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[ Editor’s Note: Ukraine continues to play its game of chess, with NATO sending in some of the moves, like having the Russians hold up their advance for talks that Zelensky then backs out of.

News this morning brings Kiev’s emptying all the prisons, arming the ex cons to fight. But as we have seen in the Kiev videos, their first targets are to start robbing and shooting people on the street to get some money.

This can all be conveniently blamed on the Russians, as the work of ‘saboteurs’. Putin responded to the game playing by putting his nuclear command on alert.

We can clearly see now that the West has planned to use Ukraine as cannon fodder to wear down the Russian army and create unrest in Russia, which we saw with the anti-war rallies which were done by those that miss their CIA cash for doing demonstrations.

So you saw Russian security rounding them up to get them out of the way, while Ukraine gets sorted out.

Western media will not print a word about how this has all been brought on by the Minsk Agreement charade, which was just theater, where Germany and France did not do shit to move Kiev to give autonomy to the Donbas republics, which would have avoided what we are seeing now.

The West negotiated like you would expect thugs to negotiate, make an agreement and then just do whatever they want. Western media is exposing itself as the cheap war whore that it is.

It is different but similar to emptying out the jails to fight Russians, where the convicts say “why fight dangerous and trained Russian soldiers when we can bushwhack unarmed civilians leaving the country who obviously are bringing their valuables with them”Jim W. Dean ]

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Patrick Lancaster visit to Tochka missile booster in someone’s back yard

First published February 26, 2022

On February 26, Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov has claimed that the Ukrainian side refused to launch negotiations.

“Yesterday afternoon, amid the expected negotiations with the Ukrainian leadership, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and the president of Russia gave the order to suspend the advance of the main forces of the Russian troops,” Peskov said.

It was added that the Ukrainian side refused to sit down to talk. That’s why Russian forces resumed their advance int the afternoon on February 26, according to the plan of the military operation.

Kiev’s position is an expression of the West’s will. 

The refusal to launch negotiations between Kiev and Moscow is a sign that the West is not interested in peace in Ukraine but is aimed at destroying the Russian economy through this war.

The Kiev’s decision was also undoubtedly affected by the slowing down of the Russian advance after the Ukrainian side announced that it was ready to start negotiations on February 25.


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  1. Actually my relatives in Belarus just told my wife via Viber this Sunday morning that Ukrainian delegates are meeting withi Russian delegates in Riga, Latvia….at first it was going to be Grodno in Belarus, but they changed it to Riga for some reason. This meeting might be taking place right now, so there are negotiations.

  2. Putin is quoted as saying he wants to “de-nazify” Ukraine. In other words, get rid of the Nazi influence in Ukraine. Funny how the US, EU, NATO, et all are kicking and screaming at him to stop. “We want our Nazis” they cry! Sanction those Nazi killers and send arms to help the Nazis stay in control. Maybe Operation Paperclip was more successful than anyone could imagine. Biden, Johnson and EU are all weak leaders playing “wag the dog” to distract the citizens from their dismal performances. Can’t say I agree with Putin on many things but I do on this one.

    • Yes the idea is to get slavs to fight and kill slavs, using nazi Russian-killers as how to do it. The divide and conquer strategy.
      Ukrainians same culture, same history, same looking people same lanquage Ivery similar), both invaded by fascists in WW2 40 million slavic people killed by Nazis (both Russians and Ukrainians)
      Americans taught no Nazis left after WW2 or just a few fanatics so when they are told there are 80,000 full blown nazi militiamen in Ukraine they cannot believe it call it Russian propaganda but its true and the government full of them as well. Zelensky I dont think nazi but his hands tied literally by them, if he negotiates with Russia they kill him and family and he knows it. So getting rid of the nazis first step to peace for Ukraine.

  3. The Antonov An-225 Mriya was destroyed in her hanger, shame to lose the biggest aircraft in the world, but as a heavy transport, the big bird was a prime legitimate target…

    Still Rootin for Putin!

    BDS 2022

    • It may have been part of Putin’s revenge for the endless destruction in Donbas where the Ukies could not have cared less. Now they have tasted the bitter fruit. While Kiev Ukies are heading to Poland the Donbas people hunkered down and never left for the Russian border, until the evacuation, which was a smart move. The ones under Kiev control could not.

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