WARNING: The Constitution in Jeopardy: An Unprecedented Effort to Rewrite Fundamental Law Using the 5th Amendment

What We Can Do About It?


A former U.S. senator joins a legal scholar to examine a hushed effort to radically change our Constitution, offering a warning and a way forward.

Over the last two decades, a fringe plan to call a convention under the Constitution’s amendment mechanism—the nation’s first-ever—has inched through statehouses.

Delegates, like those in Philadelphia two centuries ago, would exercise nearly unlimited authority to draft changes to our fundamental law, potentially altering anything from voting and free speech rights to regulatory and foreign policy powers.

Such a watershed moment would present great danger, and for some, great power.

In this important book, Feingold and Prindiville distill extensive legal and historical research and examine the grave risks inherent in this effort. But they also consider the role of a constitutional amendment in modern life.

Though many focus solely on judicial and electoral avenues for change, such an approach is at odds with a cornerstone ideal of the Founding: that the People make constitutional law, directly. In an era defined by faction and rejection of long-held norms, The Constitution in Jeopardy examines the nature of constitutional change and asks urgent questions about what American democracy is, and should be.


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    • Had to look that one up…

      Pilpul (Hebrew: פלפול, loosely meaning ‘sharp analysis’; from פִּלְפֵּל (pilpel) ‘pepper’) is a method of studying the Talmud through intense textual analysis in attempts to either explain conceptual differences between various halakhic rulings or to reconcile any apparent contradictions presented from various readings.

    • Actually, America is an oligarchy. Our Zionist masters control both major parties and the media. These are the same folks who gave us 9/11 and all the wars of this century. Now they are forcing the USA into a catastrophic war with Russia that will be the end of the USA as we know it.

    • Like any contract, the Constitution is only as good as the people who signed and those who execute it. The former group was basically OK. The latter group has been a succession of political gangsters and their devious lawyers who couldn’t explain its terms and conditions if their lives depended on it. Trump and Biden would both flunk a written test even with advisors whispering in their ears. Why? Because everything has become a political nuance. Democracy or Republic doesn’t seem to matter. More meaningless words for the hoi polloi.

    • I’m just saying that the Constitution Guarantees a republican form of government. Democracy is not mentioned. What it became. Is something different. That said. Someone claiming to save our “democratic” form of government is suspect.

    • Of course. I think the last POTUS to regularly refer to the USA as a Republic was Lincoln. And, he did so mostly for political reasons. Democracy was a palatilive word that made us feel we were all living at Disneyland.

    • Yup. An American success story. There really is something in the water in Hollywood that turns people into freaks.

  1. The government should be weakened. They have done nothing but usurp more authority. How about we go back to government having only the powers outlined in the Constitution? Sounds like these guys are more worried about citizens using the process outlined in the Constitution to amend it than they are a dictator ruling through executive order. Where exactly is THAT in the Constitution?

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