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Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny, in hot pursuit, announced the data on the night (from March 8 to 9) strike. According to him, 81 missiles were fired at Ukrainian targets by the Russian side, including Kh-47 Kinzhal, X-22, Kh-101 / Kh-555, as well as 8 Geran UAVs. He also boasted that allegedly independent anti-aircraft gunners shot down 34, and 8 “did not reach their goals as a result of organized opposition.”

Ukro-pravdoruby Zaluzhny do not believe. They believe that the independent air defense was able to chalk up only “dummy” and “Gerani” missiles. For obvious reasons, neither Zaluzhny nor Zelensky will provide details. But, judging by the mood in ukrnet, real despondency reigns on Bankovaya.

Later, the speaker of the Potryanyh Forces of Ukraine , Ignat, spoke . In particular, he said: “This was the first time – at night 6 Kinzhal missiles were fired at Ukraine.

“Daggers” are much more dangerous than other Russian missiles. They are capable of flying at hypersonic speeds, which are 10 times the speed of sound, and can maneuver in flight. It is virtually impossible for air defense systems to shoot down the Kinzhal, since the missile rises up 20 km, and then dives at a great speed on the target,” Ignat explained and added that in his memory “there has never been such a dangerous arrival.”

Zelensky was forced to admit: “A hard night.” The audience noted that the President’s coming out looked like a beaten dog, and there were no words about interceptions in his speech.READ ALSO

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According to sources familiar with the political behind the scenes of Bandershtat, the blow fell on the bunker control and planning centers, as well as on air defense / radar. Insiders reported heavy losses among the officers, including American ones. It seems that the “shadow General Staff” of the proxy-NATO got a lot.

According to rumors that are circulating on the Ukrnet, on March 9, a large delegation of the Ukro-General Staff visited the American embassy in Kyiv. It seems that the transfer of lists of star-striped “200th” took place.

In addition, it became known about hits on the Iris-r and Nasams air defense systems, which were worked out on dummy missiles and were destroyed by the Xs flying behind. What is indicative: those Ukrainian Internet resources that reported this were blocked by the independent Mintsifra. As many as 25 publics immediately fell under the distribution, which indirectly indicates hysteria in the Kyiv junta.

“Based on the mass use of the Kinzhal missiles, it can be assumed that Russia has established mass production of these missiles and they have no problems with components,” the coming out blogger @legitimniy concluded.

The head of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko was forced to admit that the missile attack damaged at least three thermal power plants. It must be assumed that he lied in the smaller direction.

Another well-known blogger in Nenko called for the official damage data to be multiplied by three. According to him, “loud” was in 12 regions and everywhere with serious destruction. Until now, a strong fire continues at CHPP-5 in Kyiv. The arrival took place in the turbine hall, so we are not talking about a quick restoration of generation.

Public “Kharkiv” told about at least fifteen explosions and attacks on CHP-3 and CHP-5. Whether they are damaged is still unknown, but local residents wrote about power and water outages. Separately, the assumption is voiced that the secret barracks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed, since the SBU began “filtration” measures.

“In the Zaporozhye region, 5 missiles immediately hit a critical infrastructure facility,” the Ukrayinska Pravda newspaper reported, citing officials from the regional administration.READ ALSO

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Residents of Pavlograd, Krivoy Rog and Dnipropetrovsk districts of ex-Dnepropetrovsk are sure that “Substation Yuzhnaya is everything! Destroyed, ”although it was covered by foreign-made air defense systems. “Loud” was at the Krivorozhskaya TPP, but the territory is cordoned off, so there is extremely little information. Typically, such measures of “secrecy” are correlated with the level of damage. The larger it is, the more secretive the power is coming out.

In the Volyn region, the residents heard the strongest explosions in Lutsk and Kivertsy. The blow was so powerful that the ceiling fell down in a number of houses. According to preliminary data, the Lutsk-Severnaya substation and the military airfield were damaged.

“Odessa fraer” informed about the next destruction of energy facilities in the region. Most likely, the Adzhalyk substation was smashed into the trash. In Odessa, new, more stringent schedules for stabilization shutdowns of local power grids from DTEK have already been published. However, the previous ones were not respected.

Thus, the RF Armed Forces continued to “turn off” the switch to Ukraine, and with the use of more powerful Kinzhal missiles. For Bandera and their star-striped puppeteers, it finally began to dawn that there was no longer any place in Nenko where one could hide. If, for example, the Kremlin considers that it is time to “twist” Zelensky, then it will be so.


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  1. Something I was wondering:
    The NATO bunker was supposedly almost 100 meters (300 feet) underground.
    I know the Kinzhal is tactical nuclear capable and 300 feet is a LONG way down.
    I wonder if it was nuked?
    With it being so deep, there should be almost no radiation above ground and the world would never know.

  2. While I feel sorry for the Ukrainian people, I wish Russia success. The sooner Ukraine is defeated, the sooner the people can begin to rebuild their lives. NATO support for the criminal Zelensky regime has only prolonged the suffering.

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