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Israel’s Samson Option and the New Santa Claus Effect (Part 2...

A Freedom Series by BraveHeart The Santa Claus Effect - The Samson Option  Does Israel have a secret gun pointed at the head of the rest...

U.S., Israel, Palestine and the Santa Claus Effect (Part 2 of...

The Santa Claus Effect Deception series by BraveHeart At the heart of the Santa Claus Effect, we find Palestine, the birthplace of Jesus ...the place...

Part V: US Police Brutality Against Its Own Citizens, You...

The Freedom Series by BraveHeart Part V: US POLICE BRUTALITY AGAINST ITS OWN CITIZENS, YOU CAN THANK ISRAEL Recently, I've just watched the use of a...

Gaza, this ‘poor desperate place’: Waiting for the end?

Every Palestinian I met on my visits to the Holy Land urged me to tell their story when I got home. Some have written to me with very moving accounts of misery and excruciating hardship under Israel's brutal occupation, reinforcing the appalling truths I'd seen for myself.

Bibi BioWeapon Cocktails used on Civilians in America and Gaza?

Should bioweapons be authorized for routine use on protesters or in conflict zones?

The Most Moral Army

Jim W. Dean - The most immoral people in Israel, among Jews in total really, are now the Likud party, and more specifically the blood thirsty advocates of mass murder in their ranks.

Piers Morgan is scared to talk about the Khazarian Mafia

When the regime realized that the civil rights movement had morphed into a monster, the FBI was sent in to kill the Black Panthers.

Hot Off The Press – Britain Pulled the Strings Behind Anti...

It was Britain rather than the USA that had been pulling the strings behind the anti Israel Security Council resolution.

Can Alex Jones Be Serious on the Middle East?

Alex Jones has a huge following and he needs to be honest with his listeners with respect to the issues in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Actress and Neuroscientist Mayim Bialik is a Zionist

Gilad Sharon: Israel needs “to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza."

Aleppo, or Gaza What’s the Difference

As Western outrage erupts over the relentless destruction of Aleppo and its people, why is there no similar clamour for a halt to the more prolonged pulverising of Gaza and the continuing slaughter of civilians there?

The Khazarian Mafia Collectively Punished, Liquidated, and Massacred the Palestinians in...

The so-called self-defense mantra has thrived over the years. But it has no existential or meaningful veracity.

US State Department: Netanyahu deserves to be called a “chickenshit”

Israeli officials, most specifically Benjamin Netanyahu, cannot frame their political ideas on reason and international laws because Rabbinic Judaism does not allow that possibility.

Former Mossad chief: End is near for ‘fearmonger’ Netanyahu’s govt

Jim W. Dean - Old men will often speak the truth as they near the end of their lives, and get more sick of the lies they see all around them, including those they participated in during their working careers.

Indyk, Lowenstein, and a ‘Softened’ Quartet Report on Illegal Israeli Settlements

The conversation allegedly took place in a bar at the luxury Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Washington, and the report depicts the former US diplomat as speaking of Israel in a “nasty” tone...

Hamas Holding 4 Israeli Soldiers Captive in Gaza

During a Friday televised statement, spokesman of Hamas armed wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, in Gaza Abu Obeida, said the movement has no contacts with Israel over the prisoners.

Gaza, Pre-1948 and Gaza Now…Snordster

Jim W. Dean - Patrick Willis serves us a change up today, a Gaza tribute sans narration, to make it a more visual experience. We salute the master, as always.

Gaza, this uninhabitable planet… I want to run away from this...

There is little joy in writing about the plight of the Palestinians, as I have done for the last 10 years. But one of the rewards is that, occasionally, I receive a letter from someone who's living the nightmare and prepared to share their innermost fears.

Controlled Opposition and Jewish Dissent

Connect the dots, this is how they do it...

Ban Ki-moon to Benjamin Netanyahu: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, Buster!

Whether Ban Ki-moon notices it or not, he is indirectly bringing practical reason to the political landscape, which was long overdue.