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Day 4 Russian Forces in Kharkov and Ukraine Crumbles Behind a...

It seems that the Russian military is set to really take control of Kharkov and destroy the crucial military logistical infrastructure of the Kiev regime there.

“Rebel” MP’s Join Russia in the Fight Against Ukraine

I made more video reports in anti-Ukraine Government (Donetsk People's Republic) controlled territory than any other western journalist.

Russian Media: Peace Enforcement 4.0, the Military Phase

The main question that worries everyone is how long and wide in scope the “special military operation” announced early Thursday by Russian President Vladimir Putin will be. There are no answers yet.

Steel Gauntlet of Russian Diplomacy: Second day of Operation Ukraine

The second day of the Russian peace enforcement operation in Ukraine started with a new round missile strikes on military infrastructure and forces belonging to the Kiev regime. Among other targets, strikes once again hit military objects around Kiev.

Ukraine War and Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) Doctrine

In a three-pronged blitz from the north, east and south, Russian ground forces, backed by close air support and volleys of cruise missiles launched from ships, have overrun Ukraine and laid siege to the capital, Kyiv, whose impending fall is days away.

Is Putin Overplaying Hand by Moving ICBM’s Into Western Russia?

The Russian military is bogged down due to heavy Ukrainian resistance and suffering a much larger loss of equipment and soldiers. NATO countries today agreed to provide additional anti-aircraft equipment, ammunition, and other military supplies.

A Day Ukraine and World Will Remember

For my video coverage of the days events, SouthFront has a ton of video that is not on Google.

Putin’s Announcement on Donbas Recognition (Live)

Among the members of the council calling for the Kremlin to back the recognition of the rebel-held territories was Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

NEO – Ukraine Smolders: Greedy “Businessman” Father and Son Team!

Jim W. Dean - Henry Kamens is doing what few others are, now that Ukraine is front and center in the world news, replaying how the US, NATO and EU backed a violent overthrow of the Ukraine government and replaced it with the usual puppet.

Deadly political games: Italian journalist blows lid off Maidan snipers mystery

Interviews of three Georgian mercenaries who took part in the shooting massacre of protesters and police in Kiev, Ukraine, in early 2014, which led to the overthrow of the Ukrainian government, have come forward.

Breaking: Documents Prove Kiev Downed MH17

Editor's note:  The article below with documentation came from Ukraine and has been vetted as "moderately reliable or better."  I have set a team...

Kiev’s Maidan coup – US begins to back away from financial...

Jim W. Dean - The worm seems to be turning in US-Ukraine relations, with this story on major cutbacks in US financial support, but with a caveat. There is no mention of any military cutbacks, just in "reform" and economic aid.

Killing in Kiev – Anatomy of an Assassination

Jim W. Dean - I did not expect the assassination of Denis Voronenkov to last long in the news. The former Russian MP had a truckload of controversial baggage following him around that finally caught up with him.

Putin blames Kiev for upsurge in violence

Jim W. Dean - The dump trucks of lies continue to unload on the American people, who as an additional humiliation are forced to pay for the delivery. Having a female UN ambassador as the driver seems to be in vogue as a softer way to do it.

Biden’s Visit to Ukraine Sends Shivers Down Kiev’s Spine

Jim W. Dean - If Trump wants to tear down Obama's legacy, this is a safe place to start, by refusing to let the hoodlums of Kiev keep stealing the support money that has flowed into Ukraine, which they felt was easy pickings in the New Cold War.

NEO: Happy New Year Donbass from McCain and Company

Hanoi John McCain continues to be the embarrassment he has long been, with no "coming to Jesus" moment anywhere on the horizon. If ever there was a threat to US national security it rests between this man's two ears.

Alla Pierce – ‘Motorola’ was the Donbass Dick Winters in Band...

Jim W. Dean - Americans are hardly familiar with who Motorola was, but I can zero them in very quickly. Just think of Lt. Dick Winters in the Band of Brothers movie and you will have it.

Naming Roads, Burning Bridges: Kiev Loses Friends Glorifying War Criminals

Last week, Kiev's City Council renamed Moskovsky Prospket (Moscow Avenue) in honor of WWII-era Nazi collaborator Stephan Bandera. The move, seen as an insult to the millions of Ukrainians and Russians who fought against Bandera's militants, also shocked many in Poland, traditionally one of Kiev's staunchest allies against Moscow.

Ziggy Has Zagged

and sagged and bagged badly.

Oops! Ukrainians Unaware of IMF’s Demands on New Loan Tranche

Jim W. Dean - The Ukrainians who backed Kiev have no one to blame but themselves for buying the pipe dream that was dangled before them. They will now eat the bitter fruit while blaming everyone but their own coupmeisters who sold their own country down the river.

Russian security chief warns of Kiev’s attempts to destabilize Crimea

Jim W. Dean - Ukraine's Rada passes a new law (which violates Minsk 2) to allow Turkish mercenaries to come in to work with the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis and nationalists to crank up a terror program against Crimea, and then claim Ukie military is not involved.

Kiev Junta Peddling Stolen Dutch Art

Ukrainian ultranationalists demanded €50 million ransom for paintings stolen from a Dutch museum in 2005, a German newspaper reported in late December.