by Patrick Lancaster, US Navy veteran, war correspondent

First published February 27, 2022

[ Editor’s Note: This is the longest interview, about 16 minutes, as we hear from these people whom the US media has never interviewed. We hear what it is like to endure random shelling from the US and NATO-backed Kiev government that was hoping to drive these people out of their towns and cities.

Patrick Lancaster got to the scene after the morning shelling, often done to break everybody’s windows to make everybody suffer more in the winter. So even as the Russian military is pushing into the interior, Ukrainian artillery units have the time and ammunition to continue shelling non-combatants just for spite.

So far, the western news correspondents are with the Kiev Ukrainians covering their valiant defense of their homeland. I have not seen any of them interviewing those who have been targeted as unwanted citizens.

The school behind this apartment building was hit, and two teachers were killed, purely for punishment. Granny says that Kiev only wants the land and wants to drive them all out of the country, hence the shelling.

I do not remember Obama or Trump and now Biden lifting a finger to stop this. Biden never posed that, if the endless shelling of Donbas did not stop, the US aid to Ukraine would end. Did anyone even propose to put UN peacekeepers here to stop the Kiev shelling?

By their non-action, NATO and its main country backers signed their names to the thousands of civilians killed here for the purpose of wanting to move NATO forces to the Russian border.

The US, even under Biden, has avoided any United Nations peacekeeping here, as even good ole’ Joe wanted to cut off the visibility of what was going on with full US approval under Democrat and Republican administrations.

This is a dark stain on the US military, diplomatic and political systems, as they all looked to profit from this as a new Cold War.

The Dems had no problem in seeing the autocratic Trumpers as a serious threat to the US. But Biden’s team has been blind to the threat the US has posed to these Donbas people, who are trying to eke out a living without becoming a new Cold War toy for warmongers to play with… Jim W. Dean ]

First published February 27, 2022


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  1. You never hear about it, but there are many greatly unloved US citizens that the Jews in the US government and in private businesses, cause great organized hell upon by gang stalking encirclement such as by being blackballed from working anywhere, injury, damage to property, and etc. The many US corporate equal-citizens can never possibly be graven image man made gods whom the Jews bow down to and serve. Do the Jews accuse Christianity as being absolute idolatry, in order to keep any focus far away from their own corporate money graven image gods of awesome power, that the Jews bow down to and serve ? The size and power of many US citizen corporations make many of these money-people into being man made graven image gods that must be bowed down to and served.

  2. “…Biden never posed that if the endless shelling of Donbas did not stop the US Ukraine aid would end…”
    Why he would that ?? you are talking about sleepy Joe who is partner of Kolomoisky in Burisma Holding ?? the Kolomoisky which was former employer of Zelensky on TV and problaby current chief of him as “president”, that Kolomoisky which in turn is partner of Don Blinken which coincidentally also born in Ukraine and he’s father of Antony ?? the same Kolomoisky which also is owner of a 22 floor building on Cleveland where is one office of Hunter???

    • I don’t know you tell us. Trump did the same only to get dirt on Biden.
      Is there a reason why everyone is treating YouCrane like a whore?

    • Newt, because nobody have the hands clean here, yes Trump was trying to get dirt on him in campaign fight, but that doesn’t mean the info were wrong, and there is evidence that Biden also have business in common with ukie mob… it was sleepy Joe, no his son who never get a foot in Ukraine, who travel several times and have links with Burisma Holding a Kolomoisky company that have control of all gas and oil business, a company than only exist there in Ukraine without branches in elsewhere around the world.

    • Cause I have some jukrainian friends who exploit the slave market there. No I don’t mean Slav and no not in porn business. IT support.
      Porn moved there many years ago from San Fernando Valley and they are still trashing the place. It’s alarming. Anything for a shekel.

    • The point Adrian is that a ‘greater’ leader would have pushed for the Minsk agreement to get done to ‘defuse’ the situation, but that would have pissed off a whole chain of people that would profit from the continuing hostility. As for Trump, he is responsible for being Trump, now tagged as being the ‘one man crime wave’ in American history. But one man is an abberation. But what do you call his followers, like one of my oldest best friends calls him the ‘best American president in history’, and this is an intelligent, educated guy, and a Vietnam vet.

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