Biden Unleashes: Trump paid (and is paying) Zero Taxes, a social parasite…


VT is currently running study groups using leaks and whistleblowers. We know this:

  • Trump knew COVID was a bio-weapon from day one.  COVID entered the US bio-weapons arsenal in 2017 along with a vaccine, which is kept secret.
  • Wonder why so few power players get COVID?  They are all vaccinated starting with Donald Trump in November 2019
  • This is why we strongly suspect that Trump ordered the bioweapons attack on Wuhan, China during the military games in October 2019
  • And why he made sure it would come home, so he could blame China and rise to power as a “wartime president” on the backs of what we now fear may be 3 million American dead.
  • Trump’s personal empire is totally dependent on the United States slipping into obscurity and chaos…



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  1. Trump is hiding his returns and faces prison for decades because he didn’t follow the tax rules and he and his family are now under investigation for tax fraud.

    Please get your facts straight.

  2. What does a typical inbred trailer park confederate flag weaver redneck thinks he has in common with this spineless trust fund crybaby, other than a hatred for black people is beyond me. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot and voting for a guy that can con you with this one single issue so dear to you. Lol.

  3. Of the 5 “knowns” I agree with the first 3,
    But …lots of evidence points to Covid being a “designer” type of Bioweapon; first deployment into Wuhan to infect the Chinese population specifically, via the deathlab engineers getting their hands on thousands of DNA samples of Chinese population.
    So it was not planned it would come back into the USA.
    What was deployed into Wuhan fairly weak compared to what Trump dosed the Iranian government with in early February
    Everything “looked good” in China, the country in panic and forced lockdown, no problems in USA and thousands of jets had landed coming in from China too so all seemed clear and safe to hit Iran with a much more lethal Persian-specific designer type Bioweapon in a clever and covert retaliation for the two missle attacks on the two US bases on in Iraq….it is simply blamed on China and that’s what they did.
    So being lab engineered heavily nanoteched Bioweapons they don’t behave like a common flu virus, which is the “carrier” of the bioweapon riding on top of it….so it mutates after running through a few thousand victims, “which way” it mutates up to God rolling some dice and so it becomes a “rogue bioagent” and what we have now in the USA is a result more of the attack on Iran not so much China, as what hit Iran was made to kill in numbers, what hit China was made to force quarantine and lockdowns and attempt to ruin economy…

    • The papers for officially moving his address and Manalias as well were signed at the end of September beginning of October., …maybe a coincidence,..but there’s just soo many other things. Chaos and confusion make a lot of money for certain people,….division is clearly his objective, and he thwarted mitigation from every angle.

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