US Corporate Media Fully Complicit in Murder of Ukrainian Civilians


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

FULL DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian State-Controlled Media

SF: It is obvious to anyone with a brain in their head and the ability to think independently of the Western hive mind, that the murder of civilians in Bucha and now Kramatorsk, were perpetrated by the Ukrainian regime.

Only an idiot would conclude otherwise. A simple logic exercise will clarify the events quite easily. Instead of searching for the truth, western corporate media are working hand-in-hand with the criminal regime in Kiev to push a false narrative that Russia is killing civilians. The only explanation given is that Putin is a debased tyrant and that everything Russian is inherently evil.

An Eight Year History of Targeting Civilians

From the very start of the coup in Kiev, the violently installed regime has displayed its willingness to terrorize, brutalize and murder its own citizens. Even prior to the launching of the Orwellian named “Anti-Terrorism Operation” to quell and subjugate the eastern and southern regions of the country, the regime unleashed neo-Nazi and ultra-nationalist thugs on the dissenting population. These criminals pillaged and murdered at will, not just in Odessa, where they shot, beat, and burned alive unarmed protesters in the Odessa Trade Union building massacre, but in towns throughout the historically Russian-aligned areas.

The previous eight years have witnessed an almost daily shelling of civilian areas of the LPR and DPR. Civilians have been deliberately targeted all along. Just prior to the February 24th military operation by the Russian Federation and the militias of the LPR/DPR, the Ukrainian Armed Forces increased the volume of shelling of Donetsk and other civilian settlements along the contact line.

This was all a part of the regime’s obvious attempts to instigate a confrontation with Russia. Ukraine has a long pattern of targeting civilians that it sees as disloyal and expendable. It has proven that it has had no issue at all in murdering men, women, and children to further the aims of the regime and its masters in Washington and Brussels.

Bucha Massacre

Are we to believe that the Russian military, which occupied Bucha and other towns around it for almost a month, decided to murder over 400 civilians in the town as they withdrew? There has been no record of the Russian military doing anything of the sort since the launch of the military operation.

Knowing the Kiev regime’s propensity to create and push false accusations of war crimes and brutality in partnership with a willing accomplice in the western corporate media, the Russian military would logically refrain from anything of the sort. If anything, they need to do everything they can to earn the support of the civilian population. For them to do the opposite is illogical.

Most of the civilian corpses shown in photographic and video footage clearly display white armbands, a symbol of alignment with Russian forces and a signifier that they are not a threat to Russian soldiers. Some of the bodies also had Russian military rations clearly in their hands or in close proximity to them. Is it not far more reasonable to believe that the nationalist Ukrainian Territorial Defense units dispatched to the town murdered what they viewed as Russian collaborators and traitors? They have a history of doing just that in occupied areas of the Donbass, or in Mariupol for that matter.

It is now public knowledge that the nationalist unit was sent into Bucha to “cleanse” the town. Cleanse the town of whom? It was well known that the Russian military had withdrawn. It is obvious that they intended to eliminate what they saw as “Orc” collaborators and sympathizers. If Serhiy Korotkikh, aka “Botsman” took part in the operation to secure Bucha, it is no surprise that a grizzly massacre resulted. The poster boy of Ukrainian nationalism, his crimes are well documented over many years in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. A wanted man in his home country of Belarus and in Russia, he is seen as a neo-Nazi hero in his newly adopted homeland. If western media audiences were not so abysmally ignorant and propagandized, they may be able to connect the dots.

Missile Strike on Kramatorsk

An even more obvious criminal targeting of civilians by the Kiev regime occurred over the past 24 hours. A ballistic missile was used to target the train station in Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine, in the oblast of Donetsk. At least 30 civilians were killed and over 100 injured. The wreckage of the missile on the scene of the attack clearly identifies it as a Tochka-U. Russia no longer uses the older, Soviet-era missile as it was replaced in Russian service by the much more modern Iskander. Although President Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials immediately claimed that the missile used was an Iskander, the wreckage recovered on the scene is obviously from a Tochka-U. Ukraine does in fact use the Tochka-U, fielding it in the current fighting and using it numerous times since February 24th.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have a well-documented pattern of targeting civilians with Tochka-U ballistic missiles during the current conflict. On March 14th, the UAF launched a Tochka-U into the heart of Donetsk city where it struck an apartment building and killed over 20 civilians, including children. On March 20th, a Tochka-U was launched against the southern port city of Berdyansk. Fortunately, the missile was intercepted by Russian air defenses. Its wreckage fell in a residential area of the city, suggesting that the strike was meant to target the civilian population.

It is an irrefutable fact that the missile wreckage recovered in Kramatorsk was of a Tochka-U used by Ukraine, not Russia. Ukraine has already deliberately targeted civilians in similar strikes over the past few weeks. It was reported that the wreckage had the phrase “For the Children” painted on it in Russian. Those responsible for the attack most likely knew that the rear portion of the missile would likely remain largely intact due to the missile’s design. What more obvious way to attempt to frame Russia for the attack? It is almost infantile in its simplicity.

The Western Media is Complicit in Kiev’s Crimes

As an American, I have been disgusted by the complicity of the western corporate media in supporting and advancing the propaganda efforts of the Kiev government. Without investigation, and in the face of obvious facts refuting the propaganda narrative being put forth by Kiev, the western media is turning reality on its head. Anyone watching the coverage of this war on western media platforms is quite simply getting propagandized at the behest of Kiev and Washington.

The Kiev regime, the United States, and NATO have decided that Ukrainian civilians are a reasonable sacrifice to be made if it advances their propaganda narrative and further aids in their long-running, yet escalating war against Russia. If anyone doubts that the United States and its vassal states in NATO have been at war with Russia since at least 2014, assuming the Cold War ever ended, there should now be no question by now. How long before the proxy wars in Syria and Ukraine and the escalating economic war turns into a direct military confrontation? And in such a case, how long until such a war turns into a total life-extinguishing nuclear Armageddon?

Anyone watching corporate media in the U.S. has been bombarded with talking heads, “journalists”, and former generals and CIA bureaucrats clamoring for war. Do they not understand what “mutually assured destruction” means? Furthermore, do the powers that be in the U.S. understand that the U.S. dollar is rapidly heading towards irrelevancy and have decided that the only way to deflect the blame is by distracting their citizens buy a massive, global war? If the U.S. dollar is abandoned as the global reserve currency, the Biden administration only has itself to blame.

When this inevitably occurs, the United States will implode much like the Soviet Union did. It will be rapid, chaotic, and violent.

As an American, it is a horrible reality to face, but one that is the inevitable and fitting end that was ensured by a corrupt, decadent, and evil government/corporate establishment that has plagued the world for far too long.

Source: Southfront


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