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Fucking Brilliant: Address by the President of the Russian Federation (Putin’s initial address on...

The future of Russia is in the hands of its multi-ethnic people, as has always been the case in our history.

Putin slams ‘flagrant violation’ of international humanitarian law by Ukrainian forces

Putin has accused the Ukrainian army of “extrajudicial executions of dissenters” and “taking hostages and using civilians as human shields,” and called on the leaders of Germany and France to pressure Kiev to force its nationalist battalions to stop their crimes.

“The majority in Russia supports Putin, for them the war is a form of...

Russians and Russian-speaking Ukrainians feel attacked and sacrificed. They see themselves as victims of discrimination, of ethnic discrimination.

Is Vladimir Putin the New Coronavirus?

The Ukraine crisis also provides an excuse for Congress to do what Congress does best: increase federal spending. President Biden has requested Congress provide an additional $10 billion in emergency military aid to Ukraine.

Putin still kicking Khazarian butts

Putin: "They do not even hide the fact that they have spent $5 billion on it, not to mention cookies given away on Maidan, and so on."

Putin Halts West Playing God

Using concocted lies, The Wests’ media has described Russian leadership as propping dictators and condoning Syria’s use of chemical weapons.

Germany Sticks with Putin for its Oil and Gas

If somehow we can kill off the Right Sector and Azoz batalions by the time this is done, Ukraine and Europe will be a safer place.

Putin Sounds Off to his Airline Industry Employees about his War in Ukraine

Russian President Putin met with pilots and stewardesses to discuss the situation in the aviation industry. Of course, he was also asked about Ukraine.

Putin Putting Wrench into WEF Agenda (video from Canada)

"Russia is actually doing us a favor." Thomas Androvic PPC Canada gives intelligent insight into Ukraine, Russia, USA, Trudeau and the WEF.

Putin reveals conditions for offensive in Ukraine to stop

The Russian president told his Turkish counterpart that nationalists use civilians as human shields - Sourced from Russian State-Owned Media

Putin’s most recent statements on no fly zones, martial law

Putin claims Russia has no plans to send conscripts and reservists to Ukraine, as there are enough available forces and means, especially since almost the entire Ukrainian military infrastructure has already been destroyed.

German Source: Putin’s Attack Preempted Planned NATO Attack on Kalingrad/Donbass

According to the former Ukrainian Prime Minister, a NATO offensive would have begun with an attack by Ukrainian forces on the Donbass republics, and then Western troops would have arrived. Russia's Kaliningrad would then be attacked.

Fight Club: Vladimir Putin Continues to Intellectually Slay New World Order

Well done, Mr. Putin. Please, continue to put the fear of God in the New World Order. Show NWO agents that we are not for sale.

We Don’t Need a Bigger Military Budget to Deter Putin

“Current U.S. defense strategy costs too much and achieves too little,” writes Senior Research Fellow William Hartung.

Putin’s Purge of the Rothschild Money Changers

WHEN PUTIN WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT of Russia in 2000, Russia was bankrupt.

Is Putin Considering Using Nukes on NATO?

What Putin is suggesting is that in the last analysis, if military defeat beckons for Russia, and his own dispossession of power and political if not actual death are to follow, he may use the ultimate weapon in Russia’s arsenal to prevent it.

Putin Orders Nuclear Forces on High Alert, Cites Western Sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday ordered Russia’s nuclear forces to be put on “special” alert in response to Western sanctions and what he said were “aggressive statements” made by NATO countries.

Did We Provoke Putin’s War in Ukraine?

Neither Ukraine nor Georgia will become members of NATO. To prevent that, Russia will go to war, as Russia did last night.

Putin Orders Russian Nuclear Deterrent Forces on Highest Alert

The move comes in response to “hostile” rhetoric by top NATO officials, Russia’s president Putin has explained.

Putin played into the Western trap

NATO was a major force in killing the JCPOA and similarly with letting the Minsk agreement die on the vine, and did nothing to stop the shelling of the Donbas perimeter for 8 years, actually paying for the munitions. It has zero credibility.

What Did Putin Mean by ‘Denazification’ of Ukraine and Why is It so Important?

For years, Russia has been calling on Western nations to investigate cases of human rights abuse, illegal killings, and war crimes committed by the Ukrainian authorities that came to power after the 2014 coup. Moscow pointed out that many of them were committed by neo-Nazis against Russians or Russian-speaking people.

Putin Says ‘No Deal’ with ‘Gang of Drug Addicts and Neo-Nazi’s in Kiev

Putin called on the Ukrainian service members to do not allow these criminals to use “their children, wives and old people as human shields”.

Is Putin Overplaying Hand by Moving ICBM’s Into Western Russia?

The Russian military is bogged down due to heavy Ukrainian resistance and suffering a much larger loss of equipment and soldiers. NATO countries today agreed to provide additional anti-aircraft equipment, ammunition, and other military supplies.

UKRAINE ATTACKED! Did Putin Destroy Kiev’s Air Defense To Protect Donbass?

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi released to Italy press agency Ansa with which he actually announced the active role of Italy and NATO in the war in Ukraine that broke out before dawn in Europe

Sergey Karaganov: Russia’s new foreign policy is The Putin Doctrine

Russia needs a new political economy – free from Marxist and liberal dogmas, but something more than the current pragmatism our foreign policy is based on.

Putin, Ukraine and the Perfect Burger, an Intel Drop (updating)

VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff drops mad truth on the world about Putin and Ukraine; a must-read.

Vladimir Putin: Full Text of February 21, 2022 Speech

The topic of Putin's speech is the events in Ukraine and why this is so important for Russia.

PUTIN THUNDERS: “Bloodbath on Consciousness of Kiev Regime”

Those who seize the power and keep the power in Kyiv demand to stop hostilities immediately otherwise all the responsibility for the possible continuation of bloodbath will be on the consciousness of the regime that is ruling in Kyiv.

Russian Media: Putin Orders Russian Military to Donbass Republics as Peacekeepers

Russian President Putin has signed a decree outlining cooperation between Russia and the two breakaway regions.

Putin’s Announcement on Donbas Recognition (Live)

Among the members of the council calling for the Kremlin to back the recognition of the rebel-held territories was Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

Even though the Neocons and Neoliberals drool for war in Ukraine, Putin never intended...

The Washington DC Think Tank crowd have been itching for another major war. They are still attempting to draw Iran into a trap, but so far that hasn’t worked because of the pragmatism of the Iranian leadership.

Putin confirms start of troop withdrawal

Jim W. Dean - The best move for Ukraine and Zelensky is to get moving on confirming the Minsk agreement giving the Donbass people the autonomy they had agreed on.

Breaking: Putin May Recognize DNR and LNR as Independent (or Russia) in 30 Days,...

Avia Pro: The President of Russia will decide on the recognition of Donbass within 30 days.

Why the Khazarian Mafia Fears Vladimir Putin

If you don’t think that the Khazarians aren’t in cahoots with the media to destroy Putin and indeed Russia, then think again.

Erdogan Triumphs as Putin Stabs His Best Ally in Back

Putin has been enabling a NATO member’s aggression bordering Russia.

Vladimir Putin: Russia and China: A Future-Oriented Strategic Partnership

Putin: The basic principles and guidelines for joint work were defined by our two countries in the treaty, which include first and foremost, equality, consideration of one another's interests, freedom from political and ideological circumstances as well as from the vestiges of the past.

Khazarian Neocon Bret Stephens hates Vladimir Putin

Russia has the nuclear and military power to fight back. America and thinking people must not pay attention to Khazarian monsters like Stephens any longer.

WashPost: U.S. and allies debate the intelligence on how quickly Putin will order an...

U.S. allies including France, Germany and Norway think Russia could strike but remain unsure of the timing and whether Russian President Vladimir Putin will accept some kind of diplomatic compromise that he can sell as a NATO retreat.

Russia Reacts to WaPo Attack on Putin

Putin’s article did NOT assert that “Russia has the right to Ukraine because of things that happened a thousand years ago in Kyiv.” It didn’t even assert that “Russia has the right to invade Ukraine.”

Putin may put forward two demands on Ukraine to Erdogan

Avia Pro: Russia can put forward two demands to Turkey in the event of a war in Ukraine, which will protect Erdogan from Russian strikes.