veterans are alarming”.

Since the FOIA does not apply to the private sector no one really knows how many men fighting for the PMCs lost their lives. In fact, one of the major reasons why Dick Cheney and David Rumsfeld practically privatized the U.S. military operations was to conceal casualties. In the Vietnam war the death toll and the number of those wounded could not be concealed and that led to widespread protests against the Vietnam War. Cheney and Rumsfeld wished to avoid that situation. The loss of life and those wounded among those fighting alongside the U.S. has to be considerable for otherwise there was no reason to come out of the war as a defeated force. A table in ref. [15] gives the number of U.S. contractors killed as 8,014. The number of contractors wounded in action, or otherwise, or those suffering in the same way as the U.S. servicemen and veterans cannot be counted because many of the contractors were not U.S. citizens. But, as in the case of U.S. and its allies, the number of those wounded in action would be far greater than those who were killed. It is stated in the Key Findings section of ref. [14] that “Pentagon contractor injuries, especially of non-U.S. citizen employees, are significantly underreported.” In view of all these losses, even though they were concealed, or significantly understated, it had become clear that the U.S. could not prevail in Afghanistan.

The number and scale of bases built in Afghanistan by the U.S. was such that it was obvious that the U.S. had every intention of staying in Afghanistan permanently. As an article in the Wall Street Journal noted “wedged between Iran and China the Afghanistan location can’t be beat”. It pointed out that the Bagram airbase had an area of 30 square miles and had a 12,000 feet long runway which could accommodate any type of U.S. aircraft. The article, published in May 2021, lamented the decision to give up Bagram base [16]. When the U.S. abandoned Bagram, it did not hand over the base to government forces as they had agreed. The airbase was abandoned in the dark of the night, after shutting off the lights. Before the Afghan general arrived, the looters had already looted the base. It was Friday, and, according to the Daily Mail, “laptops, stereo speakers, bicycles and guitars . . . were being hawked from second-hand shops by Sunday morning.” Daily Mail referred to the Bagram base as a “$800 B scrapyard.” [17] In fact, many items pillaged from what the U.S. forces left behind in the length and breadth of Afghanistan, are being sold in Pakistani markets.

Brzezinski had very clearly stated the position of the corporate-funded think tanks to which he belonged (Trilateral Commission, CFR, etc.), and which control U.S. foreign policy, that the U.S. must permanently base itself in the Eurasian heartland to be permanently preeminent on the globe. The U.S. intended to stay in the Eurasian heartland permanently to prevent the rise of any Eurasian power that could be a threat to its primacy. Brzezinski wrote in his book, published exactly a quarter century ago, in 1997:

“For America, the chief geopolitical prize is Eurasia. For half a millennium world affairs were dominated by Eurasian powers and peoples who fought with one another for regional domination and reached out for global power. Now a non-Eurasian power is preeminent in Eurasia – and America’s global primacy is directly dependent on how long and how effectively its preponderance on the Eurasian continent is sustained.” [18]

With 9/11 the U.S. corporations managed to get hold of the oil fields of Iraq and Libya, destroying both countries in the process and thus securing Israel. Israel is the only real beneficiary of 9/11 among the nation states involved – all other nations have lost, including the United States. The strategic land mass of Afghanistan with its precious mineral resources seemed to succumb for a while, but the Afghans have bravely and resiliently fought back keeping up their proud record of expelling every invading superpower. The foothold in Afghanistan did create an opportunity for the U.S. for the realization of the goal spelled out by Brzezinski after thorough discussions in the CFR and Trilateral Commission. That opportunity is now gone and it were the indomitable Afghans who destroyed this opportunity that the U.S. Establishment, in obedience to its corporate masters, had created for itself through 9/11.

It may be borne in mind that when the Russians invaded Afghanistan the entire West, China, Saudi money power, OIC, and Pakistan supported Afghan freedom fighters in every possible way. But when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan neither Russia, nor the Saudis, nor the Chinese nor the Pakistani government stood with the Afghans. The CIA had supported Al Qaeda, and similar organizations, with the object of destabilizing Russia as well as China both of which had restive Muslim populations. This prevented the Russians and Chinese from playing any active anti-U.S. role in Afghanistan. Despite this the Afghans have fought and eventually prevailed. As Tom Engelhardt wrote, “They weren’t kidding when they called Afghanistan the ‘graveyard of empires’. Indeed, the cemetery has taken another imperial body.” [19]

The Afghans have paid a very heavy price for this genocidal war, but as one heard some of the Taliban commanders addressing street gatherings after the fall of Kabul, one could feel their resilience. They are still willing to fight “another hundred years”, said one of them. There seems to be a younger element among Taliban that may or may not have been born at the time of 9/11, or may have been very young to understand or know about 9/11. These young people were simply fighting the invaders in keeping with Afghan traditions. The Taliban had set up almost sixty negotiating teams to convince the government forces of Afghanistan that they had no enmity with them – we are all Afghans they said and our enemy was the U.S., and it is now leaving so that we should not fight amongst ourselves. That is why there was no resistance by government forces.

What price did the Afghans pay? Gideon Polya is an Australian medical doctor with a Ph.D. who has studied the question of “avoidable mortality” – deaths that could have been avoided but for wars, famines, lack of medical facilities, natural disasters, etc. – deeply. Assessing the Afghan suffering caused by the U.S. onslaught he writes:

“The Taliban offered to send Osama bin Laden to a Third country but this was rejected by the Americans. The Taliban offered to surrender but this was rejected by the Americans who thence embarked on a 2-decade genocidal atrocity in which 6.8 million Afghans have died; from violence 1.2 million, and war-imposed deprivation, 5.2 million.” [20]

These 6.8 million died from “violence and war-imposed deprivation” in the period 2001-2021. The Cost of War project estimates that the war in Afghanistan resulted in 5.9 million displaced Afghans [21]. It is important to bear in mind that the war against Afghanistan was based on lies and the U.S. defeat resulted from the arrogance and hubris of those running U.S. affairs at that time. As Tom Engelhardt notes in ref. [19]:

“Despite the American experience in Vietnam during the previous century—the Afghan effort of the 1980s was meant to give the USSR its own ‘Vietnam’ – key Bush administration officials were so sure of themselves that, as The New York Times recently reported, they wouldn’t even consider letting the leaders of the Taliban negotiate a surrender once our invasion began. On September 11, 2001, in the ruins of the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had already given an aide these instructions, referring not just to Bin Laden but Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein: “Go massive. Sweep it up, all up. Things related and not.” Now, he insisted, “The United States is not inclined to negotiate surrenders.” (Of course, had you read  war reporter Anand Gopal’s 2014 book, No Good Men Among the Living, you would have long known just how fruitlessly Taliban leaders tried to surrender to a power intent on war and nothing but war.)”

One may do well to remember the answer FBI Chief of Investigative Publicity Rex Tomb gave for not having Osama bin Laden on FBI’s Most Wanted List for 9/11. On June 5, 2006, Tomb told an investigative reporter, “He has not been formally indicted and charged in connection with 9/11 because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.” [22] This bombshell of an admission was never reported in the mainstream media. On what basis then did the U.S. invade Afghanistan in 2001? On January 9, 2010, Gideon Polya filed a formal complaint with the ICC “over various US Alliance involvements in ongoing genocidal atrocities against Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghans, Muslims, and Australian Aboriginals, and against the Developing World in general through the worsening Biofuel Genocide and Climate Genocide.” [23]

Probably most people in the West are unaware of an exchange that took place between the former Pakistan Army Chief Gen. Mirza Aslam Baig and Mullah Umer in 2003. General Baig told a TV interviewer about this important episode in July 2021. In view of the importance of what he said, I have translated almost the entire relevant two-minute clip of the interview posted on YouTube. Gen. Baig said:

“Let me give you an example. In 2003 when the Americans had captured Afghanistan, we (i.e. Pakistanis) were also part of the U.S. force, Mullah Umer’s men came to me – Jalaludin Haqqani came. I said to them: ‘You have wasted one generation fighting the Russians, a second generation fighting amongst yourselves, and now you are preparing for a third war. . . When you meet Mullah Umer give him my message and tell him that there is another way and that is that you act on the American agenda. When there will be democracy you will be in majority and you may decide your own fate and future.’

Two months later their reply came. Please listen to it and think about it. They said that we will unite and fight and will InshAllah (i.e. God willing) win. It is Allah’s command that if you are steadfast, your enemy will turn their backs and run. These are the words of Allah that Mullah Omar repeated: we will fight and InshaAllah our enemy will turn their backs and run. Secondly our national pride, our values, our principles do not permit us to act on the project of our enemy who is occupying our country – we will never do that until each and every one of our enemy’s men leaves this place. Thirdly we are saddened that Pakistan has joined hands with our enemies and is fighting against us. However, despite this, we do not consider Pakistan our enemy. Pakistan is our friend and will remain our friend because the requirements of our security are interdependent. If we go our separate ways we will become worthless. This are Mullah Umer’s reply and you see that each word of his has proved to be true. They have won and America has lost.” [24]

Mullah Umer’s response gives a rare glimpse into the mindset of the Afghan fighters – it was their profound religious faith, their fierce pride, and their martial traditions that enabled them to sustain a struggle against the then sole superpower. If need be, these fighters could go barefooted and on little food, and they did. Addressing those who had gathered at the airport seeking to escape to the West a Taliban speaker asked them what had happened to their self-respect. He told them that his mother had smuggled ten bullets for him in her shawl. “Do you think I can betray my mother?” A nation with such mothers cannot be subdued. Mullah Umer’s response shows that he understood the strategic needs of the two countries better and much more deeply than the formally trained Gen. Musharraf, who headed a nuclear power that had lined up behind the US obsequiously. Musharraf too was eventually ditched and ousted by the U.S, in keeping with its traditions. Even in the face of instantaneous Pakistani capitulation and betrayal, Mullah Umer remained clear about the survival needs of both countries. It also shows the power of faith that gives you the strength to face a mighty enemy with practically nothing – only light arms against the most technologically advanced weaponry, and against the sole superpower, and the whole world, which sided with the U.S. This world included shameless leaders of Islamic countries. The Taliban victory must give any thinking person food for deep thought. Musharraf lacked this faith, while Zia ul Haq possessed it.

On August 21, 2021, Israel Shamir wrote:

“We, non-Muslims and non-Pashtun folk, in the U.S. and Europe, may rejoice, for in Afghanistan, virile (not ‘toxic’) masculinity defeated gender-diversity, believers defeated those weak of faith, the morals of our fathers overcame the morals of our sons. . . The Taliban defeated Wokery; they aren’t afraid of being politically incorrect as we are. The Taliban aren’t afraid to worship God and to call upon Him, as we are. They aren’t afraid to stand for family values – they don’t even understand how it could be different. . . These armed peasants reminded us that we still can change the world. It is not necessary to submit. All the rules of the game could be re-written; the whole game could be dumped.” [25]

Yes, the Taliban are not afraid of being politically incorrect. They are believers and they will follow their religious injunctions. They will ban poppy cultivation and they will ban usury in keeping with their religious injunctions. That is what is troubling the usurious corporate masters of the West and the CIA which controls global drug traffic. And the U.S. public is being deliberately kept in the dark about this. Taliban have fought because they were believers and because they were Afghans. They have won their freedom on the battleground – it was not doled out to them by the U.S. or anyone else. They have won it without any support from any country. And therefore, it is their right to run their country in accordance with their national traditions and religion. They don’t need anyone’s advice – least of all the advice of the U.S. and its puppets.

Apart from Afghanistan, the other country that paid a very heavy price in the 9/11 wars is Iraq. The U.S. went to war against Iraq in the Gulf a decade before 9/11 and subjected Iraq to crippling sanctions whose effects would require a complete article. Fortunately, Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed has written a comprehensive article on the subject titled “Bleeding the Gulf” [26]. Since no Iraqi was alleged to be involved in 9/11, the U.S. invaded Iraq on the basis of an allegation of nonexistent weapons of mass destruction. It was a deliberate lie on the part of those who wished to invade Iraq to secure Israel through U.S. power, and to get hold of Iraqi oil fields. The Iraq war was illegal. Gideon Polys writes (in ref. [23]):

“However based on expert epidemiological and survey research, the US Just Foreign Policy has estimated about 1.5 million violent Iraqi deaths in the Iraq War (2003-2011). In the same period Iraqi deaths from war-imposed deprivation totaled 1.2 million.”

Thus, for the 8-year period 2003-2011, the total number of avoidable Iraqi deaths is around 2.7 million. The number of avoidable deaths had already reached 1.7-2.2 million in 2008 according to Gideon Polya’s calculations [27]. The total Iraqi mortality as a result of the first Gulf War, the subsequent embargo on Iraq and then in the post 9/11 war has been estimated by Gideon Polya to be 4.6 million (1990-2011) [28]. Please note that in 1990 the Iraqi population was 17.4 million [29]. These 4.6 million deaths include 0.6 million under-5 infant deaths from deprivation and lack of medicine resulting from the U.S. embargo. The case of infant mortality is absolutely shameful and those who did it should hang their heads in shame over this one atrocity – they deserve to be tried and hanged. When an American journalist asked the Jewish Madeleine Albright, the then Secretary of State, if the U.S. government regretted such brutality, she replied like a Shakespearean witch: “It was worth it.” One writer did comment that the sentiments of Nazis at the murder of Jews were identical to those of Madeleine Albright at the murder of Iraqi children. The Catholic Workers Magazine(January/February 1998 issue) wrote about these sanctions (quoted in ref. 26):

“[A] war of collective punishment, a war of mass destruction directed at the civilian population of Iraq. The UN, at the insistence of the U.S., and contrary to international conventions and treaties, has created, in Iraq, a zone of misery and death – with no end in sight… The toll of these sanctions on an entire generation of Iraqi children is incalculable. What are the implications of Iraqi children growing up traumatized by hunger and disease, if they survive at all? How can the deeds of one leader or even an entire government be used to justify this unprecedented, internationally sanctioned violation of human rights? . . .”

But there was no large scale outcry in the U.S. against the brutal medicine denial to which the Iraqi children were deliberately and mercilessly subjected. There was no honor among those Americans and British who were conducting this war. Felicity Arbuthnot wrote about the “ever expendable” children of Iraq:

“Further, after thirteen years of the US-UK driven embargo resulting in the deaths of an average of six thousand children a month from “embargo-related causes”, according to the UN, Prime Minister Blair was integral in instigating a war against children: In 2003 Iraq’s population was just twenty four million. Over forty percent were aged 0-14. The median age of the country was nineteen.  By 2010, seven years in to an unending war, over a quarter of Iraqi children suffered from Post Traumatic Stress disorder. (War Child Report, May 2013.) In the five months prior to the Report’s publication, 700 children and young people had been killed, a figure, as all on Iraq, almost certainly a significant underestimate. Between financial constraints, fear of authority and the dangers of travel, numerous deaths are unrecorded.” [30]

The American public should know from its own experience with many of its veterans what PTSD does to a grown up individual. In Iraq we are talking of a whole generation of children subjected to all this. Why? So that the illegitimate state of Israel should be secure. And because the masters of Israel and the U.S., the international banking families, may own the oil of Iraq. They are the real source of inhumanity of the U.S. because they control the U.S. completely.

Even more horrible is the use of depleted uranium in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libya, by both the U.S. and the UK. There is further evidence that the U.S. used new nuclear bombs in Iraq – investigations seem to indicate that neutron bombs were used in Iraq [31]. The cancer rates in Fallujah are higher than those of Hirsohima and Nagasaki after they were atom bombed. Elena Bruess and Joe Snell stated in 2020:

“The United States has been similarly opaque about where and how much depleted uranium was used during the 2003 Iraq invasion. But according to the UNEP, figures from various speculative studies estimate that the US-led coalition dispersed anywhere from 170 to 1,700 metric tons of the toxic metal. For its part, the United Kingdom Defense Ministry has released some information about where depleted uranium was fired and has suggested that its own forces accounted for less than 2 metric tons. According to Weir, Iraq’s contamination from depleted uranium was 50 times greater than that in the Balkans.” [32]

The radioactivity of uranium weapons will continue to contaminate water, air and the soil for millions of years. This is a clear-cut crime under the laws governing weaponry. On all four counts that are specified under the laws governing weaponry the uranium weapons employed in Iraq and elsewhere by the Americans and the British and secretly by the Israelis are a crime. The laws of weaponry state that weapons are prohibited if any one or more of the following conditions occurs viz. weapons are forbidden that:

“(1) cannot be contained to the legal field of battle; (2) cannot be or are nor deactivated when the war is over; (3) cause superfluous injury or undue suffering; or (4) cause undue harm to the natural environment.” [33]

The subjection of the people of these regions to eternal exposure to dangerous levels of radioactivity leading to very high cancer rates among men women and children as well as defective births is a reflection of the Malthusian and utterly inhuman thinking of the High Cabal and its agents like Bush and Blair et al. Moses Hess, the mentor of the Freemason Karl Marx, wrote that the job of his tribe was “to change mankind into a savage animal.” [34]

The number of Iraqi displaced persons is the largest in the world. Iraq has, since 2003, a total of 9.2 million displaced persons [35]. Iraqi society which was a well-functioning society with a high level of education and per capita income has now disintegrated. Even its academics were shot which is, without any doubt, an Israeli tactic. When the Jewish head of Cheka reported to Lenin that 500 Russian intellectuals had been shot, Lenin became ecstatic! The Bolshevik Revolution was nothing but usurpation of power from the Christian Royal family by active and violent Jewry.

The Chilcot inquiry in the UK ruled that the Iraq war was illegal [36]. 27 attorneys of the UK Foreign Office had advised Tony Blair before the start of the Iraq war that it was illegal. Yet Blair went ahead with the war and has never been held accountable. It appeared for a while that Blair might face accountability of some sort, but the High Cabal protects its assets. As Felicity Arbuthnot cited Sir Ken MacDonald, former Director of Public Prosecutions (2003-2008):

“In a scathing attack, Sir Ken states: ‘The degree of deceit involved in our decision to go to war on Iraq becomes steadily clearer. This was a foreign policy disgrace of epic proportions …’

Referring to the CNN interview [of Blair] he witheringly dismissed Blair’s performance saying: ‘… playing footsie on Sunday morning television does nothing to repair the damage.’ Moreover: ‘It is now very difficult to avoid the conclusion that Tony Blair engaged in an alarming subterfuge with his partner, George Bush, and went on to mislead and cajole the British people into a deadly war they had made perfectly clear they didn’t want, and on a basis that it’s increasingly hard to believe even he found truly credible.’

Macdonald cuttingly cited Blair’s: ‘sycophancy towards power’ being unable to resist the ‘glamour’ he attracted in Washington. In this sense he was weak and, as we can see, he remains so.’ Ouch.” [37]

The UK had the Chilcot Report. It is a reflection on the deterioration of the U.S. institutions that the hidden U.S. Establishment does not allow any such inquiries any more. Nor does it follow any legal formalities when it has to go to war. And it does not give a damn about public opinion. Bush went to war in Iraq despite massive public protests. The public has probably given up, or, most likely, all anti-war movements have been penetrated by the CIA and rendered ineffective. It is left only to lone academics or a few activists to try to awaken the US public from a state of confused torpor and indifference, perhaps without results. Sherwood Ross wrote in Global Research in 2014:

“Since President George W. Bush attacked Iraq in an illegal war based on lies, it follows that the U.S. is responsible for trillions in reparations for those who died and infrastructure destroyed. Not only should Bush and his collaborating cabinet be relieved of their personal assets, but working Americans should have 1% of every paycheck turned over to Iraq until that country is paid in full for what America owes it.

So says J. Angelo Corlett, a professor of Philosophy of Law at San Diego State University, California and who has made an in-depth study of the subject. Corlett also believes that, like Nazi war criminals after WWII, Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, first term National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld “must be executed” if they are duly convicted of the war crime of starting that morally unjust war. Those further down the U.S. chain of responsibility, he adds, should be sentenced to lives of slave labor in Iraq.” [38]

As Gen. Wesley Clark revealed, the Pentagon had received instructions prior to going to war with Iraq that in addition to Afghanistan the U.S. “will attack and destroy the governments of seven countries in five years” including Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Somalia and Sudan. He called it a “policy coup” and added “some hard-nosed people took over the direction of American policy and they never bothered to inform the rest of us.” He quoted Rumsfeld who said to him before the start of the Iraq war: “Nobody is going to tell us where or when we can bomb – nobody.” [39] Both,Rumsfeld’s hubris and the arrogance of being the sole superpower, lie buried – both were buried in the same year – 2021. Gen. Clark named Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, William Kristol, Richard Perle and added that half a dozen others from the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) as the ones who carried out a “policy coup” to destabilize the Middle East without consulting anyone. So they must all be tried as war criminals and for crimes against humanity. Those who have died should be tried posthumously.

In addition to destroying Iraq, the U.S. has destroyed Libya, a country that had, prior to its destruction, the highest per capita income in Africa and one of the highest in the world. The life expectancy in Libya was the longest in the African continent, and it had fewer people below the poverty line than Netherlands [40]. It was the much maligned Gaddafi who had transformed Libya from a poor state to a rich modern state. With Gaddafi’s fall the country fell prey to squabbling armed factions, including Al Qaeda, and amid civil war there was no writ of the state – in fact the state hardly existed in a chaotic country. As Professor Chossudovsky noted:

“It happened ten years ago: US-NATO’s ‘humanitarian war’ against Libya in support of so-called pro-democracy rebels. Then on February 15, 2011, according to the official story “anti-government rallies were held in Benghazi calling upon Qadaffi to step down. US-NATO came to the rescue of pro-democracy movement. Who were these pro-democracy activists. They were led by paramilitary brigades under the supervision of NATO Special Forces. The ‘Liberation’ of Tripoli was carried out by ‘former’ members of the Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). The jihadists and NATO work handed in glove. These ‘former’ Al Qaeda affiliated brigades constitute the backbone of the ‘pro-democracy’ rebellion”. [41]

It has been noted in ref. [35] that 1.2 million people were displaced in Libya as a result of what the U.S. and its NATO partners did to Libya.

Syria has been battling for its existence for years now and were it not for Russian intervention and Iranian help the country would have ceased to exist. Many parts of this once prosperous country are in shambles. The number of people displaced by war since 2014 has been estimated by the Cost of War project (ref. 35) to be 7.1 million, next only to Iraq. Syria has been in a state of civil war instigated by the U.S. and Israel since 2014. In fact, in 2018, Hammad Bin Jassim, the former Qatari Prime Minister, revealed on the Charlie Rose show on BBC, that $137 billion was spent by the U.S. and its allies on Syrian opposition groups, i.e. the terrorists, to dislodge Assad. Hammad bin Jassim had charge of what he called the “Syrian Dossier.” Alexander Orlov reported:

“Hamad Bin Jassim announced that weapons and equipment was distributed to all sorts of opposition groups via Turkey. These operations were a common routine of American, Turkish and Saudi military personnel in this country. At the same time, the Incirlik Air Force base would host a joint operational headquarters, where intelligence officers from the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Morocco, Jordan, Israel, France and Great Britain would coordinate the course of proxy operations in Syria”. [42]

There should therefore be no doubt that the U.S. and its Allies were supporting the terrorists. VT editor Gordon Duff further revealed that the U.S. was involved in chemical attacks on Syria for which Assad was blamed. Gordon Duff implicated Donald Trump and John Bolton by name. He wrote:

“The recent gas attack in Syria, timed as the last terrorists were surrendering for relocation inside the Douma region of the Ghouta pocket, was planned personally by nominated presidential advisor John Bolton and President Donald Trump personally, according to highly placed sources.” [43]

Pictures of chemical shells from British stockpiles, along with their numbers, were given by Gordon Duff. He had received these from the Syrians who had captured these. He also mentioned that U.S., British and Israeli soldiers captured by the Syrian Arab Army had admitted that they had been ordered by their governments to stage chemical attacks in East Ghouta. The U.S., British and Israeli authorities are, without a doubt, liable for prosecution under international law for war crimes.

Why is so much money and effort being spent to remove Assad? Paul Antonopoulus wrote in 2018:

“The discovery of oil in the southern Israeli-occupied Golan Heights serves as a major reason why Syria is being targeted by the imperialist powers. Genie Energy were given exclusive rights to the exploration and drilling for this oil. The Board of Advisors to Genie Energy include the 46th US Vice President, Dick Cheney; former CIA head and chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, James Woolsey; Jacob Lord Rothschild of the London banking dynasty family; and media mogul Rupert Murdoch.” [44]

Where there is a Rothschild there is blood and money is to be made from blood. It was Baron Rothschild who is said to have remarked: “The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.” The Cost of War Project estimates, and it is admittedly an underestimate, that 266,000 Syrians have died between September 2014 and May 2021 [45].

Against public sentiment, Musharraf’s Pakistan became a U.S. ally in the so called Global War on Terror, and Pakistan paid, and is still paying, a very heavy price as a consequence. According to ref. 45 Pakistan lost at least 67,000 lives in this war. The number of internally displaced people in Pakistan due to the U.S. war against Afghanistan is around 3.7million [ref. 35]. In addition, Pakistan had to face an influx of well over 3 million Afghan refugees during the period 2001-2021. This was in addition to millions of Afghan refugees who sought refuge in Pakistan when the Afghans were fighting the Soviet Union. And Pakistani economy has suffered grievously on account of this war. Despite this Pakistan continues to be distrusted by the U.S. Therefore, public sentiment in Pakistan will not be, and ought not to be, “pro-America” in the foreseeable future. The attitude of the real Pakistani rulers is a different matter – it is never in tune with public sentiment when it comes to the U.S., regardless of the rhetoric employed.

The U.S. policies in the mid-east, and the worldwide genocide of Muslims in which the Anglo-American Establishment is engaged, is well known to Pakistanis. The U.S. has chosen India as an ally in the next phase of global war and pandemonium against China. But despite deep U.S. penetration of various important segments of Pakistan, Pakistan’s compulsions do not allow it to align behind India against China. U.S. protected assets are still waging war against the Pakistani state in Baluchistan and elsewhere and Pakistan’s ordeal is not over with the exit of U.S. from Afghanistan. The Pakistani public can sense that the U.S. assets inside the Pakistani establishment have practically frozen progress on the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) initiative. Further, every gain that India has made against Pakistan in Kashmir, has resulted from the pressure of the Americans on Pakistan’s military establishment. Musharraf helped wind up Kashmiri freedom fighters only to appease America. This paved the way for Narendra Moodi to strangle Kashmiris without any real opposition. The following 1968 quote of Henry Kissinger was shared among WhatsApp groups in Pakistan in recent months: “It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal.” He may have uttered it in the context of Vietnam but it has turned out to be true in many places, and certainly for Pakistan.

The post-9/11 wars have introduced another element that probably has no precedent in the 20th century. This is the establishment of a global network of abduction, rendition and long term detention and torture of alleged “terrorists”. This constitutes a step backwards, a regression for a civilization which claims the right to lead mankind. Abu Gharaib in Iraq, Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, Guantanamo in US occupied Cuban territory, etc. are a new development in human affairs, where abductees from all over the world are brought illegally and tortured indefinitely. The overwhelming majority of these abductees is innocent. Guantanamo is the most glaring example where people picked up from all over the world by agencies of various countries under U.S. pressure, were handed over to the U.S., sometimes by charging a price for them. And almost all prisoners there are/were Muslims. One wishes if some activist lawyers could compel the U.S. government to reveal how much money it paid for each prisoner in Guantanamo to the governments, or heads of governments, that handed over these individuals to them. FOIA certainly applies here. The worldwide torture network functioning under the aegis of the U.S., is most shameful. The level and duration of torture to which the detainees are subjected are so inhuman that those subjected to it, if they survive as sane individuals, can never forgive the U.S. and their home governments. In the preface to his The Guantanamo Files, Andy Worthington writes about the prisoners at Guantanamo:

“Held without charge, without trial, without access to their families, and, initially, without access to lawyers, they are part of a peculiarly lawless experiment being conducted by the U.S. administration, which has chosen to disregard both the Geneva Conventions and the established rules of war, holding the men not as criminals or as prisoners of war, but as ‘illegal enemy combatants,’ a category of prisoner which is recognized only by the White House and the Pentagon.” [46]

This makes all U.S. officials involved criminals in the eyes of international law. Stephen Lendman writes:

“The October, 2006 Military Commissions Act followed, appropriately called the ‘torture authorization act.’ It gives the administration extraordinary unconstitutional powers to detain, interrogate and prosecute alleged terror suspects and anyone thought to be their supporters. The law lets the president designate anyone in the world an ‘unlawful enemy combatant,’ without corroborating evidence, and order they be arrested and incarcerated indefinitely in military prisons outside the criminal justice system without habeas and due process rights. US citizens aren’t exempt. We’re all ‘enemy combatants’ under this law. Anyone charged under it loses all constitutionally protected rights and can be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment including torture.” [47]

Even though, the U.S. Supreme Court declared the Military Commissions Act 2006 to be in violation of U.S. law as well as Geneva Conventions (Hamdan v. Rumsfeld 2006), the Bush administration did not give a damn. The “illegal enemy combatants” continued to be held in Guantanamo and elsewhere and Rumsfeld continued in office. Such utter disregard of the Supreme Court and the inability of the Supreme Court to do anything against those who flout its orders says a lot about the change in U.S. society.

The UK also partook in the torture exercise, in addition to aiding, abetting and cooperating with the U.S. in this genocide for the sake of Israel and for oil – in fact, for the owners of both – Israel and Big Oil – the High Cabal. Jack Straw, the British Foreign Secretary at the time, lied openly by denying British involvement in the matter, particularly where British subjects were involved. In a recent article Ian Cobain has pointed out how he got a “car-boot load” of papers through court. In early 2011, the British government was compelled to yield some material under the disclosure rules that apply to civil court proceedings. A group of British Guantanamo inmates had sued the British government. He writes:

“Among them was a telegram that Jack Straw had sent to various government missions, ordering that British Muslims taken prisoner in Afghanistan after 9/11 should be consigned to Guantanamo. The telegram had been sent in January 2002, during the week that Camp X-Ray opened for businesses, when Shane McCoy had taken his revealing photographs (and also during the same week that UK Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon had mobilized the part-time members of the armed forces who served as specialist interrogators in Afghanistan and Iraq).  Tony Blair, or people very close to him, appear to have taken a decision to take the gloves off in early January 2002.”[48]

Even Tony Blair had lied to Ian Cobain. In response to Cobain’s persistent queries Tony Blair’s assistant eventually responded that Tony Blair had never authorized torture. Cobain writes:

“Also hidden among my car boot-load of documents was the UK’s ‘torture policy’. There were several versions of this paper. The first had been issued in January 2002, after MI5 officers had witnessed Americans beating the living daylights out of prisoners at their newly-established base at Bagram, north of Kabul, and had asked London where they stood legally if they were to question the victims. This first draft had been based upon an MoD document drawn up for members of the British military who might find themselves in a similar situation, watching allies torturing prisoners. Refined versions were drafted in 2004 and 2006, shortly before suspected British militants were about to be detained and tortured in Pakistan.

It was a truly remarkable document. It instructed senior intelligence officers to weigh the value of the information they were seeking against the degree of pain that the prisoner might be expected to suffer when it was being extracted. It acknowledged that MI5 and MI6 could be in breach of both UK and international law when asking for information from prisoners held by overseas intelligence agencies known to use torture. The policy document explained that government ministers were expected to be consulted in advance of any potentially criminal act, in order to obtain political cover.” [49]

Under torture any confession can be extracted – one may simply confess to things one has not done to avoid pain. The American and British leadership has lied on many counts to take their countries to war and have yet to be held accountable.

So what has now become of the Western civilization as represented by the U.S., U.K. and other Western allies? Freedom of press no longer exists, the U.S. and the U.K are under unpayable heavy debts to the bankers, there is no such thing as privacy anymore as all communications, even between ordinary individuals, are intercepted and recorded, their intelligence agencies have been harassing and murdering whistle blowers and genuine patriots, torture is now accepted as a matter of routine, they have committed genocide on an unprecedented scale, nuclear and chemical weapons are being used, and the attempt to bring the world under the thumb of an Elite controlled U.S.A., using the false flag 9/11 attack as a pretext, has failed. The Western leaders and media lie persistently and shamelessly. Even scientific discourse is no longer free and has been subordinated to the needs and dictates of the High Cabal. The justice system is severely compromised and elections are stolen. U.S. is being plundered left and right and the people do not even know that $21 trillion is missing from the U.S. Treasury (Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University and Catherine Austin Fitts have uncovered this scandal [50]). The patriotic Michael Ruppert, who was “suicided”, put it so well a decade and a half ago:

“False flag terror attacks, a fake war on terrorism, routine political murders, stolen elections, and Republican traffic in pedophilia remain causes for outrage and defiance, but they can no longer be useful avenues to justice: the legal system is broken. It’s broken for reasons far greater than what used to be called corruption. And it cannot be fixed when a world war and unprecedented economic and ecological collapse are smashing down every wall between humanity and the unthinkable.” [51]

What then is the outlook? Brzezinski had written:

“Potentially, the most dangerous scenario would be a grand coalition of China, Russia, and perhaps Iran, an ‘anti-hegemonic’ coalition united not by ideology but by complementary grievances. It would be reminiscent in scale and scope of the challenge once posed by the Sino-Soviet bloc, though this time China would likely be the leader and Russia the follower. Averting this contingency, however remote it may be, will require a display of U.S. geostrategic skill on the western, eastern, and southern perimeters of Eurasia simultaneously.” [52]

The “remote” contingency has arisen much sooner than thought by Brzezinski et al, and Russia, China and Iran are now one. Proposed legislation in the U.S. Congress to sanction those states which support Taliban, and which targets Pakistan, will leave no option for Pakistan except joining the Russia-China-Iran bloc, to which Turkey might soon be added. In fact, Pakistan should not have brokered or helped in brokering a deal between the Taliban and the U.S. Had the war continued America would have been expelled dishonorably. If the U.S. sanctions Pakistan the country should not submit and act in its defense and its interest. It will not be alone.

It is also important to dispel the impression being given that the U.S. has withdrawn from Afghanistan as part of some new “strategy”. For years Americans were restricted to their bases and to sections of Kabul. More than three years ago, on June 3, 2018, Lara Logan of CBS news filed a story after visiting Kabul. She wrote:

“But in the Afghan capital you don’t have to go far to see the problems. Kabul is so dangerous, American diplomats and soldiers are not allowed to use the roads. As we first reported earlier this year, they can’t drive just two miles from the airport to U.S. headquarters. They have to fly. After all these years, a trillion dollars and 2,400 American lives – Kabul is under siege.” [53]

General John Nicholson, commander of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan, told Lara Logan: “It’s a country at war. And it’s capital is under siege by a determined enemy.” As a soldier Gen. Nicholson actually complimented the Taliban for their determination when he said what he said. If American and NATO soldiers and diplomats could not commute between two points in Kabul by road, how could the Americans sustain the war indefinitely? Gen. Mark Milley Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff admitted this to the House Armed Services Committee on September 29, 2021.

“In a frank admission during a hearing, the top US military official admitted that America ‘lost’ the 20-year war in Afghanistan … ‘It is clear, it is obvious to all of us, that the war in Afghanistan did not end on the terms we wanted, with the Taliban in power in Kabul,’ General Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the House Armed Services Committee. ‘The war was a strategic failure,’ Milley told a committee hearing about the US troop pullout from Afghanistan and the chaotic evacuation from the capital Kabul. ‘It wasn’t lost in the last 20 days or even 20 months,’ Milley said.” [54]

As a soldier Gen. Milley was honest. However, the American leadership is engaged in the petty game of isolating and starving Afghanistan. These petty tactics, unbecoming of any great nation, are bound to fail. Previously the U.S. used the pretext of 9/11 and Bin Laden to end the 5-year rule of the Taliban, which despite its harsh nature, had an exemplary law and order situation. People carrying millions in cash could walk in the length and breadth of Afghanistan without any fear of being robbed. The U.S. cannot come even close to such a law and order situation and its agencies knew it. I know this from friends who visited Afghanistan in those five years. They did not have to lock their cars which had merchandise. Theft had disappeared from Afghanistan. The Taliban had also banned poppy cultivation which had hurt many important U.S. corporations which were using laundered drug money as “steroids”. The denial of drug money to U.S. corporations may have, in the opinion of Michael Ruppert, contributed to the U.S. decision to attack Afghanistan. The U.S. is not in a position to attack Afghanistan again.

$9 billion of Afghan money in Western banks is being denied to Afghanistan. And no one is ashamed of this pettiness! Instead, much noise is being made by the Western media, by the so-called “international community”, and by American agents in this region and elsewhere about “advising” Taliban to form an “inclusive” government.

Where was the “international community” when, in two decades of brutal war based on an utter lie, 6.8 million Afghan men women and children died, and millions were rendered homeless? Have the Western stalwarts and public any idea of what savagery Afghanistan was subjected to by the Americans and its NATO agents? Is there no sense of remorse, or shame or guilt or even self-respect in the so-called “international community”? Is there not the slightest desire to atone for the massive slaughter and suffering to which the Afghans were subjected? Why is there no widespread demand for justice for the Afghans and Iraqis and others in the West? In fact, puppet rulers in Muslim countries are towing the U.S. line instead of demanding an end to the genocide of Muslims by U.S. et al. Why is there no widespread demand for putting those responsible for murders and indescribable suffering of tens of millions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc., based on deliberate and utter lies, in the dock? At least the “international community” should set up an Afghan Rehabilitation Fund as suggested by Pakistani writer and scholar Orya Maqbool Jan recently. But will they? Those who fought the sole superpower of its time despite its might and money and its unexampled cruelty and brutality, single-handedly with only light arms, need no one to “advise” them.

Ejaz Akram Ph.D. wrote with Pepe Escobar:

“Imagine if the French revolutionaries were asked to retain the elements of the kingdom of Louis XVI while forming the new republic to keep it all ‘inclusive’. Imagine that the American revolutionaries were asked to keep the British loyalists as part of the new American republic to keep it all inclusive. Imagine that the Bolsheviks were asked to keep the Czarist loyalists in the government to keep it all inclusive. Imagine that Chairman Mao was asked to keep the Koumintang as a part of the new set up to keep things all inclusive. Imagine that Imam Khomeini was asked to keep the elements of Reza Shah’s puppet government to keep the Iranian government all inclusive. . . Imagine that the Saudis are asked to give due representation to a quarter of its Shi’ite population to keep the Kingdom all inclusive. Imagine that India’s Modi is asked to give full citizenship rights to Muslims, Sikhs and other minorities to keep RSS-India all inclusive.

If all of the above cannot be, then what logic is the so-called international community practicing when asking the Taliban to keep those who aided and abetted the utterly unjustified foreign occupation as a part of their government to keep things all inclusive?” [55]

Independently, Orya Maqbool Jan had expressed similar arguments in a speech in Lahore.

Amid the propaganda war and media noise, people have forgotten who is behind the new move to put the West at war with China and Russia? Or even how and when did China and Russia replace “terrorists” as the new and major “enemy” of the West? One must never forget that Britain is the real den of international bankers and its Malthusian allies who view the entire globe as real estate, and mankind as “useless eaters” and as “human garbage”. This has been so since the middle of the seventeenth century, if not earlier. It was in February 2018 that the British Defense Secretary announced a huge policy shift. In a brief article that was published on 26 February, 2018, Eric Zuesse wrote:

“On Wednesday, February 21st, the UK’s Minister of Defense, Conservative Gavin Williamson, announced that the United Kingdom is changing its fundamental defense strategy from one that’s targeted against non-state terrorists (Al Qaeda, etc.), to one that’s targeted instead against three countries: Russia, China, and North Korea. He acknowledged that a massive increase in military spending will be needed for this, and that “savings” will have to be found in other areas of Government-spending, such as the health services, and in military spending against terrorism.” [56]

He quoted the London Times Defense editor Deborah Haynes from her story that appeared the following day i.e. February 22, 2018:

“It is a departure from the national security strategy published in 2015, which listed international terrorism first, and chimes with a decision by the United States last month to declare “strategic competition” from countries such as China and Russia as its top focus instead of counterterrorism. …”

Her statement that what Britain did “chimes” with U.S. policy raises the question as to who decided this policy for the U.S., because Trump certainly wanted to have good relations with Russia and North Korea. When a policy shift is made and the President of the U.S. is taking an opposite stance then one may infer that elements more powerful than the President of the United States are involved. Since Trump did not want to go to war with Russia he was ousted through a most intense and persistent media campaign and a rigged election. In this entire episode the mainstream media as well as “traitorous intelligence officials” (to use the phrase of Paul Craig Roberts [57]) were fully involved. Britain’s clear-cut policy shift and Trump’s ouster are interconnected.

To this ongoing melee has been added the coronavirus chaos. An article, “The Global ‘Vaccine Passport’ Agenda”, posted at the website of Swiss Policy Research states:

“The strategic level of the coronavirus pandemic, in contrast, is the one that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warned of already in March 2020: the temporary pandemic may be used for a permanent expansion of global population surveillance and control. Since Snowden’s warning, both Apple and Google have inserted a Bluetooth-based ‘contact tracing’ interface – entirely useless for pandemic control – into the operating systems of three billion mobile phones.” [58]

Is the corona crisis engineered bio-warfare against mankind? [59] Critical evaluations of the mainstream and official narrative on the vaccines by highly competent virologists, specialists and doctors, have been effectively banned by YouTube, Facebook, etc. and are not aired on MSM. Why? Identical narrative is parroted by the mainstream media as well the puppet governments worldwide. Massive anti-lockdown protests go unreported on the mainstream media. Why? and now the governments in many places such as Australia, have begun to use brute force to break up demonstrations. This is shameful. People who refuse to be vaccinated are laid off. Data on deaths and harm from the vaccines is being actively suppressed.

There is much talk about drastic and forced reduction of global population [60]. This is a longstanding agenda of the Elite [61]. The CDC has been, for at least two decades, secretly purchasing tens of millions of casket liners that can hold 3-4 dead bodies each, and has buried them underground [62]. Why is this so, and why is the American nation sleeping over this most sinister fact which possibly has lethal implications for the Americans? The pictures and clips on casket liners are right there on YouTube for people to see, but there is a paralysis and blindness afflicting the Americans. They have eyes but can no longer see. In his book titled Mind Control in the United States, Steven Jacobson has pointed out that “The nation is experiencing a scientifically induced nervous breakdown. Psychological warfare and economic warfare are both being used against an unsuspecting public.” [63] Teams of psychologists, media experts, scientists, and other specialists are engaged by the super-rich as hirelings to subject the American people to this onslaught.

This war on the Americans is being waged relentlessly by the Elite that owns most of U.S. wealth, media, academia, its government, its Congress and Senate and its judiciary. There is an agenda and it is the destruction of America by keeping its great and hardworking people in debt bondage, keeping them poor and confused, using them as cannon fodder in perpetual war and using them to commit genocide worldwide. One enemy is replaced by another followed by the next one and so on. The Germans were replaced by the Soviet Union which was then replaced by the “terrorists”, which have now been replaced by China and Russia and by viruses. Aliens and UFOs may then follow. The subordination of the U.S. to the U.N. has begun and there may soon be U.N. troops on U.S. soil. Why have GWEN (Groundwave Emergency Network) towers with transmitters that emit waves that can literally put entire towns and cities to sleep, been erected quietly throughout the U.S in the past two decades [64]? Are the Americans going to face mass deaths at some point while they have been put to sleep literally and then metaphorically? And there is something ominous about the huge FEMA camps that have sprung up in the length and breadth of America.

Climate engineering is being employed to bring about drought where desired and floods where desired. Aerosol dispersions/jet aircraft sprays are being used to cause solar obscuration/global dimming. Climate engineering poses inescapable health hazards and affects forests. Mysterious forest fires seem to erupt destroying large forest areas. Flow of moisture to Western U.S. is being obstructed, drying up California’s water reserves gradually. “Chemically nucleated ‘snow’ events are wreaking havoc on forests, ecosystems and human infrastructure. Chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding processes are a primary component of the ongoing and expanding global climate engineering operations.”[65]Dane Wigington writes:

“Covert climate engineering operations are further fueling fire / flood scenarios. The U.S. West continues to bake and burn while other parts of the country have received constant rain and frequent flooding. The same completely out of balance weather extremes are playing out all over the planet. Climate related crop production collapse is in turn triggering food shortages and looming starvation in a rapidly growing list of countries. All the while, the climate science community, official agencies and environmental organizations continue to pretend that climate collapse is not yet here.”  [66]

For the first time in human history human genetics is being modified, and this is being done on a global scale through enforced mRNA vaccine technology.

This year marks a seminal turning point in human history. For the first time since human civilization began, our species is being genetically modified. Vaccine manufacturers have now made it possible for the human genome to be permanently altered—and humanity’s relationship with nature forever changed—by means of an experimental pharmaceutical injection that is being falsely referred to as a ‘vaccine’.” [67]

The U.S. and the entire world is under assault in multiple ways and the intent is to reduce global population drastically, and to set up a One World slave state under eternal Elite rule. As the brilliant MIT and Stanford graduate, an electrical engineer and a computer architect who sacrificed his Silicon valley career to become a justice activist, Zahir Ebrahim wrote:

“Hard social engineering is rooted in hard mobilizing ‘events’, the sheep dog equivalent, meaning, covert-ops, false-flag, warfare, crisis situations, real or imagined threats and horrors whose impact the public can be made to feel, or anticipate with fear, and react to as predicted, often probabilistically by a new mathematical discipline called game theory which can statistically manipulate several variables simultaneously to predict behavior. The public mind is collectively maneuvered by the pied pipers to the point of a significant vocal number actually demanding the same solutions the controllers want to sell them in the first place as the panacea for solving the crisis situation.” [68]

The Elite has been responsible for the deaths of literally billions through violence and deprivation, yet not one member of the High Cabal has ever been touched. Why is this so? It was the late Eustace Mullins who wrote:

The bandits of the World Order have succeeded in robbing the whole world through the technique of the bal masque, the disguise that enables them to carry on their Satanic work without being identified and prosecuted. The bal masque is the ideal vehicle for this program., because the World Order gained its present power in Europe of nineteenth century. It is a truism among the old European aristocracy that ‘Balls are given for those who are not invited.’ . . . The reward of being a guest at a bal masque is to be one of the Knowing Ones, those who know which masque hid the face of the king, which costume is that of the Grand Vizier. The other guests never knew whether they were talking to a mere courtier, or a powerful personage. The masses, with their faces pressed against the windows of the ballroom, know none of the celebrants and will never know. This is the technique of the World Order to be masked in mystery, with its hierarchy protected by its anonymity and masks, so that those who revolt will strike out against the wrong targets, insignificant officials who are expendable.” [69]

Will the Americans be able off rip off this mask?


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  1. My hat is off to anyone who could wade through this lengthy piece; much of it a reiteration of recent history.

  2. All true first half, but lacks any “conviction” later on, once author writes:

    “Since Trump did not want to go to war with Russia he was ousted through a most intense and persistent media campaign and a rigged election.”

    Author doing good up to this point! Now everything he writes suspect under suspicion.

    Then after comes the stupid and ignorant analysis of vaccines (became necessary to combat Trumps biological warfare meant to punish China and Iran that spread worldwide)

    Now I stopped reading, as waste of time, author “compromised”


    • “Since Trump did not want to go to war with Russia he was ousted through a most intense and persistent media campaign and a rigged election.”

      This is an article of faith that ReTrumplicans must adhere to under penalty of being thrown into the pit of nothingness. This, from the Book of Donald 9:11 – Faith in Me is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Who ya gonna believe, Me or your lying eyes?

  3. Lots of words. This is the condensed version, Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it. As Wesley Clark said shortly after the attacks, the plan was to take out 7 nations in five years. It was never about nation-building, only nation-destroying. The 9/11 wars have bankrupted the USA both financially and morally. That also was the intent all along.

    • As Netanyahu said back in 1990, “America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” How right he was.

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