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Western Warmongers now Blame Supply Chain issues on Russia

NATO wanted war. War kills food supply chains. So who is to blame for the suffering? 


Calls grow for Russia to free up Ukrainian ports for grain exports

…from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: Here come the whiners, blame shifters and cry babies over the disaster they have created, which was totally avoidable if they had chosen a wiser path.

Now they see the potential political risk from the public suffering the consequences financially for the Ukrainian, but The West wants to put that monkey on Russian’s back.

We have NATO and the US Pentagon chief openly stating that their goal of creating this Ukraine war was to weaken Russia militarily via a proxy war with Ukraine, and hence make it easier to muscle Russia with sanctions in international commerce.

Here come the EU and NATO whining now about the war economic chaos after Germany and France were guarantors of the Minsk I and Mink II deals. They both failed, because Ukraine said ‘hell no’, we don’t want autonomy for Donbass, as we want to shell the crap out of them using all the US weapons given to us and the CIA training of our neo-Nazis.

This is the nuclear detonation of a Ukrainian arms depot in 2017

The plan was always to deploy the weapons on the 5 million Russians in Donbass, as practice for the ‘Big One’, by driving them out and stealing all of their stuff. But the idiots made a huge mistake, as the economic blowback is going to be huge, and it will trigger a world food crisis.

It is ‘cover our ass’ time in EU land, with Germany, birthplace of the Nazi scourge, fully supporting the Nazi doppelgänger version in Ukraine. The West’s yellow journalists resoundingly support laying the blame on Russia for the approaching famine.

Do they think we cannot see who caused this war, and that it is just the opposite?

But worse is the pitiful leadership we see in the West, grifters galore and puppets of the warmongers behind the scenes, thinking of all the campaign money they are going to be getting for being dutiful Russia bashers.

The West could stop this if it wanted. It could muscle Zelensky into a neutral status and set up patrols of UN troops along a dividing line, with the ethnic Ukraine populations protected. But the West will not because it has fallen in love with the proxy war game, like an addicted gambler… Jim W. Dean ]

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NATO wanted war. War kills food supply chains. So who is to blame for the suffering?

First published May 15, 2022

Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven nations appealed to Russia to free up sea export routes for Ukrainian grain and agricultural products critical to feeding the world, as food prices rise, and they warn of “catastrophic” consequences if Ukrainian ports remain blocked.

“We must not be naive. Russia has now expanded the war against Ukraine to many states as a war of grain,” German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said at a news conference Saturday after the G-7 meetings. “It is not collateral damage, it is an instrument in a hybrid war that is intended to weaken cohesion against Russia’s war.”

Up to 50 million people will face hunger in the coming months unless Ukrainian grain is released, Baerbock said, according to the Associated Press. About 28 million tons of grain are stuck in Ukrainian ports blockaded by Russian forces.

JD Note: The above is a Yellow Journalism gem. Mariupol’s opening and rebuilding was delayed due to the refusal of the Azov brigade to release its human shield hostages and surrender, while being in constant contact with Zelensky.

There is no way to fix the port facilities to move the grain out. Retreating Ukraine and especially Azov units are leaving a scorched earth scene behind them. I have not read a whimper of reproach for this in Western media, although the photos and videos have been voluminous.

When the Donbass perimeter was being savaged by the Azov’s for 8 years, disrupting their agriculture, Minsk guarantors France and Germany did not lift a finger to rectify, despite having influence with the Kiev coup regime.

Ukraine grows enough food to feed 400 million people annually, and 30 percent of the world’s supply of wheat comes from Russia and Ukraine, according to the World Food Program.

“The ports are critical to food security globally,” Beasley told The Washington Post. “It will be catastrophic if we don’t have those ports opened up and moving food supplies around the world.”

You can read the full WaPo article here.


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  1. @ Sweden,
    We are Europeans you of the North I of Italy that to the SOUTH. Did I talk about voting systems or NATO? Have I denied, even without saying it, that, p.es. “samsung” and its latest arrivals are the most advanced technology? Perhaps you more technolocized are more human than those who are less technolicized? I repeat, I spoke exclusively of “voting systems” and I quoted you because you also complained about it. So fuck does NATO have anything to do with it? But if you write that when you are born in Sweden you are nothing but number and not people either you assume it or you know (and you do not say) that yours and other 192 states are enrolled in the SEC where the affiliated states (minus Russia) reason that the states are like private law companies while the citizens are in the condition of the words you said.
    Want you dialogue?

  2. In Russia, there were only problems from Trump’s activities. Everyone was skeptical about Biden from the very beginning. Age.
    As for Ukraine, yes, grain export is a cynical action. This suggests that no one cares about the residents of Ukraine. And I don’t think the West is so concerned about world hunger and worries about Egypt or African countries that are completely dependent on wheat supplies. By the way, Russia buys a lot of Egyptian potatoes. A paradox.
    My Krasnodar Region is a record holder in agriculture. Almost all wheat is grown in my region.
    But, the fact is that Ukraine is being deprived of bread consciously! Who will feed these poor people? Of course Russia will. Another financial blow to my country.

  3. In the picture there is what once the Ukr was / is a “granary” and the greatest industrial development of the whole USSR…. But then in 2014 who looted this barn.. Etc? The UKR-Jewish oligarchs or those American oligarchs who now finance the war? But then do you know why?
    I would like to explain to Sweden and the Americans how to vote in Italy. Every person when he reaches the age of 18 receives an electoral card with many boxes that correspond to votes, both local and national and since 2012 also European. When you complete these boxes they provide you with another one.
    But how to vote: the voter presents himself with his electoral card and an official identity document. His name is recorded with the transcription of his identities and the voter must affix his signature. Only then is he given the card and a pencil on which to affix the preference… Etc. In Italy, this was also the case during Covid.
    The Italian electoral card corresponds to the aspiration of the struggle of S. Africa one man one vote.
    The electoral card is the real level of democracy because whether you are President or the last of the derelicts you vote only once and I also vote once. But no one thinks so. The Italian system is not gold but it prevents a person from reappearing several times or from a dead person from voting.
    In Sweden and the USA you could not do the same

    • Sweden is the most technocratic society in the west. You are born with a personal number and without it you are a non-person. You need it for everything; school, medical, vaccination card, salary, taxes, voting, and death and all of your info is openly available on the internet through this number.
      Voting is done on paper and recorded with your number no chance for duplicates.

      But we didn’t get a chance to vote on NATO. That decision was made in the back rooms. The only party’s going against it are the Swedish Communists (Vänsterpartiet) and the Environment party (Miljöpartiet). The leading party Social Democrats have flopped on the issue and are now split between party leadership and grassroots. It is political suicide for them. Their base is now lost.

  4. The US and its European Allies have no shame for their arrogance, they put the mother of sanctions with the openly stated goal of destroying Russia and now they expect Russia to feed them , supply with oil and gas while they send endless cash and weapons to Ukraine.
    I often wonder why Putin will take phone calls from Macron, Sholtz. Baerbock, and other European “leaders” when he must be aware of their stated goal is to destroy his country and even called for his death.
    A famous woman once said : let hem eat cake.

  5. As for the Swedish and Fins joining NATO….??? Don’t rats that fall off a sinking ship usually swim towards shore…… Not back out to the sinking shio..??? Go figure…!!!

  6. This has not been an especially good time for the plotters of Russian weakening to unleash thier campaign. Threatening Russia with Nukes on it’s border with Ukraine. It has triggered the not ununexpected chaos of war. Only time will tell how effective the West’s conspiracies and coups on Ukraine and feckless double dealing have worked out in concrete geopolitical alterations. I believe it HYLIGHTS how weakened the U.S. and it’s NATO gnomes have become from the disastrous GWOT chasing tribesmen often on camels, kidnapping & torture. The entire Iraq war was built on lies, forgeries and confessions extracted by torture. In the end, the lies were outed!!!

  7. No WMD’s were found, the yellowcake papers were clumsy forgeries, and the purported confessions were so phony, that the Bush crew destroyed them to avoid the danger of them being made public. Hundreds of thousands murdered, millions displaced and Trillions of dollars squandered. What did the Russians & Chinese do while the U.S. and their Gnomes of the coalition of the killing were making war against Muslims, Arabs and those who were not “with them”…??? They upped their deterrent strengt in the essential equipment of war of the top peer thermonuclear powers. Faster, lighter more maneuverable fighter jets, hypersonic missiles and absolute cutting edge air defence systems. Russia has upped the blast of its nuclear ordnance to gargantuan yield 40% higher than any device detonated since the dawn of nuclear weapons. Now that

  8. And the only thing that could possibly prevent a Swedish NATO membership… wait for it….

    Erdogan. This guy uncannily shows up in every possible situation imaginable. Swedens has a large Kurdish diaspora that is a headquarters/safe haven of sorts for Kurdish Nationalist and Communist types. Erdogan wants Sweden to hand them over or drive them out before he will approve Swedish NATO Membership. He also requires the arms embargo Sweden has placed on Turkey for their Kurdish genocide removed, and for good measure the US can throw in a couple of F35s.

    • Erdogan always knew how to milk a geo-political situation, a born thief, and a long line of burned partners. And of course he is not the only one.

  9. Gotland, autumn national elections, and crisis fatigue is the driving force behind the rapid decision for Swedish NATO membership. For the past month the government leaders have been having secret meetings putting together an analysis of the NATO question.
    Swedish and Finnish government has been trying to join NATO for the past 15 years but with only 20% of the population in favor of it their was not a motive to take the political risk. They have been waiting patiently for this moment. The Covid crisis subsided to be rapidly replaced by the putin crisis. The fear and hate was simply shifted from Covid and the unvaccinated to Putin and the Russians.
    The decision was made quickly behind closed doors to keep this issue out of the next elections and before the Swedish people woke up from their fear induced stupor and the resulting hangover and could once again think clearly. What is the Kissinger quote, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.
    And then of course Gotland the unsinkable aircraft carrier in the middle of the Baltic Sea, a NATO wet dream in the hypermissile era of obsolete ships.

  10. I hold Mr. Duff and Dean directly responsible for our present. State. While I spent years on here arguing every single day with Duff about all the dangers involved in electing Biden and the blood clot problems of the American vaccines, they spent every day on here praising Biden and Fauci.

    The fallout is huge. Every day I hear firsthand how somebody now has to go into heart surgery for blood clots, or died due to a blood clot in the brain after being vaccinated. On the Biden side, I saw all these coming years ago. All Biden does is visit Milabs where crimes are committed against kids. I mentioned this many times to Mr. Duff and Dean. They don’t care about the Milabs. They only care about getting down and praising Joe Biden and Fauci. This is why I blame them entirely for our current mess.

    This should have taken a stand against Biden and Fauci from Day 1. Instead, they still are worshipping them.

    • Compared to Trump he was an improvement. And the Repubs were in full coup mode, and still are. They even admitted to the Trump mob that they will win the presidency in 2024, “one way or another”, completely validating VT editors analysis. The Jan6 committee has amassed a mountain of evidence supporting this which they will role out in June. And lastly we had contributors at VT who had their say with different views, as with the Covid vax controversy that was already long standing before Covid came. These are things we live with and try to understand in the moment as best we can, and then when new stuff comes in it all gets rechecked and recalculated. It’s called real life. And lastly, Trump, on video, admitted during the Presidential historian Zoom interview that he knew he had lost the election. This went on news TV, and had no effect on the Trumpers. Inventing desired realities may be a permanent part of American politics now.

    • While I’m absolutely no fan of Biden, I certainly had no use for Trump. One should also remember that Trump WAS President for 4 years. Does anyone with an ounce of common sense really believe that Trump and his cabinet knew nothing about what was happening in Ukraine? Anyone that was awake knew what was going on since 2014, milabs or no. Where was he on Minsk I & II? Did Trump ever deign to uncover or mention at all what was coming? Did he ever attempt to expose the entire escapade? No. The only thing he did was engage in the very same arm twisting that Biden did…for political reasons. Trump very well knew what was up in Ukraine, he had to. His old friend and business partner, Soros, was in on it, the CIA (who might as well be called Mossad) was in on it and the country (where his political donor came from) he intended to make great, Israel, was as well. How the hell could he not know what was going on when half the world knew? If he was this stupid, why would anyone think he was worth a plug nickle as President? Since he had to know and if he wasn’t stupid, it means he had no issue with it. The real question is; what would he have done today? Of course we only have his actions in Iran, Syria, Yemen and Soleimani’s assassination to go by. Judging by his record, I’d say he would end up leading the charge. The best thing for Trump has happened, this all dropped into the hands of a marionette. Now he can play ‘clean’, which he ain’t by a long shot.

    • As for Biden, he certainly has no input on what is going on, because he has no clue of anything at this point…and hasn’t for a while. So the other question is, who is calling the shots? Surely it’s not the usual suspects. Biden (and his ilk) will get what’s coming to them sooner or later. It’s doubtful that he will finish his term, which will leave us in the clutches of Harris, who is the real Pres-elect in reality. The whole covid/vaccine scam is the one thing that did floor me. I still find it hard to believe the drive to economic suicide and the race to authoritarianism was so pervasive. Ukraine is the icing on the cake, the ‘coup de grace’ if you will. Whoever is masterminding this op, it’s pretty plain that covid/vaccine and Ukraine are connected. The one person that seems a constant is Soros. Obvious on one side and hidden on the other, but part of both. Both Ukraine and C-19 were going to happen, no matter who sat in the WH. It wasn’t just Biden’s vaccine drive any more than covid was Trumps fault. For proof, see the visuals of every leader in the world sporting a face diaper and the skewed numbers/questionable testing around the world.

    • PA Lt Gov Fettermann (running for Senate now) had stroke Friday caused by blood clot. I am sure he was vaccinated and boosted. He will survive. Instant karma for Dems with heads up Biden’s ass?

    • Reply to Zman. The real frosting on the cake in US will be civil strife following midterms and with more false flag racially driven mass killings. Total chaos will force braindead Americans to run for nearest cover offered by Red or Blue psycho leaders. Of course, all of these mass shooters are 18 year old Nazis. Duh. Really?

  11. For the past 15 years I have been telling everyone I know in Sweden that you know the end for Europe is near whenever Sweden joins NATO. They would laugh and say, “OH… that will never happen.”
    Well it just happened and guess what, Europe is in the beginning of its death throes. How did it happen? Well after 2 years of media driven pandemic fear addled nonsense the Swedish citizens are no longer able to think rationally. It hurts too much, the social pressure of not believing whatever the media and government is telling you immediately labels you an anti-vax nutter.
    The critical thinking capacity of the populace and their will is so low now, with the next manufactured crisis they will hand over what little self determination they have left without a second thought.
    Is it mass psychosis, fear paralysis, TikTok /Facebook/Google mind control by AI, or DNA modification vaccines to make people more compliant? Unfortunately it is most likely all of the above. The end of Europe is near, the warning can not be any clearer than this.

    • Your last paragraph pretty much said it all. I might add that the rest of the west is circling the drain as well. Did the west just become lemmings or is there a lot more to it?

    • Don’t worry. The lemmings in the US are still ahead in this game. NATO is a criminal enterprise operating in a lawless world.

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