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Vital CDC DATA: “Serious Adverse Events by mRNA COVID Vaccines 5.5...

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio ITALIAN VERSION All linked articles in Italian version are available in English with simultaneous machine translation «Finally! Zachary Stieber at the...

CDC Adds Dangerous Bivalent COVID Shots to their Childhood Immunization Schedule...

Introduction by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio ITALIAN VERSION The Covid vaccines have also been included among those scheduled in immunization ordinary plan for 15-month-old children by...

More Than 217,000 Americans Killed by the COVID Jab: Survey Estimate

by Joseph Mercola - Originally published by The Epoch Times Dr. Joseph Mercola is the founder of Mercola.com. An osteopathic physician, best-selling author, and recipient of...

“Acute Psychosis after COVID-19 Vaccination”. Croatian Study’s Alert relaunched by US...

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio ITALIAN VERSION All articles in Italian linked into this post can be read in English thanks to the available simultaneous translation...

“COVID Vaccines HOLOCAUST”. British MP Launched the Alarm and was Soon...

by Carlo Domenico Cristofori ITALIAN VERSION All the linked articles in Italian version ca be read in English with simultaneous machine translation available “As one consultant cardiologist...

US Mother’s Tragedy: “So My Newborn Alex Died days after Receiving...

A baby boy passed away of a large blood clot in Washington state when a hospital administered him a blood transfusion from a regular stockpile rather than from an unvaccinated donor, as his parents had sought.

Eurofighter of the Italian Air Force Crashed, Pilot died. Death “Announced”...

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy VERSIONE ORIGINALE IN ITALIANO All linked articles in Italian are available in English with simultaneous machine translation "Blue Skies"....

GREAT US! Musk’s Firm under Investigation for Animal Testing. None for...

Introduction by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio To develop vaccines or biological weapons, primates in the BSL-4 laboratories of Fort Detrick managed by Pentagon contractor Bethesda...

The COVID Jabs’ Mechanisms of Injury: Sudden Death, Blood Cloths, Human...

In “Innate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations: The Role of G-quadruplexes, Exosomes and MicroRNAs,” Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., and Drs. Peter McCullough, Greg Nigh and Anthony Kyriakopoulos explain how the COVID shots suppress your innate immune function, and how they may cause neurological diseases

Fauci Grilled Under Oath in Social Media Censorship Case. Depositions of...

we have uncovered documents and discovery that show clear coordination between the Biden Administration and social media companies on censoring speech”

Criminal FDA and CDC Ignore Law and Approve New COVID Vaccine...

The U.S. “health” agencies the FDA and CDC authorized an untested vaccine into the American public, completely ignoring existing laws that prevent them from doing such a heinous criminal act, in order to use the American public as lab rats for a new version of the COVID vaccines.

More People COVID-19 Vaccinated Will Decrease Indoor Mask Mandates

Federal guidelines for indoor mask wearing will change as more are vaccinated.

Parisian Doctors Fear Catastrophic Overload of COVID-19 Cases

Macron’s government is accused of hypocrisy “by compelling health care workers to decide which patient should live and which should die, without stating so clearly.”

Moderna Has Begun Testing COVID-19 Vaccine on Children

The vaccine's effectiveness, as well as its safety and reactogenicity (potential side effects like injection-site pain, headache and fever) will be studied. 

Global Shortage of Raw Materials Needed for Production of COVID-19 Vaccines

Those supply disruption concerns have arisen after the Biden administration announced plans to use the Defense Production Act to boost supplies needed to make Pfizer Inc.’s vaccines.

Buyer Beware: Fake COVID-19 Vaccines

But small batches of fake vaccines could reach consumers through the Internet or other informal channels, especially in developing countries that have been unable to get sufficient supplies.

White House Staff to Get First COVID-19 Vaccines? NO WAY!!!!

Administration initially planned to get first available COVID-19 vaccines

VA Announces Initial Plans for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

VA will report directly to the CDC data on all vaccine doses administered by VA.

Pfizer and Moderna Say ‘No’ to Invitations to White House ‘Vaccine...

The vaccine manufacturers’ absences will be conspicuous at a “Vaccine Summit,”

COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

Readouts on COVID-19 Vaccine Leaders

In Pursuit of the Best Strategy to Deploy COVID-19 Vaccines

Mathematicians are modeling different scenarios for a vaccine rollout to see what may work best